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Sticky: Bulimia Help Method Feedback I would love to have your feedback for the The Bulimia Help Recovery Program. Your feedback will help improve future generations of the program.... 42
URGENT: Need to delete account and posts with email! - not replying Hey guys - due to job issues, I have to delete my posts and account becasue when I google my email, it shows up. I tried emailing the support team...
New Hi I am Mike I have been a slave to Bulimia for 10 years, I have stumbled on this course and I am going to give it my best shot I am in AA recovery... 1
Bloating This is my first post. I have been 10 days without b/p and my bloating was going away but today it is like day 1. It makes me so upset. I'm working... 1
social anxiety/depression, 'are you ok???????''''!!!!!! Im having such a bad day with social anxiety and feeling down. When I see how everyone else acts in my uni class all load and friendly and I just... 1
Toronto, ON (Canada) folks, attend group with me! I need help to do this and I'm not about that isolated life. There's two support groups I'm looking at (CAMH, Sheena's Place) and either a CBT/DBT group or mindfulness group I'm considering doing. I'm a 24 year...
delete account how do I delete my account? I haven't used this in over two years..
Cat's out of the bag...AT WORK. So I need to vent....I've been doing well in recovery and not purging for atleast a few weeks, which is the longest I've ever been able to go. When... 4
VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Hi Guys my name is Coral, I´m mexican and have been following BHM for some time now. I love this work, work it has helped me tremendosuly. I have 2... 7
Can we post photos? I was trying to figure out how to post a photo of my dog or photos of positive things in my life. I do not want to (nor do I support) photos of food... 4
New site versus Old site - thoughts? Hi everyone, A couple of us were wondering how you all feel about this site and the new one. As the other one is in the process of being made, if... 6
I pads Hey guys. I've recently joined and thought this would be a great device to have on my i pad. However I can't work out how to get it on my I pad as I... 1
Looking for a friend with similar interests to connect with on Facebook Hi, I only have an iphone not a computer and I find this website a bit hard to use so in seldom here. But I would like to be! Until there is an app...
My ebook link disappeared .. Anyone know where I can find it? I haven't finished reading it and now it's gone. The link at the top is gone .. 3
Does weight gain really happen during recovery , does it always happen? I read that lots of people have gone through weight gain during recovery's just strange because isn't it supposed to be the opposite , the... 4
How to stay motivated.... I saw this list on Pinterest earlier and thought i'd share it :) 1) take it one day at a time 2) surround yourself with positivity 3) create a dream... 1
The Biggest Loser Finale I watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and was deeply saddened when I saw the "winner". I was on FB and found something that I wanted to share... 3
FEAR OF GAINING AND MAINTAINING WEIGHT!!! HI everyone,,through years and years I've been in this situation, somehow I can't find the strength or impulse to stop and be a "healthy eater /... 2
Am I the only one... who wishes we didn't have to see obscenities in so many posts? I am probably not going to continue on this forum if I have to encounter such... 20
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Does anyone use Chat? that's my question... Does anyone use Chat? 2
Need accountability Hi there, I have been on here since the summer, and working with a coach. I'm still doing structured eating, and feeling pretty good. There are...
Birth control pills Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with birth control pills? I went to the doctor and decided to be completely honest about... 9
only slight sucess so far so im 3 weeks into recovery ,having my ed for 10 years and ive gained a butt load of weight and b/p approx 4 times ...i suppose this is a achievement... 2
slip ups so i had about 6 cans of burbon last night and made a chicken burger for dinner....yes just the one.I dont know why but i purged after and i didnt... 1
2 days in and felling sick This is my second day into the programme and have gone from bingeing and purging every 2 full days without, but yet i feel more tired and... 6
Back to the starting line... I have not been on the site for neatly 2 months. Part of the reason why is because I have been doing just awful, and getting on here would just be a... 2
Facial OCD Hi everyone :-) I am writing to find out if anyone else struggles with the same situation I do. Since an adolescent I have had extreme obsessive-... 4
I'm so sick of this shit! I go to sleep every night thinking, tomorrow i will start my journey to recovery. Then I wake up and my first thought is, this one last time I'll... 2
INSTANT CHAT OPTION Can anyone advise when the instant chat option will be up and running? I think this will be a great tool to have in helping to aid recovery and help...
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