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eat after eating I was just wondering on some tips, Its seems if I'm not eating I'm always thing about what I'll be eating next, is this normal, so far I've been... 3
What to eat on structured eating plan I couldn't figure out what to eat. Did anyone else have this problem? My friend told me about ABSDIETONLINE.COM. It's great!!! They plan the meals...
help i cant stop thinking about food how can i stop being so anxcious around food?? are you finding it hard?? and i cant stop thinking about food 4
Eat what you want, not what you think you want... I never used to trust my body, I would only eat what my diet mentality told me to. I didn't realize that my body knew better. I thought if I ate '... 4
Guided eating? Hey all, in the food journal, what does it mean when it says guided eating? Does it mean restricted eating or structured eating, or something else?!
Structured eating feedback Structured eating is really powerful for beating bulimia... however, that does not mean that it is a smooth road to recovery! In order to help and... 3
structured eating and all about food now?? It seems I'm always now looking for recipes, preparing my food, or thinking about my next meal.... sure now I've started eating and so far stopped... 2
how to avoid binging when allowing myself what i am craving? so for the past 2 weeks i have been craving buttered toast really bad. i thought my body just needed the fats and carbs, so i tried upping the 2 by... 1
How long till i get used to this? I am on day 4 of structured eating and doing great and am amazed how if i do eat 3 meals and 2 snacks and eat every 3 or 3 hours or so, I am not... 7
New year resolutions! As you are all aware the festive time is tough for anyone who has bulimia! I used to loath this time of year - everywhere you look there are... 1
Scared...but hopeful and determined Before I start writing my thoughts...I know I know...I'm off the bat doing two things that I've read I SHOULDN'T be doing, but maybe y'all will... 1
Am I satisfied or full? I seem to be having an issue with recognizing when I am full; If I think I am, then I stop eating, and it can feel like I'm satisfied. However,... 1
My satiety "sigh" I remember watching family member after meals, I would hear a few of them "sigh" as they finished their meals and sat back on their chair looking...
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