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Day 2 - Feeling good and going for a run Hi All, No need for a reply, I'm just posting to remind myself and keep myself on track. I'm new and using this as a journal. Today went well!...
Inspiring Lyrics! Hi all, I just heard this song by Kate Voegele This road is anything but simple Twisted like a riddle I've seen high and I've seen low So loud, the... 1
Is anyone else still suffering? I can't seem to stop...... is anyone else having problems too? 3
Update :) I haven't been on here in about 2 months, but I've been doing well. I have been eating great and giving my body what it needs, and exercising as well... 1
do people notice your "mental" recovery? Ok so three weeks in recovery now and my father just told me "something has changed"...a good change... Eventhough the recovery is hard (physically... 6
Article on depression you might find interesting And, most importantly, ideas on how to deal with it. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jul/19/beat-depression-witho...
binge dream i had a dream that i ate a ton of food. just wiped out the entire fridge. and i was full and uncomfortable. and i woke up in a panic thinking oh... 34
The first time in over a year! I just had to share this with everyone because it blows my mind in so many ways...I just drank an 8 oz glass of juice for the first time in over a... 11
Boob Job? I was about 40 pounds heavier about 12 years ago. I went from a large c to an a. Now that I have a job and money, I would like to fill in my... 20
happy music I find that although this strategy may not deter a binge when I'm desperate, a happy playlist generally boosts my mood when I'm feeling listless and... 2
Any remedies for bloating? So yeah, I had a bad day yesterday with I think around 5 major b/p. and so today I'm all heavy, bloated, drained, and my face is all dry and eyes... 9
Birth Control I put this in feel good, because in the past, when I have been on the birth control pill, I cry a lot and have a negative attitude about life. I want... 18
Ways to feel good other than by binging and purging... Any ideas?? So I've noticed a pattern... I b/p when I'm stressed/sad/depressed. Eating all that delicious food and the release of purging is relaxing. Does... 1
This post is just to get some support/motivation So here goes, I usually live with my bf in Sweden, and so now that school is out, we decided I should go visit my family in Denmark, so I'll be here... 1
What I learned is resi What I learned in resi -Food is good. I will not die if I eat a cookie. The world will not end, and everything will be alright. -There is no better... 2
Proof that it's not too late for YOU..? For most of my life i've had some form of an eating disorder, including such severe anorexia everyone was convinced i was going to die in a hospital... 6
do you want to laugh? hey guys i spent ages putting these two positive videos together; please watch i really think it will cheer some of you up . . . hope it makes you... 2
Relaxation-Aussie Female voice Hey =) I've found a relaxation cd that I really like. I'm from australia and have found foreign accents distracting in the past. And I don't like...
I like big butts and i cannot lie! Sir Mixalot - 'I Like Big Butts' Girls, please take note! A truly inspirational song =] 10
I just realized how beautiful everyone here is, Basically, after looking at numerous posts by different people and seeing your display pictures, I've realized that I haven't seen one average... 3
Finished with my husband - now Im almost cured!! I knew that bulimia was mainly caused by how you deal with feelings. My husband did not let me express myself in any way really and would shout at me... 2
This made me larf! A bizarrely brilliant alternative to the bathroom scales: http://www.feministing.com/archives/019560.html 4
St Johns Wart - anyone tried it? Its ment to be a natural mild anti depressent without all the numbing effects of anti depressents. Please tell me your experiences of this herbal...
Topamax??? Has anyone tried this drug and did it help??
What to do today to celebrate? This Sunday is going to be my 100th day of no b/p. What would you do to celebrate? 9
How do you deal with negative emotions? I've been feeling depressed today and nearly binged but just stopped myself. Anyone have tips or strategies for dealing with days you just feel... 1
does it count? Sorry, stupid question, but, does it count as binging, if like im binging on fruit? I know, kinda stupid, but im confused if it still counts as... 1
An inspiration!!!!! This video was sent to me by a good friend. It is a very different subject than ED....but it is about facing adversity and believing in your own... 1
writing lists/getting organized Does anyone find that writing lists about all the stuff you have to get done in a day or week helps? I have a ton of anxiety and whenever I get a... 5
great positive song....please listen:-) I favorited this video, it's such a good song and as its coming up to valentines day i thought it appropriate to share this newbee. I listen to it... 3
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