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secrets? I'm just starting to open up about this.... first with strangers (you all) hopefully not strangers for long and then maybe maybe maybe my family and... 1
I'm sick I had a rough 4 days of B/P this I vowed to have a no B/P day. I am so sick. What's wrong with me? I feel light headed. dizzy,... 1
second day without b/p It's only been two days and I already feel so much better and like I'm actually making progress. I figure if you can do it a couple days you can see... 2
"you could die." "don't you realise you could die if you keep this up?" Don't you realise you could die every time you cross a road? boil a kettle? Open a door? Yea,... 8
DAY 4!!! I can't believe I'm on Day 4!! I feel fantastic I can't believe the difference in my mood in only a few days difference! I still feel the anxiety,... 5
Where do I start? My bulimia is really out of control at the moment, and I've made the decision that I need to stop, but I have idea where to begin. I'd appreciate it... 1
Outpatient Program? Does anyone know anything about the Kaiser Intensive Outpatient Program. I am meeting with a therapist tomorrow for an assesment. The program is 3... 1
afraid to tell I've been bulimic for 7 years... I haven't told anyone and am kinda going after this on my own. The main person I'm want to talk about this with is...
I think this will REALLY help you . . :) I now i always post these but i spent a long time making this one and i really think it will help.... I called it: perspective, a world within...
Any recovered bulimics out there? Is there anyone on this site who has recovered or feel that they are making a lot of headway? Could use some inspiration. Thanks!
Trying to help but dont know how Hi, my friend told me some time ago that she'd been bulimic in the past, but was over it, and was much happier now. we are pretty close, but i know... 1
New, need help. Hello. I have had bulimia for over 2 years now. It has taken over my life but I only really see it as a diet rather than a dissorder. However I have...
Article on the treatment of Binge Eating from Thought some people may find this interesting: (I wasn't quite sure where...
HELP. I think I had the tendency to eat more than needed during my whole life, even if i'm only 18. my parents divorced when i was two and also, the...
Relapse Anyone out there who has recovered but suffering a relapse? I got help in 2001after 10 years of alternating between anorexia and bulimia. Until the... 3
Obsessive personal hygiene Heyy everyone Ok so just wondering if anyone has this same habit as me. Sometimes If i want to binge I go and have a shower..but not just a normal...
Would switching it help? Hello everyone, I'm doing my very hardest to recover. I've had 7 b/p free days about 10 months ago (that was so huge for me because I usually b/p at... 5
Morning Regime for a better day? Curious- What do you do to get started off "right"? A positive affirmation: "i love myself, i love myself, ilovemyselfilovemyself?" Meditation? Yoga... 5
Can't Stop I just joined this site today. I am not bulimic at all, but I found out that my friend is. She is currently trying to stop purging. The problem is... 1
any puerto rican women out there not trying to be offensive or racist just looking for common interest so if your a latina who feels a little lost here hit me up 1
Meal Plans I am thinking of creating one, I wish i could afford to like order those special meals but i figured I could sort something out.. Unfortunately, I... 1
Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous Hi, I'm a little new at using this website and this is my first post, but I was wondering if anyone on here has heard of Anorexics and Bulimics...
My breath is sweet.. help am i diabetic!! Hi all wonderful you. I have been hanging around alot on this website since I find so much stories which are soo recognizable. But I really need to... 4
The need to get alone with myself during recovery Hi all, just wanted to share this thought with you. Since i am on my recovery road, I've noticed I didn't feel like going with friends anymore. I... 6
metabolism! how can you restart your metabolism? mine's completely messed up after all this. i was just wandering what would you have to do, and how long it... 6
Ready to fight - facing the 'recovery-symptoms' already.. like water retention Hello all, I am so happy that i've found this forum, and I can't wait to share you my experiences on my way to recovery. Since two weeks I have been...
Help I have just actually started eating today and I am kinda having a freak out. I feel like my stomach already shows the evidence and in just eating... 1
Starting recovery again (after relapse) - confused about exercise? I've technically been "in recovery" for almost 3 years but have relapsed very badly several times. I'm deciding today and now that I will again... 4
Where do you start? Where do I start to recover? How do I do this? What are my first steps?
trying do you ever get the feeling when you find that you're just not trying, just the feeling even though you know you have, it's just that you end up...
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