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Please Help!! I NEED an accountability partner, I feel so alone in my struggle throughout the day. There is no one I can pick up the phone and call when I'm... 5
having a twin Does anybody else have a twin? Growing up with constant competition, and I'm finding that being apart is making it all even worse. We don't talk... 7
Germany?? I'll be scared in Germany for 7 months w/o my family, so a friend to talk to there would mean the world. tuebingen uni specifically, but Germany's... 7
Anyone in Calgary?? Would love to meet up for coffee and just chat openly/ be support buddies...in uni and really lacking support right now :( 1
Starting Over- Desperate for help! I used to be doing really well, but now its worse than ever because i pretty much gave up and have binged and binged and binged for weeks now. I... 5
Cornwall/ Devon? Just wondering, there Surely MUST be someone from the south southwest on here?! I'm from cornwall but pretty close to devon. well... get in touch! :)
Lower Mainland British Columbia?? Anyone else from the lower mainland// Fraser Valley in british columbia ?? 1
Northern Jersey? Any Northern Jersey folks out there? 3
Any one in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area? I'd lovvve to have more support, people who i can call or text and brighten their day, because it helps me to help others. Also maybe a coffee buddy...
Bay Area- Santa Cruz Buddies.. For meetup? Would love to find some empowered females/males in recovery in the Bay Area to check in with and create support! 5
Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers? i would love to know if theres any other girls out there who have had terrible self esteam problems, due to mothers, who are not exzacly what they... 42
In need of friends... I'm beginning my road to recovery and can really use some support buddies out there to talk to when I'm down and out. Anyone willing to be that... 2
a little lost so i moved to london a week ago today, for school and I have never been this lonely. And because of this excess time i have turned to b/p. Feeling... 2
Atlanta, GA Hi, moving back to ATL shortly and was wondering if anyone lives there or close to it. I'm in need of some friends who knows what I'm going thru. Plz... 2
Gwinnett County Georgia Hi! Just moved to Gwinnett County, GA I'm looking for a support buddy to meet, talk, etc. It all helps! Write back if you're interested, Christine
Torrance, California Anybody out here looking for a support buddy? 1
anyone from harlingen texas?? I am looking for someone local with my problem
Welsh? Hi I'm living in Wales ( a country within Britain) and was wondering if there were any Welsh or British members? x 11
Help Help me :( Please I have nobody to talk too and just need someone who understands
Texting Buddy Hi, I'm looking for some support and wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging phone numbers for texting? I want my life back and I'm hoping... 1
I'm new here...hello Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself after several days of reading and exploring this sight, i finally decided to join. I'm 31 years old and... 2
UK :) a helping hand hi im emma and im currently battling my way through my eating disorder personal clinic.... i just want to be able to tell someone what im feeling and... 2
texting buddy? I have been struggling with the restriciting/binging cycle for the past month and need help getting out! I live in the US and have unlimited texting... 5
texas-ive got friends in low places :) i'm 19 - and i really need a support buddy, dont have any friends because i'm so scared they'll know about my ED, or watch me eat, or i'll have to... 1
Support in Southern Oregon? I've rarely had luck with finding someone in my area, in any walk of life. But maybe it's time for my luck to change? I'm a bit of a vagabond;...
ireland :) looking for a buddy who is going thorugh this thing too. i will listen as well as talk and provide and accept support :)
From Melbourne - A bullimic Hi All, I am new to this and looking to get help. I am terribly ill and at the moment on one diet to the next, which leads me to binge every 5 days... 2
Melbourne or gee long, Australia??? Hey, anyone either in Melbourne or gee long looking for a support buddy to maybe exchange details and help each other through tough times??? Message... 2
australia anyone? hey im looking for support buddy(s) from my area, i believe a local insight and inspiration would benefit me significantly im from nsw sydney xD 11
need a support buddy - alberta canada So, I am really in need of a support buddy, i just keep getting worse every day so maybe talking to someone in the same boat as me or recovering/ered... 1
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