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Sleep Podcasts Hey, I tend to have awful insomnia which I'm really trying to work on during recovery as I feel it will help me. Does anyone know of any good sleep/... 10
Anyone in Oregon? I'm about 5 weeks into recovery and would like to keep it going. I'm looking for someone local to keep each other motivated!
Bad Idea? I have no clue what catagory to put this on ... Is it a bad idea to have some sort off body therapy done just to shape the body! Not diet and loose... 1
chat Does anyone know why my live chat is not working? It says loading but it never comes up... 2
Bikram Yoga - has any tried it? Hi, I've been keen to try out some yoga classes recently and my sister was telling me about how Bikram Yoga is meant to be pretty good (also called... 7
bad self image I hate the fact I hate what I look like it feels like I'm so shallow but cant help it. I was having a really lovely day and in such a good mood, iv'e... 3
what is structured eating? Hey guys, just wanted to get an idea about how ppl go about structured it about writing a meal plan for the days or is it more about... 1
Supplements I'm curious what supplements everyone has been successful with in terms of metabolism and increased energy. Also! Brand names that would be available... 4
Booty Body Rock 12 Min workout Review I am resonding a post with this link. I came across it last night.........I cannot recall where on this site. The woman reminds me of a former self...
How is everyone? How is everyone doing? I'd really like to hear about your weekend, whether its been good and why or if its been bad. Keep strong :) xx 2
Some poetry It's a bit corny, but I wrote this while trying to capture finding beauty in having a more womanly body: And she was beautiful; not in a squirrely... 1
Bloating...yes, still Ok friends, this bloat is killing me! Seriously, it's starting to hurt and I feel so full! Do I just stay the course? Wait it out? I'm going #2... 5
This made me SO angry!!! The other night I binged BIG time. I was stuffed. I did not purge but I was miserable and uncomfortable from my over stuffed stomach. It has been a... 4
no purging absolutely no purging today, under any circumstances. My body urges are MUCH reduced, but I still use purging as the occasional way to alleviate... 1
This bulimic expirience kinda cracks me up. I've been purge free for 10 days now. So I'm really feeling good and proud of myself. :) well a few times in the past week I dream that I go on a... 8
Two days in a row!!! This may seem small to some folks, but today is my second bp free day in a row! Over the past 2+ months I've gone from purging 10 times per day to... 3
Small victories So so day. So much stress at work. Two bps. But, I came home and cooked one of my 10 favorite foods (formerly forbidden) and enjoyed it fully with my... 1
E book Hi everyone xx returning here as my bulimia is back and I never really followed this before when I got it xx however I cannot seem to get the e book... 1
do you need someone to vent to? talk to? need advice? if anyone needs any support or just someone to vent to or any questions on recovery feel free to email me. :)
Thank you and.. any advice? Thank you for all your responds on my posts. I have been distracting myself from your advices and really enjoying it, avoiding BP episodes for 10... 5
When are you 'recovered'? So my question is when can I consider myself recovered? I am so impatient for this! I am into week 4 & have ZERO B/P urges. I am not so... 3
Site Question about Loggin In Just wondering if anyone else has to log in twice when accessing the Members section? I put in my username and password and hit login, it takes me... 2
One thousand triggers, but no b/p Happy New Year!!! I thought I was not going to make it, but for some reason I did! This is the first time in almost three years that I haven't... 2
I just want my life back I am lost. Whereas I used to feel as though I resided somewhere within a soul I now feel like a shell of a body walking around aimlessly, scared... 4
Day 10 in Recovery Dear All, Today is my day number 10 of no binge and no purge! I am so proud of myself but as all of you at times I am finding it hard to fight this... 1
One Drink. One Cookie. So.. I was just thinking about how bulimia is pretty much like any other addiction except one key thing. every other addiction you can abstain from... 3
Are there any German(s) (speakers) out there? Cause I am one. :) 1
Me... being honest about the state of things So! After looking over my profile I realized that I joined this site three years ago. Three years and the only thing that seems to have changed has... 4
Question about set point??? So, is your genetic set point a specific weight or how much body fat you are genetically predisposed to carry? The reason I ask is because I do a... 6
Alcohol & Bulimia Just reflecting... I am on day 6 of starting recovery again & I haven't had anything alcoholic. I really enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but... 3
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