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Vegetarian/Pescetarian/Vegan? Does it play a role in recovery?? Hi All, I've basically been a vegetarian, sometimes pescetarian (which means eating seafood), for about 10 years now. I eat dairy (organic greek... 10
Afraid to eat Hi all, I've been offline from this community for some time and I've been doing quite well but recently I've had a lot of change in my life and... 4
Meal planning troubles Hello all, Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make meal planning not so painful? I am hating it. I hate thinking about food and find... 6
Please participate in a survey relating to body image and food related issues Hi everyone, I hope everyone is recovering well! I have decided to use my experiences to do a research paper for school about food and body related... 6
Going out for dinner but never knowing what to eat Hey there, I am happy to say everyday I'm feeling more energetic and more relaxed. Ive been making my own food which has helped alot but now i... 5
Picking/snacking while preparing food Okay, so lately I've noticed that while I'm preparing my food I keep on picking at some while I'm cutting up vegetables, cheese, chicken etc.... 5
Is comfort food ever okay? I'm a little confused at the moment. I had a rough morning (someone hit my car as I was backing out of my garage). After work I was starting to get... 3
Night time binge and purge So, during the day I'm so dedicated to recovery, I eat healthy, every 3 hours etc and ignore my cravings.. Then the evening rolls around and I binge... 6
healthy snack ideas? ? Hi everyone im looking for some healthy snack suggestions that are filling. What does everyone else snack on in between meals .I'm finding evening... 3
why can't i stop bingeing? hey! so...i've being doing a meal plan with my mother. and apparently it works well...until i binge again anyway. i don't tell this to my mother,... 1
binge disorder hey everyone! I'm writing because I'm a little worried about myself. I've stopped purging for good. It's being three months since I don't vomit, and... 4
working and structured eating ok so i work in hospitatlity and am currently a waitress. Im very grateful for this job because i've learnt SO much and have met some wonderful... 2
Counting Calories So i started counting calories because i was eating wayy too few. Since i started couting calories it almost became like my saving grace- i know my... 6
Simple question, but something I can't seem to grasp I feel as though I restrict without meaning too on my good eating days. I really want to do the "six meals a day" because I feel as though it is the... 5
binge urges Binge urges are really tough sometimes. I've really been struggling with overcoming those dang urges. It hits me about 6pm. I get these urges where I...
Undereating I have huge problems stopping undereating.I find it hard to find a place and time to sit down and eat during the day and I also feel too stressed.The...
Suggestions for snacks Hello all, I hope everyone is finding some positivity in their day, even if things are tough! I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestions for... 12
bad night well had a bad night with food, came home from work to a home that was a total mess and my husband had been home with our children but did not... 4
Frustrated Am feeling a bit down tonight because I made it over a week with no b/p episodes and was feeling so confident and then slipped tonight. Think it's... 4
quitting coffee i'm finding my insomnia and difficulties with sleep are leading to cravings, binges, sugar addictions through the roof! so i think this month i need... 3
3 months in feeling happy but food is still on the brain Hey everyone! I started to get myself better after overexcersizing and being sick every week. I have been doing se and am feeling much happier and...
Struggling with SE Hi all, So I've been a member of this site for about a month now and am still struggling to get my head around Structured Eating!! It's as if as soon... 14
SE and social events Just wondering how people handle SE when they go to a social event like a dinner or family celebration or work event that involves trigger foods or... 2
How to get regular bowel movs? Hello! This is a very discussed topic i know, at the beginning constipation was terrible and thanks God that´s finished. Still i feel my system is... 11
Just ate both my lunch & dinner. Now what? So I just ate both my lunch and dinner at the same time. What am I supposed to do now? Should I just have a medium sized snack later? Is what I did... 1
Going intuitive, any tips? Hello, I could really use some advise from more experienced intuitive eaters. I really feel im in a new stage, eating has stopped being a worry for...
Night snack Is it necessary to eat a night snack? This is traditionally a time for Binging for me, even a small planned snack is a trigger for one thing right... 1
Mindful eating tips? Hi guys - I've been doing structured eating for a while now but I still eat SOOO fast! And I always eat while watching TV/reading on my computer. I... 8
TRIGGER FOODS The last thing I ever thought I would do is try and be a 'normal' eater again. For the past many years I have told myself that I am not normal, I am... 6
Forgotten how to judge whether I'm 'full' As I have spent so long restricting my food intake, and as a result bingeing, I feel as though I now can't identify when I'm 'full'. I often feel if... 5
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