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where's teh tab for 'thought busters' and 'binge diaries'? Hi, I'm a newbie having difficulty navigating the site. Where can I find the thought buster and binge diary tabs...? thanks LE
Worried about my partner. My partner has had eating disorders in the past before I knew her. She's been in wards for this and other psychiatric issues before I believe. She... 1
Beginning recovery and need advice/help please Hi everyone. I'm happy I found this site. I hope someone can give me some advice. I've been bulimic for 8 years, with the last four being the most '...
is there anyone who can help me? I am so lost, in such a bad place right now. Ive been studying for exams and its turned me into a nonstop binger (with the occasional purge). Ive... 3
the different between bulimia nervosa and bulimia nervosa atypica? hi everyone I have a quetion about bulimia cause Im alittle bit confused.. what is the different between bulimia nervosa and bulimia nervosa atypica... 2
What have you lost to an eating disorder? I made this video over 3 years ago when I was at rock bottom (or what I thought was rock bottom at the time...) 6
2 weeks - jumpstart recovery -- who is with me? hey guys =) i joined this site this week and already feel a bit better. i was reading one of the REAAALLY old posts on here and i stummled onto an... 13
Do you feel like you're too smart to be doing this? I do. I can think of a million reasons why to not be bulimic but can't stop. It's bad for my general health, my mental stability, my relationships,... 5
Anyone know anyone who has seen success? Hello everybody :) New here, signed up just a few days ago. I was wondering if anyone here knew ANYBODY who at one point had bulimia for a period of... 5
Ever wish you didn't exist? I don't think about suicide but sometimes I do wish I could stop existing. At these times, I wish a bridge would collapse on me, a tree fall, or even... 4
What to expect in the early stages of recovery?? Yo yo! :) This is for my people who have recovered or are well on their way... :) What shoud we that are just beginning expect?? Headaches,... 4
Does the addiction to food ever really go away?? Hi everyone- This may sound odd and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their ED. I've had bulimia and anorexia for 6 years on... 6
A useful website! Hey everyone :) I found this website, which I hope may help. I know we have tips and stuff on here to aid recovery, but I think the more the merrier...
Last self help chance TODAY I give myself the last chance of getting rid of bulimia. It has been ruining my body and soul for almost 10 years. It's time to get my life... 2
Today is day #3 I've been bulimic for about.... 5 years? It's happened on and off. Recovery, normal life, then bang, back to my bulimic ways. I've taken pills (diet... 1
Help and Advice - Channel Four Tv Programme The Channel Four Programme Supersize Vs. Superskinny are currently looking for people to take part in Series 4. Across the series we are hoping to...
Restarting eating well..again. Im restarting structured eating again. Ive been binging and purging through laxative abuse for the last 2 days, and I feel AWFUL. Ive moved in the...
Hi, My name is Alyssa... I've been a recurring bulimic since i entered Jr. High now im in High School. I have a poor body image and low self esteem. This year my bulimia... 1
Coming Out I've been living with this for so long. It's been such a part of my life that, until recently, I didn't even care about it. I never even thought... 2
Seeing a social worker About two months ago I confessed my ED to my dad while sobbing like crazy for no good reason. Last time I saw my doctor my mom made sure to tell her...
Might be going ***inculdes BMI*** This might be against the rules but i really need to know if i'm to big to be going for ip. i'm terrified i might be the biggest one there. My BMI is... 5
Quitting coffee helps with recovery? I cut out caffeine by going decaf but was still drinking up to 4 big cups a day, I have been drinking only tea for the past 3 days and coincidentaly... 5
Can I do it alone? I was bulimic when I was 11-15 and was forced into recovery/therapy but continued all of my habits until one day, I just decided to stop and only had... 2
I'll Die If i dont change Hi im new on here and this is so far the best help ive found. im a retired athlete, always a winner always a star. nopw in the real world, i found it... 5
how are you starting your recovery? Im starting recovery again. but how? where to start? how are you all starting your recoveries? More than anything - i want the ed out of my life, yet...
balance between hunger and over-stuffed i'm so confused. One on hand, I want to be in this state of constant hunger - it gives me this feeling of control, power. But i can NEVER sleep at...
I want to stop counting! how? I'm obsessed with counting calories. I just want to have a normal life. enjoy everything. But I can't. Advice please? How can I stop this? I'm eating... 1
starting recovery and bloating I'm 2 days in to recovery (haven't binged) ,roughly how long does the bloating and extreme fullness last? Also when I have an evening meal I get an...
What do you tell yourself to keep going.... I have a question for the masses. Do any of you that are recovering tell yourself that the weight gain is ok cause soon it's stabilize and you'll be... 1
How do you know? do I know it's bulimia? For the past four years..on and off...I'll eat like there's no tomorrow, feel bad about it, so will purge. Usually... 1
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