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cereal, peanut butter, bread and recently, chcolate. Why why why! I cant be left alone with cereal, peanut/almond butter, bread and chocolate! I feel like a lot of forums and blogs I read, these 4 are... 8
Bloating Hi everyone, After 12 years of b/p at least once every single day, I have managed to go four days without b/p. Day 5 resulted in purging due to an... 9
is trying to eat better food for me bad in recovery? so i've always tried to take care of my body as best as i can when i'm not bingeing and purging. i try to eat real food, and when i say this i mean... 9
again: introducing triggering foods at least twice (o 3 times) a week I eat a triggering food (to me are mainly sweets-(junk food). I eat them as a snack cause I don't really like to... 4
once a trigger food always a trigger? I don't know how to get over the things that are triggering, and I just posted a blog about this - so I will try not to be redundant. =) But yeah...... 1
wondering if I am making a mistake.. After 4 weeks being in recovery I can say that for some kind of miracle I did not BP once. I had a couple of urges, but did not give in. And I am... 5
Some thoughts Caught in my own paranoia. I don’t want to get out of my space. I don’t want to be around people. I feel like staying alone crying. Scrolling through... 3
alchol I am overseas at the momenst and have done the whole backpacking this and now settles in bologna studying. I have always had a probelm getting my... 5
eating a sweet everyday hello there i have had bulima and restriction for 15 years now. It started from restriction, binge eating and bulima I have been in so many recovery... 5
How much should I eat? I am scared because I don't know how much to eat. I am 5'5" and 198. I don't know how much I should eat in recovery. I know I need to lose weight,... 1
Calories Does anybody have any idea how many calories I should be consuming? 3 days of the week I do 30 mins of elliptical and 1 hour of weights, and then 5... 2
Overwhelming urge to binge Hi everyone, I just got home from a failed attempt at treatment at a residential program and in coming home I found this awesome program and it's... 16
Celebrity Magazines I love buying all the weekly celeb magazines. I'm just wondering what is peoples feelings towards them? Do you think it is necessary to stop buying... 4
detox from sugar / trigger foods? I am really struggling right now with being more gentle with myself. I am not sure how to eat slow anymore. I don't know if I can re-learn this..I... 3
is it a binge to eat fast Maybe it's my fault, because I allow myself to get too hungry and I don't realize it, then all of a sudden if I even eat something 'portion size' I... 3
structured eating Hi there! I wonder how flexible can you be with your srtuctured eating? I found it hard to eat every 3 hours due to mainly work commitment. However,... 2
Chewing and Spitting I haven't seen this addressed anywhere else on this site, but for me it's a serious issue. Whenever I wanted to eat something but I was afraid of... 4
I just hate the weight First of all I have been in recovery since feb 2012. I did the 1 carb 1 fat 1 protein at each meal. Then I was told to go up to 2000 energy units per... 4
Unusual triggers While I can relate to so much that people say about triggers etc. I feel like I have a few weird ones and I wonder if anyone is like me. If I am in... 2
Feeling haunted This is the first time I post in a forum. Just noticed that my profile updates are getting to long. Maybe my problems are too big... I´m so trying to... 1
No go I was doing so well. I had done the unthinkable and didn't binge for over a month. Up until last week when I had a mini binge. I was preparing my... 3
Will I ever get over wanting huge amounts of sweets? YIKES! I still want massive amounts of junk food. I am on day 7 of recovery, and I miss binging sooooo bad. I am not sure If I can white knuckle... 2
kind of relapse so i didnt post on here for ages, over a year or more. has been up and down. lately quite up as i started to be healthy and feel thinner but then i... 1
How to know if you are eating enough or too much Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone was a nutritionist or had knowledge on food. I am entering my food diary but not too sure if I am eating... 3
Portions size Hello BeatlesK, I am really sorry to hear about your hangover this morning, bit it's just great that you are trying to eat mindfully today: wow! Don'...
Food Fixation Since starting Bulimia Help Method (3 weeks ago), i haven't binged or purged, but there have been a few times were i definitely eat to the point of... 3
Night duty and SE Hi all, As a nurse and midwife I routinely have to do night shift. During the day I try to eat structually, but as I am brand new to this sometimes... 1
Pregnant with bulimia I am ten weeks pregnant and am having a hard time with my bulimia. You would think that I could sop now that I'm pregnant, but I can't. I need some... 7
How many calories to eat How many calories should i start with daily? i really fear gaining weight and want to know what'll get me good and started. Would it be a good idea... 10
Trouble with introducing trigger food to SE I've been trying to re-introduce one of my biggest trigger foods - bread - into my SE plan. Almost every time I have had it (wether as part of a... 3
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