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I need srious help Hello everyone, i am bulimic for over one year and i just can't stop bingeing and purgin. i am starting not ev en to feel that guilty because i am... 22
Afraid to gain back Hey all. Im new to this site and Im pretty nervous about it. I have struggled with bulimia for a couple years now I over came it and didn't purge for... 2
Hi im new Hello i have just been refered to an eating disorder clinic today and have been told i have bulimia even thought i am not sick i just take loads of... 1
New member Hey everyone, my name is Jennifer, and I am new here. A little about me, I am 25 years old, married and live in California. I used laxatives and... 1
bikini hell Oh no. im going on holiday in 7 dyas now. dreeam holiday to the maldives with my gorgeous fiance. but not only am i now starting to shake with the... 4
Starting Over/ Quitting Binging Purging, again..... Hey! I haven't gotten on this site in a while. I guess I just sorta gave up for a while. I am starting over again today, and I really want to stop.... 5
I'm actually afraid of myself and my disease I found this site 3 days ago in desperation. It had been a long, bad day that ended in purging. I have never before made a serious attempt to end my... 4
controlling eating/ eating at certain times im new here and want to start giving myself eating timeframes in the day that i can stick to my mum if fine with me just eating the amount that makes... 1
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New Here I have no idea where to start so I figured I start with saying hi. I'm 19, a sophomore in college, and living with friends in an apartment with thin... 5
what's this?? friends and mutual friends? Just had a question about the friends thing on the site here. How come there are two groups, friends and mutual friends? what's the difference? 2
My thoughts on b/p in general... I consider these past few weeks an entry into my old behavior... the official start of relapse. I was quite good for the last couple of months -...
did you go straight to bulimia or did it start as disordered eating? i was just wondering b/c i started out at just over eating and then disordered eating which morphed into being very cal conscious. i tried to set... 6
If bulimia is a relatively recent thing in your life... ...please, please, please get some help now. I know that's what you're here for but I can't stress enough how important it is to get help, and stick... 9
need help i need some advice, since i cant take a decision on my own. i have talked to a friend in the uk, and she is helping me to get an appointment with an... 3
First day to recovery I joined a few months ago but have been traveling and in a situation where I really couldn't focus on the first steps of recovery. But now I am back... 9
BULIMIA IS HORRIBLE this is a terrible disease especially if you dont have the right ppl around you to help you overcome purging daily and i just cant stop, i... 10
treatment centers So i've been trying all types of outpatient recovery, but has anyone done a residential program? I've been looking into them, preferably just a month... 2
Reasons to quit Bulimia/anorexia check this out..:
My story.. Hi everyone! I'm new here and this is the first time I've joined something like this..I have been bulimic since 2002 or 2003. I will be 22 in... 3
DAY 1 of RECOVERY!!! I need help. I've been on a constant binge/purge cycle for over a month now, and just got back to college. I lost close to xx lbs. and am getting... 1
some help please :) hi everyone so here is my story. this year i have taken part on a high school exchange to south america, it has been the best experience of my life,... 1
Your stories?? Hello there, how are you all doing today? ! My name is Jaycee and i have made a little website myself about eating disorders and awareness. I just...
where do i start? So this is my first time on here and I don't even know where to start or how to help myself. Part of me doesn't want help, I'm terrified of gaining... 1
help!! Okay so I think I can articulate my number one fear. It is not simply weight gain. It is eating structuredly, gaining weight, and not being normal.... 3
XXXXXXs? Hey guys I've noticed on a few forums/posts it looks like some of the words have been replaced with a series of xx's? How come? Thanks 1
Support Hi all, I was wondering if anyone wanted to be a support friend? Obviously, I would be yours too! I'm looking for someone that I can instant...
I can't live like this anymore I don't know how I got here. I've been keeping this a secret for almost two years now and I'm scared about what its doing to my body and to my life... 1
Big Step Hello! I just joined this website yesterday...and for some reason, I feel better, mentally. This is a big step I took. By reading your stories, I see...
Candida/yeast problems I think somebody posted about this in the past. Does anyone else suffer from yeast problems/candida? I'm pretty sure that I do and I was wondering...
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