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Symptoms This is the first time after 15 years going without BP for more than 24 hrs….Today is day two but I hurt so bad, my stomach hurts and my glands are... 7
Exhaustion I'm just starting to begin my recovery and am looking forward to hopefully beat being exhausted all the time. A couple of questions: 1. Does everyone... 9
Where do I start? :( Hi there, I am new to this site as of yesterday and I dont know where to start my recovery. I tried today, yesterday, the day before, the day before... 6
ANYONE FROM SYDNEY? hi there, i've just joined up and was wondering if there's anyone else out there from sydney, australia?
How to get started ...properly I've made a lot of changes in the right direction since I discovered this website. I've learnt from my therapist to praise myself even for the... 4
How to START???? Hey there, I am new to this site and I a little confused on where to start but I need support. I have been bulimic for 6 years and I am ready to... 1
URGENT: Is it real hunger? Or an urge to binge? How am I supposed to tell whats real legitimate hunger and what is my mind craving a binge? I dont know what to do anymore. Im always hungry. No... 8
Okay so I'm new and need a little advice I have been trying to get stuck into structured eating for a while now, and since I get lost knowing what to eat, my therapist said I should follow... 2
New I'm here and on my way to recovery! Please send me and tools for recovery that you have used or just some simple advice. Thank you! 1
back on this site It's been awhile since I've been on here, crazy to think I've had this account for so long and continue to purge every now and then.. I reaally truly... 1
Miscarrige/Stress I have had bulimia for five years, it has got worse in the last two years since I have worked in a weight loss clinic. I don't know how to stop, I... 7
How to approach "bad foods" My husband is completely in my fight for recovery with me. He knows that X is a trigger food for me, but his family loves celebrating with it. He... 4
a balanced day it was a fantastic feeling yesterday when i was able to balance all my six meals do a max of 30 min exercise and still not have to purge because i... 2
Trying to get started again Trying to get started again. I have been having weird pains/feelings in chest. I also am nervous about the bloating an other symptoms while trying... 2
day 2 well today i was able to tell my bff and she was so lovely and supportive it was so nice to tell someone and they had complete understanding about it... 1
today day 1 so much information i read all of the bulimia method today and i am so overwhelmed with information. I have had to really fight those thoughts of this is just another... 1
HELP!! How can I get help when I work for the medical center? No privacy! I joined this site a few months ago, mainly due to my bf's urgings. I used to think I was in control, that I could take care of myself and solve my...
Finally ready for recovery. I have been having the worst time trying to deal with this terrible disorder. I'm scared and angry at myself. I don't know how to get out of this... 1
Day one...Again (Also if you are on the West side please read) It's really hard to eat every 3 hours. Also I never know what to eat, how many calories per meal etc. I will be getting help from a nutritionist soon... 1
Day One: eating every 3 ?!? Day 1...Hour 1 Hi all. I have just begun reading the book. Today was a really rough binge day, but i feel like joining this group and reading the... 5
Day One I'm new to the site, i need some help, I figured if I start writing down the urges i'll feel accountable and think twice! Good luck to all. 2
days of Recovery Hi guys, I am wondering you have counted your days of recovery? Do you count bulimia free days or just the number of days since you signed up for... 4
Endurance athlete, need help with structured eating I decided to start my recovery with mindful eating as I read through the ebook. I am having trouble finding the right foods and timing to do the...
Just Joined, Wondering if this helps, and looking for pointers! Hi everyone. My name is Casey and I just joined this community. I'm excited to be here and I feel that its going to help me if I can stick to using... 2
First day Hi all, Today Is my first day on my way towards progress and health. Reading Your stories helps me to understand there are many more girls (and...
Questions about structured eating Hi, I'm on day two of this program. I have a few questions about structured eating. Am I supposed to plan my meals in advance? What if I'm hungry... 5
Im back and didnt do so well Well, im back, i did succesfully beat this evil thing for a short time. Its reared its ugly head again, and i have no control to stop it. Im here for... 3
Doctor Checkup Help Please? Hello everyone, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow - I have not met the doctor (my therapist recommended her) and she does not know why I am going... 1
Anybody want to talk? (: i hope this doesn't seem to creepy.. but i a was sort of hoping to find someone my age (14 turning 15) to talk to. I've been bulimic since i was 11,... 3
how to begin recovery????????? hey how do i begin recovery,, i've tried and tried and all i do is going back to my same habits. after 2 years i'm ready to leave this in my past and... 3
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