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food hoarding/ obsessing. Hi all, One thing that's really been getting to me lately is just how obsessed I am around food. I think about it so much, moniter everything I eat... 2
Tuesday morning blues I posted about my planned evening on friday. It went according to plan, however I managed to eat leftovers (alot) when my family left and I was alone...
Diet Coke When I was anorexic, I used to drink a lot of diet coke, and since then, I couldn't stop this behaviour. Throughout my bulimic phases (since 2008) I... 13
Sugar cravings-lack of I'm just curious. I have had absolutely no cravings for sugar for many years now (there was the period after being a raw vegan for a few months that... 5
Condiments - over-use Does anyone have any weird cravings / usage of condiments?! For EVER I have had a 'thing' with vinegar (and also tomato ketchup). I put it on... 4
Anyone else binge on vegetables or high fibre cereal? I just started at an ED clinic last week (its once a week until I get into the intensive treatment) and my "goal" for the week is not to purge. I... 3
In real need of support, binging/ over exercise, feel so hopeless! Hi all, I haven't been on here in absolutely ages; although on reflection really think I perhaps needed to have been. :) I have lost a lot of weight... 3
Safe Foods Just wondering what others consider safe foods. My diet doesn't involve much more than soups and veggies (I'm a vegetarian). I'm getting a little... 7
Sample Meal Plan Hey! Would anybody be able to post any sample meal plans (structured eating plans) that they follow daily?? I'm not too sure how much I should eat... 3
Guilt for eating? Why? This is so absurd. Isn't it? I watch my own cat as he eats when he wants and doesn't give it a second thought. I watch my dad eat all the time and he... 4
does this help before binging? if you feel that you will binge, is it better to stay away from the food totally, or is it better to look for an alternative to eat (which won't make... 11
I feel I eat too much. Hi everyone, I have feel a bit upset about how big my appetite is. I think I eat quite a lot during the day - but I'm unsure because I'm either... 31
Fruit in the AM So I CRAVE fruit in the AM. This is left over from my Raw food Natalia Rose days I am sure. The thing is -- It seems when I only do fruit and then... 9
fears of foods and how to handle There are certain things I just KNOW I cannot have. It's got to be complete abstinence from the item or it just leads to an all-out binge which THEN... 5
Snacks Hi everyone, I have a question with regards to snacks... Are drinks, such as a glass of pure orange juice or a latte or a hot chocolate for instance... 3
finding a calorie balance? i know how to restrict and i know how to binge. how do i find the middle ground? i have been gradually upping my calories for over a year now but i... 6
SUGAR CRAVINGS! Please help! I have been in recovery for about four months after 10 years of bulimia and just had a two months record without B/P!! Nevertheless I find I still... 5
Suitable bedtime snacks? I work a fairly physical job from 2:30 PM until 10:30 and even though I eat adequate amounts at work (snacks of nuts/fruit and a fully loaded... 6
I am going crazy. I am alone at work and I just ate some cookies. I always feel bad about eating, so I am getting anxious, depressed and the worst is the anger that... 1
Over-eating vs Binge eating? So a fellow member here brought up a good point during a conversation that I wanted to pose a question about and see what others thought! Do you know... 1
How do you carry on with structured eating when all you can do is binge? How do you get the motivation to do something else when you want to binge or purge? I cant seem to find any effort to pick myself up and go for a... 3
uncontrollable hunger I have found that structured eating is so hard for me, because I feel hungry all the time. This is especially true when I've gone along time without... 5
What is happening now? Hey girls, I was wondering if anybody has some advice for me! Today is day 101 and I am very happy about it, but its stil hard sometimes. I am eating... 6
Tips on eating slower Hi, I used to eat far too quickly, one reason for this was because I left hunger to build up for too long. This would result in eating anything I... 10
Are food intolerances temporary when you are trying to recover?? Hi, I never had problems with gluten or dairy before I started trying to recover...well, I did used to binge on them and then purge but they didnt... 6
Breakfast Break'FAST' is my worst B/P time - suggestions please for what is a "safe" very healthy breaky??? Thanks :) 16
ambivalent relationship with almond butter Hi, The past few weeks, almond butter has been my miracle food. It is tasty, healthy, versatile, and fills me up without making me feel too full.... 9
mealtimes I am in my 30's and have suffered with bulimia for over 10 years. I really am at my wits end with it :( I am really wanting to get better and know... 7
Yoplait ad So glad that Yoplait responded to this so quickly and pulled their television ad. Sad thing is, I didn't even know that train of thinking everytime... 3
Eating right really makes you feel good.. So I had an awful relapse that's been going on for about a month. The worst of it was in the past couple weeks where I was seriously b/p ing multiple... 8
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