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New and trying to be hopeful I'm Nina. I'm just getting started on this site, though I joined in November. I'm hoping if I go on the site every day I will slowly start to get... 5
Finding freedom from within and letting go! My story... I would have to say my bulimia began when I was 15, I will turn 30 this year. Half of my life I have been dealing this, pretty scary to... 4
It has been too long - a request for support and the opportunity to support in return Hello. My name is Katie, I am 30 years old and I have allowed Bulimia to be the most important, time-consuming, energy-sapping thing in my life for... 4
hello Hi all! I have just joined this site and am about to start reading the guide. I have been struggling with bulimia since I was about 13, before that... 4
Don't know how to cope with "side effects" of recovery Hi, my name is Lea and I've had eating disorders for 20 years. I'm now almost 37. Over half of my life wasted. I'm tired, frustrated and sick of it.... 5
Looking for companions on this journey I have just recently joined the program December 31 and I am looking for companions to share the good and bad days on this journey. I am a 45 year... 5
This is a new beginning, free of the control food has over my life If I can overcome this then anyone can. 32 years of bulimia. It's a long time and I am tired of the control food has on my life and the perpetual... 1
introducing myself Hello everyone, My name is Michelle and I have had bulimia for ten years. I have tried councelling and other ways to recover but have never been able... 8
Hebe - This is me Hi. I start by apologizing for my writing - English is not my native language. I´m 40 years old and have suffered from bulimia since I was 14. - On... 4
I am Anna and I am bulimic Hi, I am Anna and I've been bulimic for 19 years. My beginnings as bulimic....well known story. I started with diets at 13. Long periods fasting,... 21
Hello :) Hi I'm Jemima, I guess you could say I've been in recovery for 1 month now. I've had bulima for 12 years (woah that's a long time when you write it... 5
Hi I'm Stephanie- in recovery for 5 years- have not vomitted for 5 years Hi I just joined the site last night! From the ages of 21-26 I binged/vomitted sometimes more than 5 or 6 times per day. I also drank everyday... the... 3
Hope for more than behavioral management I am new to this recovery program. I do not have the typical bulimia story, I am finding out. I didn't have my first purge until I was 28 years old... 2
Happy to finally be here! Hi Everyone, My name is Josie, I've been bulimic for 22 years. I am ready to end this awful disease I've dealt with for most of my life and so glad... 3
New to forums :) Hi everyone I've been a member for a couple of months but only just started to set up a profile and browse the forums! I read the e-book when I first... 10
New member Hi everyone. I am a new member on bulimia help. I read the entire book and honestly believe it was a lot more helpful and straightforward than... 2
First post on forum Hi, I've joined the program awhile ago, read the e- book and basically let my disordered eating behaviours take over. I have tried to recover so... 3
Infrequent binge purging Hey! I'm the new girl. Just joined a couple of days ago. I'm 34 and have had bulimia for 15 years. Wow crazy. However in that time I too have had... 1
Not at all sure about this Hi all. I'm Lydia, and I hate social media. Why did I end up trying this program when it is mostly just that, from what I can tell? Because I'm f-in... 2
New Member Hi, i am new here. Not sure where to start. i need support friends. Have been struggling for 20 years and I am quite tired, For once, I can honnestly... 2
I am new here and I want to get better! Hi everyone. My name is Shirley i am 24 and I am an Asian girl. I found this program and I decided to give it a try. So here i am! I have been living... 3
Help!! I'm 34 years old.ive suffered with bulimia for over 21years.have tried therapy but Nothing seems to the end of my tether .any advice would be... 2
New Here Hello - I just signed up for this recovery program. Looking forward to interacting with others online who are experiencing similar struggles. One... 1
Newbie looking for support pals/friends Hello everyone...I'm Kate and today is my first day here. I have been bulimic for almost ten years. I have suffered from this horrible illness to... 6
I'm back, and now I'm going to stay! So yes, I'm back to this site, and now I'm going to stay. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I'm doing this for me, for him and for out future... 3
Jumping Off Points? Hello All, My name is Micah and I am also new to the site. Well, new to recovery also actually. I have struggled with Bulimia for about a year now...
Does anyone here live in California? Hello. I'm moving to northern California on the 7th August, 2013 - to live with my boyfriend. I've been living in Scotland (Edinburgh) for the... 1
Desperate Hello all :) My name is Holly and I am in a state of complete desperation. I have been a binger and purger for 1.5 years and within the last six... 2
Post 1 Ok. So here I am. After a few days of quietness, after a few months of seeing this website for the first time, and after many years from when a life... 3
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