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Hey, my name is Sammie. I'm new here.(: I'm 16 years old, I'm fairly thin. I know its stupid to lose more. But I can't stop wanting to be thinner. My bulimia started last summer. I'd... 3
residential program ?s so I finally made the commitment and taking a semester off college to check in to a clinic. I have good insurance coverage, and beyond that my...
Starting over again I have been through so many stages with this whole thing and for a while this summer I was doing pretty well, even made contact with a couple support... 1
Another newbie :) hey guys, ive been bulimic for 2 years, i lose weight in 2007, and was a happy and healthy bmi of XX, then got depressed and gained heaps, bulimia... 7
clinic stay - what should I pack up? essential things, things which simply do good, things which can be easily overlooked? my clinic stay is in about 2-4 weeks and will last at least 2... 6
i need some help, only today i have seen i have a real problem not sure who to turn to Not sure what to write really, don't want to say anytging to my husband yet, i kow i can sort it on my own. just needed to admit i have a problem... 3
coping with the blood sugar lows Hi all, I am once again starting recover, the older I get the harder it is to cope with the tiredness and blood sugar drops. Does anyone have any... 3
How did you come to decide to recover??? I thought I was in the 'recovery mindset'. But lately I've realised that I'm as preoccupied with my weight as ever. The only difference being that... 2
no purge Today is day one (again..) of my attempt. Unfortunately I am at a higher weight now so I'm more depressed at this point. I am still binging (day 4... 2
MADE IT A DAY!!! But I think my husband really triggers me- help! I started this journey a couple weeks ago. I do pretty good with structured eating until supper- then my husband gets home and the kids are crazy... 1
Hey ..intro and also a note of hope in here read it guys Hey im stephanie n im new here have been sufferin bulimia for 5years now... Ive looked for help you name it, psychiatrist, doctors and i even was in...
in the first few days, did you feel tired? I've been a bulimic for almost 8 years now, and just recently actually made an effort to stop, instead of just telling myself I would. Last month,... 2
new here. and need help! I'm new to this website. I don't know where to start. i've been bulimic for 4 years and only recently I've been able to admit to myself that this is... 3
eating is my personal space.. butt out! I know that other people are generally, "just trying to help" when they comment to you on your habits like not eating enough or what not, but it... 1
I can't do it. I feel like I can't do it. I'm NOT doing it right now. No one knows. No one can help me. I'm at my bottom. My throat hurts. My face is swollen. I'm... 3
parent support help Is there any support out there for parents as I am really struggling, I am so worried about my daughter that I do not know if i am saying the right... 1
psycologists i have been reffered to a clinical psycologist ive never seen one before and i am so nervous and worried and scared im not really sure how to feel i... 1
work and ED: help! So I had an epsiode I need to discuss or just let out of myself that happend at work. I started a new job where we eat lunch together, and like... 7
Fizzy juice/pop Does anyone else find that drinking carbonated stuff like coke hurts like hell sometimes? Especially the morning after a binge (actually, it hurts... 3
ignore this sorry yeah 2
Newbie Hey guys! I'm new here... found this site through a recommendation from someone on Something Fishy (another great support site for EDs). I'm...
A newbie I am new to this site. As I look at it, I am hopeful. There is not very much positive web info on bulimia. This site is giving me hope, a new... 2
feelings, feelings, feelings! i want to be numb. i feel like im obsessed with feelings. all day i feel feelings like intensely, everything feels- and food i just another component to this, and ive... 4
my first post I've had a read through some forums and I realise I've been in complete denial about being bulimic. It started about 2 or 3 months ago though I had... 4
Daily battle... will this help or is rehab my only option. I have been struggling with b/p episodes for about 10 years now, and am exhausted. I want to stop SO bad. My partner is trying to help, and is... 6
Is honesty really the best policy?? Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've had a rough couple of days, I did well for 9 days and then I moved house to a place by myself and... 2
confusion... I just graduated from college, I plan on going to Journalism school at COlumbia in 2010. I am a model. I have had an eating disorder for 6 years on... 2
What do you do when... Well, I think I found one of my weaknesses. I was eating breakfast this morning and I afterwards, I logged in here to try to get my mind off of the... 5
Shoegal Where do I start... My life is just a mess. I became bulimic in summer 07 after dieting when I realised that my weight had ballooned. For the past 2... 3
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