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Alcoholism and Bulimia - Help & Hope Hello friends, I've researched, googled, asked, wondered, beaten myself up, given up, risen up, toughened up, softened up - toughened up again to the... 1
Just started Hi everyone! I'm 24 years old and have been suffering with bulimia for about 8 years and finally I've had enough of it! I cant seem to do it alone so... 1
Recovery going well! Hi, I signed up to this site over three weeks ago now and can proudly say for the first time that I am now a bulimic 'in recovery'. I have meant to... 4
Eating slowly and eating enough! Since my first Guided Eating session, I've been continuing to eat meals slowly and set utensils/food down between bites. I enjoy my food so much more... 5
The beginning I am not sure where to begin. This is so much to digest. I read the entire Bulimia Help Method book and it brought up some really amazing/ new things... 6
first week I am just a few days into the program and am getting used to SE. Really struggling with the feeling of fullness after eating every 2.5-3 hours. Feels... 4
Hello! Hi everyone! I have just signed up the program, and I am really excited and optimistic about recovering right now, but also frightened because I know... 4
new 17 year old on this site. Bulimic since 13 I don't know if you share the same thought that I do, but I don't usually like reading stories about bulimics because it reminds me of myself but you... 3
downloading program on iphone hey everyone just curious i have just brought the program and cant seem to open the page on my iphone, only on the computer. i would also like to...
First day... overwhelmed So this is my first day of actively attempting recovering. And my first day on My thoughts: What do I do first? How is it possible to... 6
Help please! Hi everyone! I'm new here, and feeling really uncertain of where to start. I have been actively battling bulimia for about 8 years ( the years before... 10
crazy mentality Hi guys, I'm just back from a diving trip where I was b/p free for 5 days - ate lots like 2000++ calories daily and chips, stuff that I normally deem... 3
preparing meals in advance? Today I begin my 4th week in Recovery (SE). I've been reading loads of blogs and posts of other members and I see that many prepare meals in advance... 6
Scared to go for lunch with my partner Just getting started on this program and read the ebook Stage one on rest and try not to purge. So now I'm sitting on my couch and my partner invites... 5
I cannot open the ebook on my iphone Hello. I am new here and I cannot open the ebook on my Iphone only in pdf. Did anyone experienced the same problem? Please help 2
sometimes foods and triggering foods i am reading the ebok BHM, but i did not understand the difference between these two types of foods. Th e book says two make a list of top 10... 4
Quitting at once vs cutting down? Hello, this is my first day here and im struggling. I want to know what is best to start off recovery and what others did. Is it better to just... 5
Structured eating even when I don't have appetite? So I'm trying to prevent the terrible habits of eating too fast, over-eating, compulsive eating, or having the cravings and urge to binge. However, I... 8
having a tough day I am so scared about starting structured eating again. when i was in residential treatment the dietitian gave me a meal plan that i followed... 1
Exercise with recovery? Hey everyone, I was just wondering if exercising is a good idea during recovery? Im so scared that i'm not eating enough calories, which will leave... 7
Planning meals with kids Ok, let me first say that my kids are one of the biggest reasons I am here. My ED is ruining many areas of my life, but my kids are watching me and... 4
Face to face support? Hi everyone I'm new to this and have posted my story on my blog. I've had bulimia for 13 years, been annorexic for some of it. Have gone through 9...
I'm not ready I feel like i'm not ready to stop this sickness. I want to stop but i'm not motivated. I think i need a rude wake up call. 13
The Only Thing Stopping Me I've wanted to sign up for the course for a long time now, but the only thing stopping me is that I'm old and not very computer literate. I really... 2
first day I am starting this program today and am so grateful for this opportunity I pray to G*d it works it must be way better than centers they clearly did... 4
Again and Again Constantly I am getting started Constantly I am revisiting step 1 I guess that's what life is about. I wish I didn't love food so much. I vowed a few... 1
Starting AGAIN After joining this website, I tried for about 3 weeks with some success but got extremely frustrated when I couldn't absolutely cure myself!!! It's... 2
come on¡¡ lets gooooo We are warriors. I have won this battle for at least 5 years. At first, the hardest part is breaking the cycle B / P. When we can control it, the...
Recovery Record Hi everyone! I have found a great apple application you can install on your iPhone, iPad that is called Recovery Record (eating disorder management)... 3
controlling anxiety from feeling full I would have to say that my biggest pit fall is the anxiety i get after eating a normal meal. The bloating of actually having food in my stomach... 1
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