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question:cant find a link to create a private/regular blog maybe im missing it- is there anywhere on this site where you can keep just a regular private blog? i see a food journal ,binge journal, public blogs... 3
DAY47- Feeling a bit better Definitely had one of the worst evenings last night. It came from no-where, I wasnt upset, I didnt feel down... nothing and then for absolutely no... 1
Day 44 - I'm back! So its day 44 and Christmas went well no purging at all - thats the first xmas in about 15 years so that is good. Bad news - I have definitely gained... 2
canberra/sydney support hi I'm Bianca from Canberra, Australia.. Is there anyone else out there from Canberra?..Canberra is so small & hard to find a support group/... 1
What are your new years resolutions? To quit B/P.. going to be really hard! longest time with out b/p was 3 wks. I usually gain weight when I b/p, and my face is super puffy. and lose... 3
Hey, quickly help me!!! Did you downloaded Wikileaks docs? Give me link plz Thank you bye bye ;))
Is bulimia a type of OCD? Hey i study psychology and was just thinking is bulimia a form of ocd, because it is like an obsessive thing if you dont purge you get anxious and... 5
Day 31 - So far so good I dont know I am going to keep this daily bloggin up for 60 days... 4
i traded one addiction for the other when i was in rehab. so im new to this whole being open about my purging. no one in my family knows about it and if they do, they pretend like they don't know. its been... 4
Day 29 - Hmmm still feel good Saturdays normally a binge day - but today went well - thankfully. Not feeling as elated as yesterday, but I'm just tired with a headache (unrelated...
Dreams. Lately I have been having a lot of death dreams. This is the interpretation for them: Dreams of death represent the ending of one phase so that a new... 5
So, helpme! Did you know that USA and Europe blocked Wikileaks? What do you think about it? Thank for all 1
A place to voice your ideas for the site. Hello everyone, In brief, I made a suggestion the other day to Richard for the site after a little incident which got me thinking, I bet lots of you... 5
Day 20 - All is good I hope my daily updating isnt driving anyone crazy. I never was a diary person so doing this everyday is a bit of a chore - however, I did make... 2
Day 19 - Back to being happy again Wow! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions, yesterday I felt terrible today I feel great. If there is anyone out there who is having a miserable... 4
Day 14 Day 14 - YAY TWO WEEKS !!! Purge free!! Bloating: Still here, but definitely not as bad as the first 5-7 days Weight: Slight increase, nothing huge (... 1
DAY 17 - eeeew bloated again :( I'm really bloated again and havent b/p at all in 17 days. It had almost vanished for a few days and now its back - I have a real puffy face again,...
Vegetarianism The other day turned out really well. I didn't b/p and I had no cravings /urges either. I was trying to think of anything that I had done differently... 1
a poem, if you want to call it that " this might be a different type of battle but it's a battle all the same and though my crime's considered normal it fills me up with shame it's a... 7
My inner thoughts of the ED that is controlling me The people who know my situation do not understand.... I am wanting to escape so badly from this place A place where i feel secure and safe Caring... 1
Day13 - I have to say this posting is a good idea, because this morning, I was really tempted to have a big chocolate muffin (this wasnt just an urge to...
Day 10 - I'm getting fat :( Its really not a good day for me. I am just after over-eating because I feel really fat. In fact I have put on lots of weight (in just 10 days) -... 6
Day 12 - i'm nno longer getting fat :) Yay! My bloating is definitely reducing, the heavy sluggish feeling is definitely getting better and I did what I know your not susposed to do......
DAY 11 So its Day 11 and the weekend was full of ups and downs and yesterday was a big downer. However the good news is that I did not purge at all - so I...
Why am I forcing myself to b/p?!!! For the past few days I have been forcing myself to use symptoms. It makes no sense! I will eat my meals throughout the day, use tools to fight urges... 2
i cant purge because i am on medication, still binging! help! I have been diagnosed with a condition which needs long term medication for pain. I haven't purged since being on the medication and I can't wait for... 4
attention whore i feel like such an attention whore, and i feel so paranoid all the time. like if my boyfriend doesnt respond to my texts or i havent talked to him... 2
Day 8 - Lots of alcohol, lots of food & a big arguement :( Okay, so its Day 8 and last night was a disaster (for so many reasons). Went to a party, lots of festive food and I had lots of chocolates, cake etc... 1
Day 9 - Feeling good today except for the hangover. Hangovers usually a trigger to binge for me, but doing good. Way to tired to write a detailed journal zzzz
here i go i've been doin really bad lately, but im trying to stay positive it's really hard though but im trying not to give up the boy i like recently has...
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