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I'm so disappointed in myself Well today was day 14,the continually counting. I have been trying to eat with structure and if I eat more than I think I should, I have been riding... 4
hey newbie in need of recovery buddy! (grand rapids,mi) Hey everyone! I literally just joined this forum. I binged today.I tried to purge and couldn't (I tend to be able to off and on). Ive been b/ping... 4
Need a few words of encouragement...please Hey there, I feel a little bit on edge and a urge to binge. Just a few words of encouragement to get me through this please..... 5
Anyone from the SF bay area? Hi I'm looking for a support buddy in the sf bay area. Just someone I can talk to and help support me in my recovery with bulimia. I am trying... 1
BINGE. I binged and my stomach hurts so bad! :'( i can't even breathe.. i hate this i hate this i hate this. i never learn. i need to sleep for a really... 2
Anyone at Manchester uni? Hey, Just wondering if anyone goes to Manchester uni and looking for a support buddy? My housemate knows about my...problem, but would love to meet... 2
looking for a buddy around the age of 19 hey, if there is anybody out there who wants to talk i desperately need it. None of my friends or family know of my problem and i feel that if i try... 13
Support for a newbie? . 8
DAY 45 - My skin looks good! I have to say, I really proud of my non -purging. I'm working harder to reduce my binges (but they are nothing compared to when I was B/Ping). One of... 2
Chest pains I have been purging alot lately. recenty my chest has been hurting so much!! I dont know when or if its a big enough problem to go to the hospital ....
need some support Hi I´m Tereza and like most of pp here, I´m suffering from ED-bulimia...so I´ll be glad to get some support buddies!
From Toronto, Ontario, Canada Posted this in "introduce yourself" too. Hoping that I can find a daily email buddy to help me share my food diary, vent and get support when I am... 2
Need help!!! Ok so I’m sitting in my bed. I’m a bit drunk and I’m depressed. I’ve been purging the last couple of days. I just cannot seem to stop myself. I have... 1
Has anyone seen a therapist? I am skeptic about seeing a therapist or a shrink about my eating disorder. I am currently living in Dallas Texas and wanted to know if anyone knew... 4
Day 32 - A flippin' rollercoaster! Oh dear! Lost some control last night and had a mini binge. WHY WHY WHY I have abviously a long way to go and trying to convince myself that I'm... 1
Anyone close the New Orleans, LA area? Is anyone in the New Orleans/Gulfport/Mobile/Hattiesburg area? I'm looking to make a support friend nearby....
Day 28 - Its the 4th Week anniversary Hey all, I'm really happy I've been free for 4 weeks. I will list my experiences (so maybe you know what to expect) Days 1-7: The first two or three... 4
promiscuity anyone Im on here not to be judged, as we all dont want to be judged. However i want to ask a question of all those on these forums, is promiscuity an issue... 10
Here are some really helpful books... I've read tons in my quest to end my ED, so here are some suggestions for really good ones. Please note that the ones that might be triggering will... 1
txting buddy??? Its coming up to christmas, a hard time for bulimics and anyone with any eating issues.. I thought it might be a good idea to have some support for... 8
Brisbane, Australia Hi there, I am a 22 year old who is looking for help to overcome a long-term bulimia problem. Hmm - not sure what else to share! I drive a bright... 4
New and scared Hi, My name is Mary and I sure could use some buddies and friends. I live in OH but would be fine with an online buddy as well. I just admitted to a...
I need help and support Hi, my name is Mary D. and I have recently admitted that I am a bulimic and that I dont eat like normal eaters at all. I used to think that I was... 1
any exercise bulimics (non-purging?) Hi, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who has the non-purging form of bulimia? I tend to purge with exercise and restriction and was... 1
Ontario, Canada????? Hey, i was just wondering if anibody is from Ontario or just from Canada and who would liek to be my support buddy :) i think it would really help me... 18
Looking for people in KY or OH Hi! I would love to find some local people. I live in northern kentucky, grew up in Cincinnati,Ohio. Anyone is welcome though no matter your location...
please tell me this gets easier my mom recently discovered my secret but it's so hard to recover when i can't purge i feel even more disgusting than when i did and i can't stop... 3
Newbie - just need someone to talk to! Hi, this is the first time I have actually joined something like this and need to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm going through without... 3
Hello! New to Forum! Need Support Friends! Hello! My name is Chelsea. I just joined this site. I am 20 years old, and have been a bulimic for 6 years. I feel like I want to get professional... 4
More Than a Habit This eating disorder had become more than a habit to me. It's just how my life works. Most of the time, it doesn't even come with emotional problems... 3
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