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Starting recovery again but need friends I cannot believe I am back on this site. I read the book, read the stories yet still my mind convinced me that I knew better. I put my need for a... 5
Rampage of appreciation for my recovery Hi, my name is Lucy and I am 32 years old. I have had bulimia for seventeen years and I am excited about my recovery. I am really proud of my courage... 1
36 years Hello...I have struggled with bulimia for 36 years. I am suck of it. All the money I have wasted on food and diets is crazy. So far reading the book... 2
Looking for support on the road to recovery Hello all, I am Wishes, and a few years ago I already made an account for this community. I am happy to say that when compared to a few years, I... 4
Beginning my journey to bulimia free life Hello. Blogging is very new to me so here I go. My name is Cheryl and, as I said in a previous post, I have been dealing with bulimia off and on for... 2
when my email address is googled my personal info from this site is visible to the world!!! This is a major issue!!!! employers etc can google my email address and learn of all my ED issues. How do I delete this account? 5
A slave to bulimia for over 16 years Hey everyone, My names Courtney, Im new here. Bulimia has stolen my life for the past 16 years. Ive been in denial pretty much this entire... 4
Can't believe it's taken 16 years of my life!! Hi everyone. I'm new here as of today and am hoping I can find peace once and for all. I had been doing well for about three months when this... 3
Anyone from middle east? I'm looking to contact somebody. peace :) 1
New and trying to leave "Bulimia Hell" I have been living in "bulimia" hell for more than half my life. It has broken me and those around me. I have struggled with recovery for the last... 4
First time I've admitted this publically hello all, I'm new to this forum. I sent my first PM a few minutes ago, and this is really the first time I've ever been open about this illness... 2
new and Sick of the struggle!! Hello everyone.. Just joined the site. I'm looking forward to hopefully becoming recovered after what seems like an endless struggle in my world.. I... 2
Just joined Hi I have just joined up tonight. I am 25 and live in England. I have suffered from bulimia for 9 years now and I am desperate absolutely desperate... 1
Hello! First post from someone who has fully admitted she has a problem Hi everyone, I'm Mandy, from Aust. I've had an eating disorder for 17 or so years (anorexia then bulimia). I've been on the program since April... 3
Is there anyone in Budapest? I have recently moved to Budapest for a few months and was wondering if there is anyone else here that is located in this part of the world? :-)
I am new to bulimiahelp and I am having a really difficult time... Dear friends and fellow fighters I don't know what I expect from you, if I expect anything. What I would like to say is just that I am having a... 2
Staying strong Here goes....I've been with this program, and seriously started pushing forward for about a month now. I'm determined to have a life and to be whole...
Hi everyone :-) Sooo welcome everyone :-) Im glad Im finally here.. I was thinking for a while about joining but now Im here.. :) About me.. Im 25,Im from Poland.....
New to this program Hi I'm Marian, from Mexico... I've been dealing with bulimia issues since I was 14 or probably a little earlier than that... now I'm 27, and I'm...
New - Want to make friends and build support network Hi everyone I've struggled with bulimia for almost 10 years now and - other than telling my good friend 2 weeks ago - this is first time I've really... 1
New to BMH- looking for friends, support and motivation Hi my name is Rachel and I have just joined up to BHM. I have been struggling with disordered eating for around 6 years now. I have always been a... 2
Hello! I've just joined Hi everyone, I just joined after having dabbled with this awhile back, and not really getting involved or making the most of it. I went for clinical... 3
Been in program for 3 days. Been bulimic for 23 years Hi I'm new to this program. I want to give this my all but already feeling defeated like I might be bulimic for ever. I can start my day fine but... 4
Saying NO MORE after 20 years of dieting Hi there! I just joined and am poking around in here to get acquainted with the site. I don't feel comfortable putting up a real photo of myself... 2
:) Hi guys! I just joined tonight and can't wait to get started, I would love to connect with people on here! I can't wait to finally have a new start... 1
New, nervous and hopeful - anyone also new looking for a buddy for motivation? Hi guys - I feel like I know a lot of you already! I've been visiting this wonderful site for the past 2 weeks and after a horrendous day spent B/P... 7
Hello Beloved Ones! I'm so glad and happy letting myself receive help from outside. Last purge was 4 years ago! WOW! and I am ready now to rebalance my body, align my...
Am I the oldest living bulimic? I just downloaded the book a few days ago and haven't finished reading it, but I immediately started the structured eating. I feel better already. I... 14
8 years bulimic, I want to recover. The challenge is that I work in the food&wine buisness... Hi everyone, I am bulimic since I am 17 years old, now 25. Bingin/purging almost everyday, mostly at night after diner. But also sometimes in the... 2
hello I am new here, Im excited! 6
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