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Recovery Today is day of my recovery. I've been living with this awful disease for 10 years on and off. Over the last three years I have been at my absolute... 3
Cracking Up Apologies in advance for the depressing rant......I feel like I need to unload everything and don't know where else to go. I've had issues with food/... 8
How did you take the first step? Despite being a member for a couple of years, I've never been able to fully get involved in this wonderful community. I don't know what held me back... 9
New and frightened - social anxiety Hi everyone I hope you are all doing well, it's great to find a space where I can be me without feeling like I have to hide. I am new to BH but have... 3
Looking for a buddy I've been trying to stop b/p for years. I go to a therapist, a nutritionist, psychiatrist, and STILL I can't seem to stop. I used to be a restricter... 5
Praying Today... I'm truly/honest to god, going to focus on recovery. I finally finished the book. I've been reading all the articles, forums, watching... 4
Struggling with anxiety Hi everyone, this is my first posting. I have suffered with bulimia for over 7 years and have always thought it would be easy to stop. Obviously it's... 1
My Journey So I've never done a support group before, and I'm curious to see the difference it will make. It sounds nice to have friends who understand through... 1
Fullness/bloating Hi everyone! I have been BP free for 5 days now and feel so positive and happy. I am finding it hard but not as hard as other attempts I've made... 1
About 3 weeks in now... Hi everyone, I signed on to this program about 3 weeks ago. I read most of the book (everything that pertained to the first 6 months and a little... 3
Anyone in Nepal Anyone in Nepal please message me.
Why I'm Here Bulimia has been my best friend for eleven years. She’s always been there for me when I felt happy, sad, lonely, overwhelmed, anxious. She’s served a... 4
Food to Eat One of the most practical tools ever, especially for who starts recovery and needs some clue on what to actually eat with SE: 2
Getting started I have been back in the food again and I am just sick of it. Someone said to me the other day in an FA meeting (which is a food addiction, AA... 1
Having the Courage to finally start.. I'm almost 23 years old & have let an eating disorder dictate my life for nearly 10 years...with 8 of them struggling with bulimia. My story... 2
Chat? Can someone tell me where to find the chat option here? I am on my PC now and do not see that option. Thanks! 1
Portland oregon or surrounding areas? Looking for ever MORE support! :) I was going to see if anyone was in or around the Portland area. I feel these tactics would be even easier to...
today today is day one of recovery. 1
How do I make small steps with SE? Hi all. I found this site some weeks ago and love the handsome approach. I have been bulimic / a binge water for many years now and finally I see a... 1
where to start I am curently seeing a therapist for my anxiety and depression issues and for the most part my diet is healthy. My stress/triggers are loneliness,... 3
Taking that very first step..... help! I would love to hear any advice or tips from those who are the road to recovery. I just joined a couple of weeks ago, have been reading through the... 3
My first day of recovering After 10 years I decide to begin my journey of healing today. I went to a OA meeting and spoke openly with somebody.. I binged once and purging once...
I decided to recover Hi, It has been 2 years that I'm suffering boulimia. I don't know how it begans but I'm sure I cant stop it all alone. I'ts my first day here so I... 4
Where to start? Need support Hello! Okay I am making my efforts to use this wonderful site, and not sure where to begin first! And what not. Feel free to pass on some advice or... 4
ready to nip this in the bud..... so i'm still in the hospital I leave tomorrow. I just started this online process today too. i'm feeling good I just had my first few meals today... 2
Am I bulimic or are'nt I ? Penster Right this is my first open post. Am I bulimic? I am very strict with what I eat and have totally eliminated food groups from my diet. I dont... 2
scared I am just trying to get started in all this, and I am scared that the constant thought of food and when I can eat will never go away 4
Opps, I did it again I made it 2 days B/P free but I had a problem yesterday at dinner. BUT, i didn't let it ruin my entire day. I only did it once. Usually, I would...
New and Hopful I have wrote a little bit about my story in my profile but suffice to say that I've been battling on and off with bulimia for more than 20 years and... 1
New Journey Hi Everyone, My name is Toni, i am a 29 year old nurse, i live at home with my fiance. Bulimia has been a large part of my life for the last three... 3
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