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Happy 4th of July! Treat yourselves! Happy 4th of July everyone!! Now this is the day when people fought for freedom for our country. So relax, let yourselves have something really...
I need some help and advise... PLEASE Alright. So I really need some help. Last night was horrible. First of all, my boyfriend and I broke up. It was over something completely... 3
Something that helps me when I have a bad day... One thing I try to do when I've had a bad day or feel like I ate to much is instead of focusing on that one meal, or day, or few days... try and...
mood swings Vs depression is there anything out there for mood wings that you dont need a prescription for or to tell or ask you doctor about? 9
Bloated! Is it normal during recovery and structure/ semi structured eating habits, to feel bloating around your mid section as well as tightening? |How long... 9
Contentment - had to share!! This may sound pathetic to anyone 'normal' but i just wanted to share that since ive really been getting things under control, my b/p have reduced... 2
Good...? So far the last two days for me again, have been pretty good! I still count calories, its like it'll never go away, and I do a lil exercise everyday... 2
not use to eating. Alright so I've started structured eating, pretty well a menu plan, with three meals and three snacks, considering I was not use to hardly ever... 2
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