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Food is not the issue I was just thinking as I was reflecting on all of the posts I'd read today where people are asking if this food was ok, or if they should eat that or... 2
Allowing "forbidden" foods I am trying to figure out how to do this whole "moderation" thing with food. I came home from treatment 4 months ago, and since then I have gotten... 10
Sensitivity to grains Does anyone find themselves sensitive to grains during recovery? I understand that bulimia does a lot of damage to one's blood sugar balance. I find... 2
some questions about hunger during structured eating So for the past week I have been working on stuctured eating, however, there are still a few questions popping up in my mind. Hopefully, some of you... 4
celiac disease/wheat allergy and binging anyone else have celiac disease and binge on gluten containing foods? i feel like I have been punched in the stomach and I have an enormous rash all...
hunger late at night if i experience too much hunger late at night - does this simply mean that i didn't eat enough during the day, even if i THOUGHT i did? as a... 2
killing those sugar cravings / addition!! Has anyone cut out sugar significantly, (obviously not all) but the things that cause them problems / are serious triggers - and then find that after... 4
Any athletes out there?? Are there any other competitive athletes out there?? I'm having a hard time figuring out how much more I should eat on my extremely active or... 7
I want to get well but i can't. I know i should. I eat less than 800 calories. I know i should eat more. But i can't, I feel guilty. And I'm obsessed with calorie intake. I compute everything i eat... 3
artificial sweetener ...opinions/experiences I've tried posting this several we go again! 3
Diet Soda Does anyone else find that they are addicted to diet soda? I have a fridge stocked with coke zero cans. I drink way too much diet soda, probably 3-4... 7
food (could be triggering) My dietitian is having me eat 3 meals: which should be a main thing = the size of 2 fists and 2 sides = 1 fist each. I am supposed to also have 2... 2
Always Hungry Hmmmm, I seem to be always hungry regardlesss of what I eat. Even when I am eating healthy, I still want to snack which I know is a good thing, but... 2
If you overeat at breakfast does it leads to an overeating day for you? When it happens to overeat at breakfast like today, I feel terrible, my stomach hurts, I have no energy and feel sick. But although all those... 6
Dietitan Appointment - One step forward and one step back. I need feedback! I am currently on a phone call basis with my counselor, who lives 5 hours away. She is amazing and always encouraging, but she only deals with the... 9
bread bread is my weakness i hate it but i cant stop it ., i dont restrict it so thats not the cause? any tips or help? sometimes i try ryvitas or... 7
Eating without a diet mindset Does anyone else feel like when you want to eat healthy - moderately low calorie and full of nutrients they feel like they are dieting and... 16
Is this a Binge or overeat? I struggle with binging and overeating in the mornings. But with my binges getting smaller and recovery meaning its not a case of all or nothing, I'm... 3
eating question - may trigger - sorry ok, so I woke up & kind of thought I would vaguely make an effort but would restrict most of the day anyway, like normal. I am really sorry to... 4
Do you feel sick if you skip breakfast? I've been in recovery on and off but I have the feeling my body is working properly again. I started feeling hungry and full like a month ago. In the... 3
New here and ready for recovery Hi... I want to stop purdging...I don't binge. I purge if I eat more than I wanted or avoid weight gain. I'm thin...5'4" and 109 lbs... 1
How do you eat your binge foods without bingeing? Up to now, I have been staying away from the foods that I usually binge on. and I am wondering how others deal with this? Do you just stay away from... 7
What do you do when you are forced to eat unhealthy food? I guess you can't really be forced, but.. This is my last day in this city and I promised my one friend I would go to this restaurant that only has... 3
eating baby food!? Hey, I know a lot of us have trouble “eating” again.. without over eating or restricting or feeling guilty! I know I struggle with this... This could... 3
Question about feeling hungrier after you've eaten This doesn't make sense to me but it could mean I've been restricting too much. Sometimes I don't really feel hungry but it's time for a scheduled... 4
Scared of Food!!! Still on a diet? I am scared of food! I am scared that if I est something it will lead me to a binge. I have started going on the Tony Ferguson diet just to keep... 5
Knowing when you're full... It may sound strange, but I can't tell if I am genuinely hungry/full. I only know what starving and painfully-too-full feel like. It's so weird - I... 3
Will I ever actually eat normally again? I remember a time in my life when I ate normally... I didn't think about what or how much- I just ate. And now every time I eat its an ordeal- did I... 3
Sugar addiction? Does anyone else a major addiction to candy? There are days when that's all I would eat... but I will only eat sugar candy and no chocolate or... 6
Fighting the urge to munch/graze that leads to b/p So, I ate a little more than I would have liked at breakfast today. I told myself, it's okay to have a big breakfast, but sometimes I find it hard... 2
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