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Decided to quit counting calories even to a minimun Part of SE is eating enough to keep binge urges at bay. I've been mindful of this. I felt like I should be tracking my meals and snacks just to make... 4
Some tips to not get a binge urge when having "any foods" I am still struggling a bit with the foods that are triggers or i used to consider "forbidden". The urge to binge on them is not as severe as it was... 1
How I make a meal and eat it without the urge to keep eating and eating Hi, thought I'd share this with those who struggle with this issue because it has really helped me and could help you as well This is NOT something i... 4
"Saving ANYTIME foods for night time" So I have started doing my food plan and am trying to incorporate ANYTIME foods where I feel comfortable. Unfortunately this usually means as my... 1
unconsciously restrict? I have found it hard to just eat whatever I "want". I've been dieting for so long it's a habit to have the low cal options. Anyone else have this... 5
What are 'maintenance calories'? How much can I eat in SE? I have seen the term 'maintenance calories' thrown around - what does this mean? If I listen to my body - even without a... 3
Things that makes the bloating worse Hi guys! I know bloating is terrible, and I also read that a lot of members are experiencing this right now. Including me. I will share some things... 11
Could I have some freedom with Structured Eating ? Hi guys! I am not new to recovery but I am definitely new to structured eating. In fact yesterday was one of my first days trying it and I love it!... 6
middle of the night eating anyone ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like they need to eat? I have made it the past 3 days no b/p and am following SE. I don't go... 6
Hens night this Saturday - alcohol and food that is out of my control = worse nightmare! Hello - I started the program a few days ago and coming up this weekend is a good friends hens night. We are starting with dinner, then cocktail... 3
A binge sounds good? I sometimes have trouble separating ED urges from my true self. I know it should be obvious but it seems that my binges always begin with an innocent... 5
do you keep food in your house? Hello ladies... I live alone and have been having trouble with keeping food in my apartments. It seems that no matter what I have, I'm going to... 8
How much food is too much in recovery? How much food is too much in recovery? I am following SE, but am gaining quite a bit of girth - haven't weighed but I am up at least a size (on... 2
Fat or bloated? I have read a lot about 'bloat'. I certainly am not a stranger to gas & bloating - LOVE my veggies..... My question is how to tell if my jeans...
Do you eat every 2, 2 1/2 , 3 or 4 hours? OK... so I am in recovery for the 4th time... after 3 relapses (one after 5 years), so I am still trying to find new strategies. I did try to eat... 6
Does anyone else eat a lot of food? Reading through a lot of the posts on SE it seems that you all are being so very careful! I have been eating a lot of my favorite foods - I am... 5
Am I eating enough? How do I know if I am eating enough without counting calories? I refuse to count. I get full easily so I've been doing six small meals. I have to... 2
Trigger foods... Should I remove them? 75% of my diet is whole foods, natural, non-processed and satisfying. However, my b/p episodes only show it's ugly face when I introduce sugar or... 11
Can I stick with a paleo type diet and still recover? This is only my second day on this site and I'm very excited to begin my recovery. I have suffered from bulimia for 10 years now but the last 5... 15
Quick question I only ate once today before going to work and I forgot to bring something for in between and basically haven't eaten for a few hours. My stomach is...
protein sources Hi! Just curious to know if the protein intake for you comes always from animal proteins (or cheese, eggs ecc) which contain all the essential amino... 6
I HATE FOOD!!!!! I just hate food, its Christmas day and my family haven't have one meal so far. I'm starving, Christmas dinner is on the way and they decided to cook... 3
Dessert? Hey everyone, I've been having a really big challenge lately. I have been finding that I need some sort of dessert after dinner, otherwise I feel... 7
SUGAR!!! I am craving sugar like there is not tomorrow! Sweet is all my mouth is watering for and I won't eat it because I'm scared to start a binge .. I'm on... 2
So how people should loose weight? Right, as was established that blimia is often a result of how people eho are overweight should loose weight? if dieting is a trap....... 12
Eat fit food Hi guys :) So I was wondering if anyone's tried an eating program to help with structured eating? I ve been B/p free for just over four months now (... 4
Diet Sodas and Crystal Light I was just wondering if anyone had any input on drinking diet soda and low calorie drinks? I don't care much for plain water and drink between 2-6... 3
How many here prepare all their own food? How many people here prepare all their own food? I'm noticing that some people here live with parents, roommates, boyfriends, etc. so they aren't... 2
Eating in front of the TV It's what I do. Every meal, every snack, even drinks! I prepare my food, settle myself onto the couch, switch on the TV, then eat. I still try to eat... 5
Binge urge only arises when I'm already eating... Why? I'm really trying to understand my ED on a different level. After reading many posts, blogs and forums I notice that some people plan a b/p ...... 4
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