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Day 7 - I think my bloating is disappearing Yay, a good day today! First time in 7 days that I woke up and didnt look 8 months pregnant (maybe now just 6!). I was really tired yesterday and... 5
relapse hey guys i haven't been on here for a while, i was doing really well until today when i had the stupidest disagreement with my boyfriend and i was... 1
Day 6 Okay, so this is the first day that I'm not so up-beat! The last 5 days have been going so well. I overate slightly in the morning and again at lunch...
Day 4 Hi, Again this is just my own personal journal to keep me on track so there's no need to respond (although please do if you wish). My promise to...
Day 3 So its day 3 and this morning I weighed myself (despite knowing that I should chuck the scales). I had increased my weight by one pound (I am within... 7
Just some insight and thoughts So...the past few days have been horrible in terms of binging and purging. I am completely giving into the addiction without even trying to fight my... 1
The Media's Effect Hi everyone! I was just wondering if you all could share your stories of how the media has affected you personally. Have you ever felt pressured by... 2
Poor circulation So lately I have been worse than ever and I've noticed how bad my hair is getting and my circulation. I know about the hair and skin but I never had... 5
How can you explain the weight loss in relation to throwing up A few of the recovery tips on the right side panel of this site have said that we will retain about 1200 calories everytime we binge or purge.... 8
Please Help!!!, im in need of any suggestions that may be usefull, thanx! Im performing in a number of different shows before christmas, the first being next week. Its going to be a busy week, college all day (rehearsing... 2
Cant blame it on PMS because I dont have my period...i still have those mood swings, usually triggered if i binge. But i haven't had my period for well over 8 months......
Star signs. Just curious as to what everyones star sign is?? i know its a bit of an odd subject to talk about but according to astrology certain star signs have... 13
Abused by Family? Tonight I walked into my moms house(who im living with).. i had just gotten home from school and walked into my moms room. she was still in her robe... 4
I love him. I hate me. It's one of my biggest triggers.. I am not blaming him, it's me who's weak here. How can words and sometimes a lack of words leave me feeling so much anxiety I do this to myself over... 4
Failed, but trying again... Will today be the day Today is a new day. I tried to break the cycle on 10/22, but failed. I'm optimistic though that today will be the day just because I've reduced my... 2
I firmly believe..... That Vogue/elle/ Bazar is not respossible for ED's it is a very small % of sufferers who blame the fashion world. If anything it's HOLLYWOOD. TBH i... 2
somehow I'm here, 6 years later?.. so frustrated at how quickly my life has passed by, although i feel like i haven't even made that many amazing memories throughout my 3 years in... 2
How did you find this site? Hi guys, I was reading through a few posts and found a post about how some of you accidently found Bulimia Help through a search for something else.... 19
Periods! Hi guys, Was just wondering if anyone else's periods have stopped because of an ED? I havent had any for 2 years (apart from one about a year and a... 10
How would you explain to people why you can't ''just not throw up'' ? I was asked this and all i could think of was 'i just can't' 3
Is my photo okay? I was wondering if my photos okay? Since I know they're is strict policies about photos X/x 3
Forgetting Recovery in the fall? Its fall, and I can't wait! i love wearing sweters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes and listening to my fall makes me soooo happppppy... 4
Question on how this site works Just trying to figure this site out if anyone could kindly help. If I add a comment to a post, does everyone who had written on the post see a new... 2
ughh Completed day two. I feel fatter than ever and I hate to say it but I feel so much envy when I read that some of you have b.p'd today. Day three... 3
Atlanta / Alpharetta meetup? hey! anyone live in alpharetta or the atlanta area? i just moved here and don't know many people so i'd love to have some buddies to hang out with...
once again in need of help I need somebody. 3
How long does digestion take? Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for a normal person to digest a meal? I know my digestion has obviously been slowed, due to having... 1
I thought Nutritionist were suppose to help I had a nutrition appointment a few days ago. All she did was yell at me. Highlights of the appotment were: She dosne't think I want to recover I don...
this evil funk So I've been bulimic for a year and a half now and altough it may not seem like a llong time, after a few times every day for a year and a half i...
Hair Loss I've just discovered another bad side effect of my loss. I only hope that with my recovery, my hair growth will recover too. Has... 4
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