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Looking for someone from Canada I need a support buddy and would prefer someone from Canada the maritime provinces in their teens or early 20's thanks.
Anyone want to be buddies? I signed up months ago, but I was too scared to really try and recover. Well, now I want to recover and I am kind of in need of a buddy. I'm just... 8
Simillar Eating Habits and Support I'd really like to find someone whose bulimia manifests the same way as mine, I binge on cake and chocolate and ice cream in large quantities, like a...
Looking for a support buddy in the Bay Area/ Santa Cruz or just via phone/email I always do a thousand times better when I have somebody to answer to and have to watch their back in return. I'm 100% down to exchange numbers or... 3
buddying up in the UK? Hi all :) I'm looking for anyone who is from the UK who would like to buddy up. I get the impression there are people from all over on this site, so... 16
anyone on the goldcoast i was wondering if there was anyone on the goldcoast that is recovering or wanting to start recovering. i am trying so hard to do it alone but it...
United States and various other places... Basicly it seems to me that everyone wants a support buddy that they can realy talk to or text with. So bassicly my idea is that every posts where...
Any Irish people here? Hey, I was just wondering if there was anyone from Ireland here? Totally no details or anything, but I think it would be good to bounce useful... 3
Anybody in Chicago? I would like to chat with someone in Chicago...it would be really nice to have someone to hang out with who can really understand what we're all...
Melbourne, Australia Hey guys, I'm looking for some people to hang out with who get where I'm at with bulimia etc. I love hanging out with my friends, but I feel they don... 4
San Francisco/Bay Area anyone??? I'd really like to find a support buddy in my area either to call, text, get together, whatever...
would like local support I live in the Sacramento area and would love to find someone close by for support belovedbutterfly34@yahoo.com
Any other 'Bulimaerxics'? Just wondering if they're is anyone else with this form on bulimia? here's some information on it xxx http://www.theeatingdisordersfacts.com/what-is-... 21
Anyone in Manchester, England I'd love to talk to someone by text or email and even meet up and just talk x 1
Anyone in Yorkshire, UK? Hi, Anyone in the UK?! Just thought it might be nice to share experiences and try to move forward and get help! I am sick of this taking over my...
Guy problems + ED is a terrible combo. Does anyone have any guy problems and then take it out all on their ED? Or am I the only one? 16
desperately seeking support suffering so much. someone told me that with each B/P i could die. this is scaring me. i just want to get better. 1
need support My eating disorder has reached an all time low this past year. I am finally starting to make small changes, but I know I have a very long journey... 1
like to start meeting people Hi, i'm an 18 year old female, and im just finishing up my grade 12 year, and i really want to get my recovery going!!! I plan to go on to university... 3
New...would like someone to talk to Hi i'm 18, I've had body image problems for a long time, but with in the last month it's taken over into a vicious binge, purge cycle. I'm looking... 2
College Buddy Hello, My name is Jennifer and got to school in California. I am looking for someone to chat with that also goes to college so we can relate on... 5
friend over 28 looking for a support buddy over 28 and location is not an issue. I am a recovering as of today bullmic and really wanna be able to vent with someone... 2
Buddy in north east of england? Hi, Anyone in the NE of England who would like a buddy? Not sure I'm actually ready to meet anyone face to face yet, but maybe an exchange of email... 4
Texting/Email buddies for college? I am 18 years old and graduating from high school this FRIDAY!!! I am insanely excited but also scared. College starts this fall and I'm deathly... 1
Any Other New People Out There??? Hey! I just started on this site about a week ago, and I'm looking for support friends. It seems that a lot of the people on this site already know... 85
New to site and looking for a support buddy!!! I am from Canada so it would be nice to find a Canadian friend...but really anyone to talk to about bulimia would be great. I am 24 and have only... 1
Scared and want to get better! Hi guys I just joined this site today because I've finally accepted the fact that I have a problem and need help- I've tried to tell myself that it's... 90
Hunt for a buddy... I came to his website for help with my e/d - which has become out of control...after reading several posts I felt as though I wasnt ready for... 1
me looking for .... Hi Everyone I just came from the doctor this afternoon. I look like a chipmunk cos my glands are still so swollen and my throat is raw. I need to... 4
Help I really need someone to talk to, and confide in. I am pretty much alone with this, as I have no one that understands what I am going through. They... 2
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