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How much should we eat for the 3 meals and 3 snacks??? I have a question about the Structual Eating thing. How much should we eat for the 3 meals and 2 snacks??? Around how much calories or what portion... 1
Who snacks on binge foods at work? Hi everyone! So my workplace is alys full of partcular foods, fatty and sugary ones, quasi every day - ate least it feels like it! And I find myself... 2
Taking food into the bedroom Hi everyone, This is a tricky topic for me, because there is still a lot of shame around it. And no idea abut how to stop this behaviour, at least at... 3
What do you eat when you have nausea? Hi everyone! I have been feeling unwell for past 2 days. Not sick enough to stay in bed - shame! :) - but just a little bi of nausea. ... And f...
Structured eating I've been 'structured eating' for about 3 years now. Not in recovery, but obsesivley recording my eating. I have tried to stop structed eating and... 2
Not binging for 10 days but 'comfort eating' Hi everyone, I tend up 'comfort eat' at night when I don't binge. Sort of like eating 'bad foods' such as chips and crackers after dinner, I'm not... 2
Wheat, sugar and diary?? Hi all, I'm wanting some advice on my eating plan. I'm three months into recovery and have been having ups and downs but still keeping on going! I am... 11
vegan and raw hi all :) I am a raw food vegan kind of a person, which a lot of people call restricting, I find it the best food I could offer my body... I truly... 11
Confused - Healthy Eating & Bulimia Hi, I want to be healthy I don't want bulimia. If I eat something unhealthy I will want to purge it because I don't want it in my body. I'm not... 9
Trusting another person to cook for me..? Please Help.. Hi there everyone.. Im really struggling with this and i would very much so appreciate and advice you may have.. I feel so anxious when my boyfriend... 3
Pickity pick picking at food! One thing I really struggle with is picking at food- whilst cooking or after meal times. It's become such a bad habit and although I know I should... 3
not purging, but still binging It's been a while since I've been on here. I got so discouraged by failed attempts at recovery that I disappeared for a while. I renewed my... 2
How to reduce/treat stomach inflammation?? Does anyone have any ideas or remedies to help treat an inflamed stomach? This is something I've struggled with for a while and was interest to hear... 4
Keeping Full I am deeply struggling. I have been suffering from B for almost 17 years. I am not getting better physically, though my mind is stronger, but I still... 3
safe foods.. hey everyone.. i really wanna get back into SE but feel like im stuck as i dont really have any 'safe foods' is anyone else in the same boat? how do... 1
fresh smoothies Hiya! I'm finding that I'm rarely very hungry when it comes to snacks. Also at work its so hard to sneakily eat a snack! The other day I had a... 5
regulating to prevent going off course? so I've been doing fairly well the last 2 weeks with just one episode of purging. my issue at the moment is regulating my appetite. im finding that... 2
struggling with SE Hey I'm having major problems with SE. I find that instead of eating proper meals I tend to instead just snack at meals times....I haven't eaten... 5
milkshake count as snack? Hey, I'm craving a milkshake, the powder type you mix up. Should I have it as my snack though cos obv there's a fair amount of sugar in it and I... 6
No appetite I've been following structured eating for the past month (loosely). In the beginning I was eating a lot. I started to feel hungry before meals and... 2
eating after a binge Just had a binge after 12 days without one, it was quite big and not feeling great but more worried about not sleeping tonight and it continuing as i... 4
how to overcome the guilt I know that a lot of us talk about the guilt associated with eating but has anyone got any advice on how to overcome this. Even when sticking to SE I... 1
Does drinking coffe with milk between meals count as grazing? Ok, this might sound stupid, but sometimes I just keep filling myself with it between meals, and it's about 60-80g of milk (now soy milk) at a time,... 7
Coffee?? Hi :) I was just wondering what you guys think about coffee. Sometimes in between my lectures I will grab a coffee at starbucks etc like a latte or... 9
Lets talk about "sometimes" food. Okay. So in this thread I want to hear advice on when or when you do not choose to have a sometimes food. The food I'm talking about here is the kind... 2
rumination and meal plans hey there, my name is erika springman ive been battling anorexia and bulimia for about 7 years. im having a lot of trouble right now creating a meal... 3
SE Anyone have a good SE plan?
feeling constantly hungry!! Hey guys, I'm about 3 weeks into recovery and alto my b/p hasn't stopped completely they have reduced significantly.....however the dilemma I'm now... 3
Over Eating and Structured Eating Question I've got a question. The night before last I had a relapse moment and purged my dinner, didn't eat anything and went to bed. I woke up starving... 4
food intolerance Hey, just wanted some advice on SE and food intolerance. Last year I was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances and since then I have tried to... 2
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