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The new girl Just starting out on my journey. I would love some support and be able to connect with you all. It's a very scary time and I am curious how others... 4
Exercising Hi all....I was wondering what do you all about working out during your own recovery? Do you stop totally or carry on? I'm just thinking for myself... 12
Structured eating question Does it get easier...I'm finding it hard to stick to every 3 hours and tend to make it 2 hours and want my snack! But then I end up having my evening... 3
Start of recovery Struggling to accept relapses are ok in recovery. You think your doing so well and your getting somewhere and couldn't imagine doing it again,or... 4
Blogs that give that feel good feeling x Could anyone recommend some inspiring blogs for me to look over when I'm having a hard moment! Xxx 2
Help Hi everyone, I have been a member here for a while but I am just now getting serious about recovery. I am house sitting for a family friend and it... 4
Beginning structured eating tomorrow - very scared right now... Well, I've decided to give structured eating a serious try, by following the meal plan assigned by my nutritionist when I was hospitalized earlier... 2
B/P Free challenge! Hey Girls, I am back here, and I have decided I want to recover, to be healthy and happy. So I am about to start a B/P free week by week challenge.... 1
Getting Started Again Hi everyone, I have been bulimic for six years now with periods of time where the bulimia was nonexistent and I thought I was recovered, but as of... 3
looking for friends and support, please Hi all, I have started recovery so many times, but i want this program to be the one than sticks. I would like some friends and support along the... 8
Decision Hi, I just realized that I believe in myself before I go to bed but then when I wake up and start the day, even though I eat something for breakfast... 1
Not wanting to recover I actually have a problem with wanting to recover. I know and feel how hard this has been for the past 2,5 years and as the days goes by like this,... 3
Overweight & Bulimic - Advice? I'm looking for any insight from people who are overweight (actually overweight) that was caused by Bulimia. I gained 30 lbs (!!) this past year and... 17
Starting tonight Tonight I make a stand and choose life over this horrible slow death. I have been bulimic for almost 20 years and I am so tired of it all... The... 6
One week done hello everybody, I am at day7 of my first week here and in recovery. I gained much weight , but had no binges and did not purge. It was hard.I often...
First day in recovery Hello I am Natascha and started today my first day of recovery. I feel excited and hopeful. Am bulimic for 14 years and tried lot of therapies... 3
Another attempt :) Hi I joined the site 4/5 months ago or so and got to day 4. But from then on over the past 4-5 months or so, I have had far too many slip ups to...
Very desperate I am so sick of this. I have B/P everyday for 4 years and I really need support. I feel like my family has given up and me. I want to do treatment,... 5
Day 3 I am feeling better today. I feel like I have some clarity on day 3. So often, when I have clarity I also get arrogant and don't prioritize my... 3
early days Hi everyone I joined the prgramme a few days ago and had a really positive start. I managed 2 days with no b/p however have gone back to b/p last 2... 6
food diary Hello I've started today... I really want to start planning meals, but do not know how. I'm a vegetarian and do not like dinner. Someone give me tips... 2
first day Today is my first day, I have been bulimic for over ten years and It seems as if nothing has helped me. Food really has taken control of my's... 4
I need help I need help getting through the first few days. I don't know where to start and after the mothers day party thrown at my house we have treats and... 5
Keep going to keep living! I have perhaps been focusing a little too much on recovery. It seems to be difficult to get the right balance of ensuring you stay 100% focused on... 1
The calm. Today was extremely peaceful. I calmly completed reading for an essay that I had been struggling with for weeks. My body feels free of excess food... 1
Looking for a recovery buddy... Ok, I know similar posts have been written before, but if anyone is out there right now and looking for someone to share this with I would love to... 10
Weight gain in recovery :( HELP ME PLEASE :( Hello Everybody, I am so proud of everybody reading how successful they are in recovery. It makes me feel really bad (I FEEL BAD ABOUT ME, NOT ABOUT... 2
Am I going to be okay? It's easy to forget that I have a problem sometimes. Sometimes I feel so happy, but the crushing sadness and meaninglessness I feel without food isn'... 2
nothing nothing 3
here's to day one in recovery! Hi everyone! This is my official first day of recovery. I'm very excited and nervous to have finally taken this huge step forward and getting started... 5
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