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Get this out of me! This is my day 0. I just joined here today, because it's become apperant that I can't do this completely on my own. A good support system is a key... 1
PROZAC? So... I met with a therapist today, and she strongly suggested that I start taking prozac for my bulimia. She told me it would really help with my... 4
Ready to do this thing! I am a little confused about navigating this site and the course -- what is the best way to begin -- go through the "program content" on the right... 1
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Day 99!!! Yay just one more day until I reach 100! 3
I need a friend Is there anyone out there who can help me? I need help!! I would love to meet someone who has recovered! I feel I need to know that there is hope! I... 4
how you wished those close to you helped hello, victoria here, im just wondering, in times when you feel like giving up, what are things that you wish that people would say to help you get... 2
Why have you decided to change? - Key trigger What is the turning point at which someone decides to change and does not look back? I feel that I have hit many lows but none have been so severe... 5
What is holding us back from recovery? Why is recovery so hard? Why is it not simple- follow a structured eating plan, do regular exercise, don't compensate for eating too much and relax...
Is it coincidence? week 3, I still haven't stop myself! I find that I "binge" more often when I'm home. But in the office I eat normal sized meals. I didn't think I...
Goals and Rewards I am very new to recovery. I need some advice on how to go about giving myself rewards along the way. For example, a pedicure, some new books,... 9
Aim for 75% success!! Forget about being 100% successful. Aim for a maximum of 75% success rate. Why? Because it's only human to do so. Too much stress and effort to be... 5
It's scary.. Hi, everyone - I joined this community just now because I think that I need help. Or, rather, I know that I do. This past fall, my junior year of...
I am new here, and looking for support and inspiration Hello, I am going by the name D on this site ( first letter of my name) and i came across this website while researching information of symptoms... 1
What if I don't want to stop? So I know I should, I know I'm causing damage to my mind, body and soul, and I know that the longer it goes on the harder it will be...but what if I... 11
reaching out i've decided this has to stop. i really want to try and find out what life is like without an ED. its been 7 long years, and i know i can't go back... 1
One Step Up, But One Step Down. My first blog was posted last evening on this website. Thank you for everyone's responses, I really appreciate it. Last night, I binged and purged....
Learning the ropes Okay, just recently signed up but didn't pay for the recovery plan thing. What is "intuitive eating" and "guided eating" ?? haha maybe it sounds... 2
TV SHOW ABOUT EATING DISORDERS The UK Channel Four Programme Supersize Vs. Superskinny is currently looking for people to take part in Series 4. Across the series we are hoping to... 7
Support for a newbie...? joined just recently and finding the whole 'recovery' process stupidly difficult! plus finding it really hard at the moment to properly interact with...
Wnat to get started...worried about what damage I have done... I have battled with my weight my entire life - have been very obese and have slimmed down several times. I joined slimming world and for three years... 2
just getting started hi i just joined up because i really need some kind of help. i've had issues with different forms of eating disorders for the last few years. over... 4
lost I have been here many times before. I feel totally lost. Empty - alone - depressed. I really don't know what to do anymore. I don't even have...
Surrounded by temptation at home... I used to live alone. Now i don't. I used to be able to shop with goals in mind, create meal plans, open the door to an empty fridge when i was binge... 10
snacks lunch hey. i just wrote a post about breakfest and got a really good suggestion of eating oatmeal. I really dont want this to be a trigger post. But I dont... 5
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scales I am getting started. today has been a small succes. I have gone 9 hours without purging and i ate dinner. i have a question tho. I weigh my self so... 1
1st Day Again I've been bulimic for years, off and on. I began when I was around 12, experimenting with it because it was explained on a TV program (one that was... 2
Recovered! Selling my recovery books on ebay for cheap to any who may benefit :) Hey ladies and gentlemen. I used to be on BH incessantly. It, and you guys, helped me through a lot. I haven't been on in awhile as i was in the...
First day here :) Hi everyone! Today is my first day on this site. I have really high hopes about it. I had a very bad day today with my ED. I've been b/p'ing like... 3
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