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When you're feeling down... It's really, really fucking hard to think of ANYTHING to do when you are already feeling sad, lonely, face down in the proverbial shit ditch and... 3
Forcing b/p?? I've been having a real good last two weeks.. then yesterday I felt so emotional I was sitting crying, I wasn't hungry, I had no desire to eat, and... 7
Learning to love me... Hi, I recently came across this new book, 'I love me: a guide to being your own best friend' / Bev Aisbette. It is fantastic!! Also a very quick read...
Positive [ ED-related] Songs A list I've compiled of some of my favorite songs that apply to eating disorders [ from my perspective ], that are positive, upbeat and inspiring... 1
Like This “Achievement is not the important thing. Authenticity is. Do not dedicate your life to a concept of what you imagine you should be; rather, be...
teeth whitening Hey everyone! I just wondered if any of you had experiences of having your teeth whitened that you could share with me? My fiance said I could have... 3
Post christmas vlog! Hi everyone. I thought i'd do another video on how things were for christmas and where i think i'm at now...check it out.....How was christmas for... 2
positive list - things that make you feel good about yourself I know its similar to another post, but instead of writing something we like about our bodies, whats something you've done / do that makes you feel... 1
About YOU Looking at people's "about me" section on their profile, i can't help but notice what most people actually put is all about their eating disorder....
YOU...yes im talking to you. Guess what...iv never before seen and spoke to such a bunch of striking, beautiful, interesting, remarkable, weird, passionate, freaky, handsome(for... 9
the best medicine One way I've found thats helped EXTREMELY in combatting my body image issues is to make light of them. I laugh at myself and use sarcasm, making...
Lonely I feel so loney. My friends seem to be getting sick of me. Guys don't seem interested in me anymore. I just feel like my life is going down the drain... 8
Chipmonk Cheeks. Advice, please?? So I know the obvious answer to this question is to stop the b/p cycle...but that's just not happening for me right now! I was wondering if anyone... 12
It's not you -- It's the illness As bulimics we are blamed for our symptoms. We are told that we are disgusting, that we have no self-control. We are told to snap out of it-- "it's... 1
You are all awesome. Ok, so Lexi made an awesome post similar to this one, but I swear I'm not copying. I thought of this on my own and I am an independent woman! ;)...
hey everyone.... CHECK THIS OUT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAIKznMPXUk This always always cheers me up, its the best song ever, listen and let me know what you think....i think... 9
dare to dream! Hey guys, i'm just wondering....what are your biggest dreams...what do you want to be, achieve....when you think onwards and upwards...what is it you...
I Am A Woman. check it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfOUbEVToOc&feature=player_embedded Bridget Gray is AMAZING!! 1
Hey guys, my new york piccys http://www.youtube.com/user/lilmover this link will take you to my slide show of my first time abroad to NY! if you want any of the pictures i took (... 5
How can loved ones help emotionally? Family and friends have told me that it is hard to talk about eating disorders with a sufferer - What to say, when to say it, what would be '...
So excited to have found this place for my lonely soul I want to say I'm happy now, right this moment, because I found this place to heal and share things with people in the same situation. I just found... 2
Day one!!!!! Oh my god, i'm so excited that i just made it through my first day without binging or purging! I finally feel like im on a role, you know to get the... 3
Finally I am healing and I hope you guys will too! Finally I am feeling good. I've gained the weight and the obsessive thoughts have started to go away. The honest truth was that I had to break... 2
everyones pic is so beautiful! hi, i just wanted to say that everyones profile pics are all sooo beautiful!! do you all feel beautiful? I get compliments about everyday from people... 3
PEACE It really feels as if I've made a complete 180 degree turn in my life, and everything just seems brighter to me! Letting my body take FULL control... 1
Nervous, Nervous, Nervous... Alright, so, tomorrow is one of my friend's 21st birthdays. We are going to a bar with a BUNCH of people. She also invited a lot of people from... 4
Yeh baby woooooooh! Just gave up my secret binge stash to my very supportive mother (iv never done that before)!! i feel really stressed about it but the more powerful... 2
Inspirational magazine articles Hi everyone :) I hope you're all doing well! Now I know I shouldn't be encouraging others to go out and support the diet industry by buying...
Inpiration?? Hey people i just wanted to offer my support and hopefully some inspiration...im suffering from bulimia myself and have been for three years. It...
Yay! Yay!!!! I am sooo excited! It's been over 3 weeks and I've only thrown up 4 times!!!!!! Whooo! I'm trying to give up complete control of my eating... 5
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