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SE, Eating slowly and midndfully unless its trigger foods or sweet food! Hi, I've started SE recently and it's going really well. I've managed to eat my meals alot slower as before I hardly tasted my food! The only thing... 2
Craving Sugary Sweet stuff I've just had a tuna salad with ryvitas with lunch and i'm really full but i still am thinking about eating something sweet.. Does anyone know any... 4
Over Eating and Structured Eating Question I've got a question. The night before last I had a relapse moment and purged my dinner didn't eat anything and went to bed. I woke up starving...
How to treat an inflamed stomach....? Hi, so I was diagnosed with gastritis and slow gastric motility Recently after a number of tests/procedures at the hospital. This discomfort and... 1
Does anyone else CONSTANTLY think about food? I just feel that all I do is think about: what will I be eating today/tomorrow/this weekend, when will I get to exercise, how many calories will I... 6
ADVICE & HELP FOR MY OLDER SISTER Hello everyone, i was just writing for some real advice with my sister, She's currently being watched by the family with a close eye because a month... 3
I'm really tired and really 100% in my addiction I'm supposed to be attending a trip with my girlfriends to Miami in a few days. I have been obsessed with my body and trying to lose weight so I don... 2
finding the correct proportion size for you I've started portioning my food size by my hand.. For example my branflakes this morning i would grab my hand full and last night for my dinner i'd...
Do you write down your SE plans? Do you stick to them? I have been SE for 12 days now. Some days I stick to the plan well, others I fall off the bandwagon a little after my last meal. I was just wondering...
So hard to get back on track The past few days have been so hard and emotional, today i was so up for getting back on track. However, because of my previous actions the past few...
Eating spicy when I know I'll want to purge You know how sometimes you just *know* you'll want to purge after eating something? And as much as you don't want to you know it'll be a struggle...
Craving only specific foods - is this craving false Hello, I find myself craving mostly only my safe foods... like muesli, apples, yogurt ... but when I had my binge / purge crisis I buy all the time... 3
Guided Eating Advice - Please help! Hi everyone! I am on day 5 of recovery (second round ;) ). I have recently been using the guided audio and guided eating tracker sheets and sometimes... 2
feeling full is hard ok I am on day 2 of eating every 3 hours, I did not realize how much I push hunger out of my mind and force myself not to eat. I thought every 3... 2
im naturally a healthy eater but i still purge hey, im new to the site and im worried about food. i have always been a healthy eater but i still purge up my meals like salads etc. is anyone else... 17
Becoming comfortable with smaller portions What are some of the tricks that you all use to train your body to feel satisfied with smaller portions at each meal. I have spent so much time... 1
where in your body do you experience hunger? I'm really fascinated by people's descriptions of hunger, because I've never felt hunger in my stomach. For years, my predominant experience of... 7
overeating Ok, so I think I've figured out one of my problems. When I stick to SE, I do great. But its hard to do 100% of the time. Sometimes I end up in a... 7
Ensure, boost or glucerna? Hi all, I apologize for the rather 'delicate' nature of this post but lately I've been having some stomach issues due to what i * think * is excess... 1
"Any Foods vs. Triggers" I am at Step 9 in the E-Book which requires me to add 2 "Any Foods" into my meal plan each day. I have two questions; 1) Do I add them in advance to... 4
Trouble in paradise - the pick 'n mix has gotta go! I can't seem to stick to my SE portions of pick 'n mix in the evenings. I just ate 1 kg of pick 'n mix...that's one kilo of pure fat and sugar. I was... 7
Bottomless pit of Hunger Hey so I have been following SE not incredibly well but a lot better this week! I have been 6 days without b/p but last night I was hungry ate fruit... 1
Question, struggling Hi there, I am really struggling with the whole structured Eating plan, I go really well in the day, but come Night I crack, chips, chocholate... 2
I Literally Cannot Stop My Hunger- I feel like a bottomless pit. Hey so I have been following SE not incredibly well but a lot better this week! I have been 6 days without b/p but last night I was hungry ate fruit...
Breakfast... ANY IDEAS??? So does anyone have any ideas for breakfast in the mornings!!? I find cereal REALLY bingey, plus dont know what is the 'normal' portion. I also find... 17
Help I just read the e-book and am feeling anxious about the fact that we are supposed to be eating 2,000 calories. Is this really true? I just don't know... 9
Fun foods - tips for when enough just doesn't feel like enough In my approach at recovery, I am all about getting adequate nutrition and eating enough. I know I am eating quite a bit more than some others. But... 1
help what i am doing wrong? hey everyone just a question..i am doing everything right..eating adequate meals etc but i dont really understand how the program works by eating all... 5
How do you buy food? I'm really struggling with SE. When I got out of treatment I was a total pro. Then I tried to move into intuitive eating too fast and really can't... 4
When should I begin regulating amount of food? My question is this... At what point in recovery should I begin to regulate my food intake? I am about a month B/P free, and have no urges at all... 9
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