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Meal bars and Meal shakes to help with SE...yey or ney? (Too risky as its very diet-like?) Just wanted to get some advice! I'm having real trouble with SE at the minute..... I often skip snacks then eat too much later, mini binges etc etc.... 8
Trigger foods It's so hard to eat things that for some reason my mind sees as "bad". I know I eat much less carbs than I should, but inside a little voice tells me... 3
help I when trying to give up binge purge, eat a lot of fruit snd vegetables, in honestly to excess...I suffer with ibs, constipation and hope the fruit... 4
Finding healthy foods triggering... I have had a terrible realisation that I find healthy foods - such as porridge, cereal, brown toast, soup etc - very triggering! I love eating cereal... 2
like a drug I have such a bad habit of bingeing at night. I know we all do, but I did SE pretty much perfectly today and still found myself eating whatever I... 8
Starting Out and Food Fears I just started just before Christmas with this program after dealing with bulimia for 12 years. I am afraid to move away from safe foods and... 5
How do you handle Christmas? Hi there! I have been on holidays since Friday, staying at my brothers place which is full of foods that I would usually not have at my place -... 1
I STILL HAVE ONE COOKIE IN THE FREEZER I keep my coffee in the freezer. When I opened the freezer this morning, I saw one cookie which is from a package I purchased a week ago. There... 7
Cooking Hi all...I've begun structured eating and am doing pretty well with it recently. I do have a pretty good idea about what balanced meals consist of... 5
Does anyone have food sensitivities or intolerances? help with restriction I have a gluten-related disorder and I can not eat gluten...ever. I am conflicted and feel like this will hold me back from recovery because I ALWAYS... 1
Please help! Hwy everyone, I really need some advice! I am in not purging but I am still binging. Even though the binges are getting less... I hate the fact that... 8
'All or nothing thinking' to tackle food triggers!? So that dreaded 'all or nothing' attitude is a real issue for me. Quite often I find that being even slightly fuller than I would like triggers a... 3
peanut butter dilemma peanut butter is my biggest trigger. i dream of it all the time. i do not keep it at home because i finish the entire jar at one go (and needless to... 13
Triggers Hi Everyone Just wondering what you guys do when you have the urge to binge even if you now you will purge.I try to stay stong but my mind keeps... 4
Rumination Disorder Hello everyone I have a question. Have any of you ever heard of or struggled with rumination disorder? I am in recovery from bulimia and no longer... 1
help please...dinner tomorrow night hi everyone, i really need some advice. I have made plans for dinner tomorrow night with my freinds which i have not seen for a while, and my... 12
Does anyone else have a sugar addiction? I've developed a sugar craving so intense that I can eat plain sugar or sugar substitutes - a lot of it! Once I start it is tremendously difficult... 12
Triggers and SE portion size question How do you all respond to triggers or try to prevent being triggered? If you know certain things are triggers in the early stages of your recovery do... 8
Gaining weight Hi everyone. So I have been successful with my structured eating but lately I've been eating really unhealthy.. My eat-whatever-you-feel-like meals... 8
Constant Binge! So I'm quite new to the site but feel like I've been 'trying' to recover for a while.... structured eating is difficult for me as my situation as an... 4
Structured eating help Hi everyone- I've been doing structured eating for 27 days now and I haven't been doing it very mindfully. I plan out my meals the day before and... 4
Keeping binge foods in the house So I have a food-at-home problem. First of all, I want to move out of my house (I live with my parents) but I fear that living alone will be too... 4
Perspective on eating at parties or homes of friends Great to read positive perspectives today. Decided to share what I'm going through in the hopes it will help me have a good night and day tomorrow... 2
Fullness Factor Article Hey guys! Since I just started the program and SE, I go through spurts of confusion and frustration with portion size and feeling full. I was reading... 1
Overwhelmed after eating larger meals.... Help I'm trying my harderest to resist the urge right now. Ate a larger meal and my stomach is feeling bloated and so uncomfortable. I don't think I can... 5
Calorie consumption I wanted to share a little realization I had yesterday. I'm assuming a lot of you are like me, and vice versa. Don't you have an oral fixation!? I...
Gum addiction Hi, So i have been addicted to chewing gum for about 6 years. Up to 2 packs a day. i know it is extremely detremental because my body releases... 5
how to curb the craving for sweet food? Does anyone have advise on how to curb the addiction for sweet food? This is my main nemesis in recovery....!! 3
Eating at family get togethers Hello everyone! Does anyone have tips to handle tricky family situations when you are faced w food options that still scare you (either quantity or... 5
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