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how do i stop craving ANYTHING? Is it true that our taste buds adapt and get used to whatever we eat/drink on a daily basis? So for example if I want to lose the craving for a food/... 2
SE obstacles advise :) My biggest struggle with SE is BREAKFAST BINGING My obstacles to sticking to SE after a Breakfast Binge 1. If I'm still full, by my scheduled snack... 6
Refined Carbs Do you avoid refined carbs? I find for me they alway precede a binge/purge episode and I think that I need to avoid them because I have never binged... 2
"Eat tasty things later" and "save the calories for the dessert" I thought I'd repost it in forums, because this better fits here.. When I was small, my mum told me: "вкусненькое на потом", which basically... 4
Always hungry or eating! This is driving me nuts! I've had a really intense period of b/p and I'm trying to comply with my dietitian's recommendation to go back to structured... 4
How can stop craving during recovery I'm day 5 purging free. However, I overeat in every meal, I crave a lot for sweet food. This morning I ate 8 cereal bars then in the end of the day,... 2
Nutritionists Last night I saw a naturopathic nutritionist which seems like a big mistake in hindisght!! Wondered if anyone has had any experience they can share... 6
Introducing trigger foods into Structured Eating plan? Does anyone have any advice on if/when to start introducing previously 'banned' foods into structured eating plan? I have been doing SE for about a... 5
WHY??? Why do I feel urge to B/P so much after I eat a good, healthy lunch? I have NO urge when I am hungry - only when I am full. If I was alcoholic I... 5
Structured eating - anyone else find this incredibly difficult? I have basically said a big, "meh" to the structured eating portion of recovery. I know that the book says that structured eating is super important... 8
Binged all day binged last two days after car accident, I am aso afraid of going back to school with my puggy face. yelled at family and i am ashmed of what has... 4
ahhh Nutella, how I hate you because how I love you This is crazy. I'm almost positive that I have a similar addiction to food, especially certain foods, that a drug addict would have...or alcoholic...... 4
Addicted to breakfast cereal Is anyone else addicted to breakfast cereal? I have 2 bowls of aots for breakfast, an apple or two or three for lunch and 4 weetbix for breakfast.... 139
Eating as entertainment Hi! A big hurdle for me in my recovery is currently that I see eating as entertainment. In many cases, eating consists of my favorite activity within...
Question about "refeeding" (not sure what to really call it) I have a question for anyone who has a history of severe restriction, which I feel like most of us have dealt with from time to time. A bit of... 4
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nutritional yeast Does anyone else crave bowlfulls, or at least relatively large quantities, of nutritional yeast? I crave it every day in high amounts. I quite... 3
When does bulimia bloat go away?!? OK seriously... the bloat...when does it go?? Is it really possible that I will look 5 months pregnant for the rest of my life? I haven't binged... 9
Buddy Hi, i was wondering if there is anyone out there from the UK who is in recovery and wanting to maintain a healthy diet, my plan is to start eating...
MYTH: If I don't have rules around eating, I will be out of control When I was bulimic I used to believe this, I could never see myself being in control around food. I understand at the beginning it can be difficult... 13
Question about animal products Have they helped you to feel more satiated and balanced and less bulimic? I was a vegan and feel guilty eating them and would love to hear from... 1
satisfying cravings to stop b/p cycle So one thing that I noticed is that if I eat whole grains/brown rice/ww pasta ect.. during lunch time it really helps me not b/p later! I don't know... 2
New phase So I'm a bit stuck at the moment after having a fantastic weekend but still it left me with massive anxiety and panic attacks. Now normally these are...
Just need to "admit" it and hear some tough love/ advice- PLEASE say something if you have time. I have been restricting again I think. I'm eating what I want when I want but I still make sure its only a little. And making myself eat meals is... 8
Fun foods Hi there, I am just thinking about the fun food step, has any of you started/ had come through that step? How did you manage? Did it change your... 2
My Body Is Starving, But I Don't Want To Eat? This has never happened before but I feel too comfortable with restricting. I'm not really trying to lose weight at all, just maintain. I'm just... 4
Overeating or just eating normally? Hey everyone- hope your going fabulously and life is treating you well :) This may sound a bit silly but i'm no longer sure of what normal / over and... 1
Bizarre Issue - Night Eating I've been having difficulties dealing with the weight gain in recovery. I have an issue with ''night eating"... I'm barely conscious, but I'll eat,... 2
Cracking the Hunger Code Have any of you read 'Eating by the light of the moon'? I am so excited to be going to a seminar next Tues from the author!! Its a really good ED... 5
peanut butter, tortillas, and gum. i have an addiction to peanut butter, all by itself out of the jar! and tortillas... i always buy the pack of 20 and eat the whole thing..... 10
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