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can the face bloat be stronger after a cleanse that reduced water ??? Hi there, I'm new here. I started to reduce my b/p for a year now but still it was about 2/3 times a week. I told myself it was too much so I've... 2
Tackling the Binge Urge Hey everyone! I am new to recovery, been on this site for about a week now, and I just wanted to know peoples' thoughts on tackling the binge urge. I... 1
'Any foods' Hey, Im doing well so far at the SE but I was reading about adding two any foods to my plan. I'm not sure if Im ready for that yet to be honest. Any... 2
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Bloat Bloat can be normal…. thought it was too much fruit or drinking too much or something… Does anyone know if yogurt helps :) ? (The one with lots of...
My first time opening up about Bulimia on here.. I joined bulimiahelp org over month ago now, and have not written a post introducing myself or explaining my situation. I always found it so much... 1
Help... Hi Everyone, I'm new to this website and the recovery program. I've been struggling with an eating disorder for four years now, but I only just began... 2
Making sure you get required amounts of calories I've been trying to recovery for a while now, and every time i've got knocked back. Not to say these relapses have gave me more motivation and things... 7
structured eating advice required! I've been structured eating for 4 days now and it's going really well. The promise of having a meal every 3 hours is really helping me not to binge... 6
New to the Program Hi Everyone! I am Callie and am new to the Bulimia Help Program. I have struggled with Bulimia for about 4 years now. I am graduating college this... 2
first post on here... just told my friends about my bulimia Hi everyone, I dont really know where to start. I dont even know if anyone will really read this. This is all a little scary. I just got to Europe... 4
Cutting back on exercise I am starting to realize I have been depending on exercise as a form of P. I rarely take a day completely off and have a lot of anxiety if/when I do... 6
structured eating & work basically i work in a bar/restaurant and am around food all day everyday.. im working my way theough the structure eating and how most of the... 7
Lost.. I joined up in August last year and I don't think I have been back since that day. I make these small progress steps and feel that they are a... 6
Drink or Eat I've been very strict about my weight - Eat or Drink. Thats the rule. One or The Other. Ones the enemy. I've made amazing changes since I've been... 8
just starting every 3hr eating...high bmi and struggling. hiya, i'm just starting following the steps on here and have at the stage of making sure i eat every 3 hours. finding it hard. feels like i am the... 2
Failing Miserably/ Please Help Im new here and have tried to start with the structured eating. I have been bulimic for around 20 years and everything ive tried to recover hasnt... 7
What to do when you wake up late and still have to fit in six meals. What does everyone do when they wake up late and still need to follow SE? In the weekends, I may not wake up til 930/10am and if I boyfriend and I... 7
Newbie:-) I just signed up for this program today and I feel a little overwhelmed and alone. I so want to do this. I barely remember who I was before Bulimia... 4
SCALES?! What is everyone's view on scales? It gives me anxiety not knowing if I am gaining weight or not but I know tossing it will help me. Do you guys... 17
getting back on track I feel like I have officially hit my bottom. I have started to feel fatigued from this disease. It is wearing me down. I am beginning to utilize the... 2
Bloating Hello everyone! I`ve been on SE for 4 days now, BP free!! I've had more than 2 days without BP before but because i had to.. trips or stuff like that... 3
First step Ok I have been SLOWLY reading the PDF and it has really amazed me how true all of it is! How easily a simple diet turns into this horrible disorder... 1
Nausea? Hey all, This is my first b/p free day in a while, and I feel REALLY nauseated. So much so that I can't go into work tonight...anyone else have... 4
Nervous about trying again Hi everyone, I'm new here and really hesitant about recovery. I've tried and tried and just can't seem to get past the fear of weight gain and each... 3
Laxatives Hello! I started this program a few weeks ago, but its been so hard for me during the holidays to stop using laxatives. I really need help and... 4
Confused about 'any foods'... Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I started SE as soon as I read about it on the ebook but I'm a bit confused about when to eat my 'any foods'. I... 5
Scared. Hi I'm new here I just finished the book, which I printed off and hid under the end table cause I'm not ready to tell any body about the bulimia. I... 8
How do you know.. I'm 2nd day B/P free and I was wondering how do I know when to restrict and when to indulge? For example (sorry I just need some help) I had a good... 3
fears after 4 days of starting recovery I have just started with BHM today is my day 5 but I am scared as everyone here says they experienced lots of strong binge urges and I only had 2 in... 2
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