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aim: good idea! hey everyone i had a good idea! since this site does not have chat ability (yet) does anyone want to aim?! thought maybe if whoevver wants to share... 9
Why are we more comfortable telling strangers? I noticed I can't bare to tell anyone close to me about my eating issues. Yet, I feel more secure about telling strangers everything. Why is that? I... 7
vitamins? hey anyone have any vitamin recommendations in particular to help recovery from bulimia and help re-balance the body ? 3
Overeaters anonymous? Has anyone ever tried this group? Any success?
Please help me I don't know where to turn. I'm at my wits end here and I really don't feel like I can go on "coping" with life. I have spent the last few days... 4
Sceptical but desperate Sceptical and desperate says it all. I've been having one eating disorder or another for about 10 years now. Sometimes it gets better, sometimes I... 3
New girl - is there any hope for me? Hi, this is my first post and I guess I'm looking for someone out there to give me some hope. i've been bulimic for about four years and I'm do... 10
counting days: good or bad? Hi all. I'm wondering.. I also do the count days thing but I heard that its not so good to count days? anyone know anything about this? a ED... 1
Advice? Hello there, I guess I’ll start off by telling everyone a little bit about myself. I’m a lesbian, Merit role student with a promising future, and a...
help!! how we do stop binging in recovery!!! OK help! pretty much as above.. how do i stop binging in recovery? im trying not to purge, and as a result find myself more prone to binging (bad... 1
Hope this is ok... here for a loved one Hi everyone, I am 22 years old and am actually joining this community for my cousin who is in recovery fro bulimia. I hope it is ok that I want to... 1
New to it all... So I just found this website like 20 minutes ago and decided I should join.... its weird because absolutely no one knows about my ED as far as I know... 1
When is the right time to start exercising again? I was on an NCAA Rowing team for 9 months before I ended my 150 days of being BP free. Because I couldn't seem to get a handle on my bulimia, I quit... 3
How the bulimia got away with murder Eating for Fun? It's mostly when I'm alone, though even when I'm out I'm far from even a civilized piggy. But it's been a few days with no purge but...
ready to take the 1st step I think Hi, Im new on here and am looking for support in taking the steps to rid my ED. Ive had anorexia and bulimia for the last 10 years, have tried... 1
Hi! I'm new to this site =) I found this site today and I'm pretty impressed so far. It seems like people are really supportive here, and there's a lot of information and... 2
ENCOURAGEMENT... WE CAN DO THIS! NO negative thoughts... lets just post encouraging words and quotes that will help get us through each day. The more positive we are, the faster we... 1
LET'S WORK TOGETHER AND END THIS! (a genuine letter for help) I don't even know why I do it. I go all day, feeling great, like it's finally that day when I don't stay up til 5 AM eating everyone else's food and... 7
contraceptive pill i havent had my period for nearly 12 months now, does anyone think i should go on the contraceptive pill to get a period and make it regular?? i am... 6
Change Lifestyle to Stop Bulimia? I just joined a few days ago. I am not sure how to start my path to ending Bulimia. I've had bulimia for 5 years now and I know that it is mostly... 6
Recovery resolutions 1. Eat 3 full healthy meals per day. Try and think about how hungry I am before I start, and when I finish. Try and stop not when the plate is empty... 3
Thank you! Yeah, our website is growing each and every day and more people are joining our great recovery community!! This is a big thank you to all members of...
questions: health, therapy, dietitians i've started therapy now, but so far have only had to talk about it with my therapist and the doctor, and haven't had to tell anyone else. i'm away... 4
initial thoughts, gain, recovery, am i ready Once i am more familiar with the recovery process and this website, and alltogether more comfortable with the idea of me in recovery, knowing that i... 1
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