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Portion sizes? I'm having a hard time with portion sizes. What is a good portion size? I don't know if I should be having 1/2 a cup of pasta or 3... 1 handful of... 1
Does anyone else struggle also with taking pills to suppress appeitite? Hi, I'm 24 and fighting this battle since 13 years old, not only b/p but for the last 4 years have been ordering pills online to try and suppress my... 4
Bad dreams about binging! I have had bad food dreams the past two nights. In the first one, I had eaten two pies (one apple and one peach) and I was not allowed to vomit. In... 9
Relationship problems exacebate bingeing post removed 2
How to write a "status" and other technical questions on how to navigate on here.... Hello everyone, Can someone explain to me how i can write and update my status. Ive looked all over the menu bars, top and to the left and am stuck...
Post Lyrics From a Song That Reminds You of Bulimia Sad But True by Metallica Hey, I'm your life I'm the one who takes you there Hey, I'm your life I'm the one who cares They, They betray I'm your only... 62
Is Richard after our money? This may seem like a strange post to start myself but I feel I need to defend myself against some accusations I have been getting. I have been... 34
Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold "Considered one of the first celebrities to bravely go public with her experience battling anorexia while growing up in front of the camera, actress... 4
Share BRS I see my psychiatrist today and I am so excited to tell him about this on-line support sytem. Having suffered with bulimia for the past 20 years, I...
GMO foods and how they are likely to influence EDs I have a link here about the health risks of GMO foods: If you haven't already, browse around the... 1
Food diary question Hi everyone There may not be a right or wrong answer, but I was just wondering if anyone knew which option we should be aiming for in this sites food... 2
what does SE mean? Since I'm new to the site I'm still learning the lingo. What does SE stand for? Sorry, I'm kind of slow on the uptake ;) 3
people without eating issues and their relationship with food. Hi all, I just was thinking about people I know who do not have eating issues (that's practically everyone). The sense I get is that they just don't... 2
If you were a flower? Hey girls something fun which always gets you thinking positively... If you were a flower.....which one would you be and why? be creative with your... 34
Sudden urges to binge I hate it when i'm emotionally balanced and all of a sudden I start feeling really anxious and uptight and want to binge!!!!!!! 1
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Good books? Can anyone recommend any good books about recovery stories or motivational books on recovery? Could do with an extra boost right about now:) 3
adderall does anyone here have an adderall prescription?? whenever i take it my appetite is suppressed, and i never binge or purge or worry or anything at all... 3
This article made me want to get better 6
Day 56 ! Last night was a tough one, drove home to my family (only visit maybe once a month as I live 3 hours away) and for as long as I can remember its this... 3
Drastically different looking face now! :) Hey everyone, I just wanted to post something really quickly about HOW INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT my face looks now compared to only like, 6 months ago.... 9
Doing really well but am afraid of something else (not b/p) I basically only started recovering because one of my kidnies got damaged. Seven months on, I am doing so well, another world has opened up for me,... 5
Anyone here live in NYC? Just curious 2
Non English Speakers Just can this site cater to those who don't speak English? 2
Bodyrock Is anyone familiar with Does anyone else follow it? I don't find it triggering, but I'm curious if anyone else follows it and/or finds... 4
Live Chat Does anyone ever go on chat..? I keep writing dumb things to myself ... :P 1
Has anyone read any Geneen Roth books? Id like to read one of her books as Ive been recommended by many that her books are helpful and insightful. But there are so many, I dont know which... 4
Difficulty changing profile photo Hi! I have been trying for days to change my profile picture. No matter what I do, the site uploads my old picture. I have tried deleting it, logging... 3
the pill and bulimia Ok so... This might sound like a ridiculous question, but i'd just like to query if anyone has noticed if going on the contraceptive pill has had any... 3
`blog eh if interested: i decided to document my struggle.
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