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NEWBIE Hi every one ! I have just joined this help program and am excited to get started, I've struggled with bulimia since I was 14. I am now 23, nearly 24... 2
UK BUDDIES! Two days in!! woohoo!! any UK buddies late 20's to 40's?? Im anxious about 'failing' and excited at the possibility of being 'recovered'!! Please add... 1
2 HOURS SINCE LAST PURGE Hello, Just started. My last purged was at 6pm today. I have been purging 2 times a day from 1 time just in the past month. I blame it on...
Hello Hi there, This is new to me, and feels a bit strange to be writing about this here, as even my family is not aware of my eating disorder. I am 24... 2
TJ2013 Hello everyone Im 18 years old now and I have suffered from binging and purging for the last year Just joined the site and looking for others imput... 1
Hey guys! Hey amigos! I joined the site around a month ago and have only just been inspired to join the 'blogging/chat' community.. which is a little scary for... 3
Looking For A Buddy Hi I'm looking for a recovery buddy if anyone's interested?!
First Entry- New Hi Everyone, I am new to this website and I am looking forward to getting to know some of you out there. I am 24 years old and have been struggling... 5
Hey Everyone hey guys it feels so strange to talk about this without so much fear, secrecy and shame.. i have had an eating disorder for 8 years.. i have been... 4
Found somewhere I think can help! Hi I'm 41 and have b/p since I was 24 a it was something of a revelation I remember, being able to eat what I wanted and then simply get rid of it....
On My Own I'm 42 yr old and have been bulemic since I was ~ 13 yr old. I really don't even remember when Is started. I've seen MANY counselors but none for... 3
Hello! Hi all :) My name is Lex. I am 20 and from Australia and I have finally decided to start my recovery! I have struggled with disordered eating for 6... 2
reaching out for support I find it incredibly difficult to ask for help and to talk about myself. I have finally realised how lonely I truly am unless I am working and how... 3
I'm back, trying again! I found this site a year ago and thought it was a fantastic idea but never really stuck to it or got into the plan. Needless to say, I never really... 8
bulima hey my name is kelsey i come from a small country town in Australia called Mildura, iv suffered bulima for the past 5 years starting off with... 3
Pregnant and very scared Hi. I have also just joined this program. I have had bulimia on and off for the last ten years. I am currently pregnant. Bulimia was a real problem... 10
Looking for Support I just joined - well - over a week ago, and haven't made much progress with getting into the material. I FINALLY told my husband after over 15 years... 4
NOT giving up! - recovery buddy please? Yo! I'm Amber; I'm 22, I am Canadian, currently in university (but probably taking next year off before I complete my degree). I have been a vegan... 2
New Frenchie Hi Guys, I'm 34, I've had bulimia for 17 years.. I'm on my 3rd year of therapy. For a year I've tried to learn how to eat and reduce the b/p cycle... 5
30 years with this struggle My name is Terri. I am 49 years old. I have struggled with bulimia since I was 18 years old. Yes - it started with restricting. You see, I'm an... 8
Hey Hiya, I've just signed up to the program after debating it for a couple of months. I'm 21 and have non purging bulimia with anorexic tendencies. I've...
Newbie ! Hi guys, I'm new to this site ! Iv had bulimia for 30 years ! At the moment it's completely taken hold of me again ! My aunt died last week she was... 3
First post. Hi. This is my first post. Ive been bulimic for 12 years and just started my road to recovery. I haven't b/p'ed for almost 2 months now. I've started... 5
Binging with out Purging Hi! I have been a member of the Bulimia help method for a little over a year now, and I haven't felt able to write anything publicly yet, but I have... 6
Advice Hi, I'm new to the BH method and just looking for some general advice. I've have tried so many times to stop the cycle and find that sometimes it... 4
Hi Hi I live in Perth Western Australia I’ve had bulimia for 8 years now…would be amazing to get better and eat normally without always over eating and... 1
Hello Hi Everyone, I've had Bulimia for over 10 years now. My weight issues started when 2 people who were very important in my life started making... 2
Hi everyone I've suffered from bulimia for twenty years and I'm really struggling to get better.
I have had enough of Bulimia! Hi, my name is Sarah Anani, and I am 25 years old and finished my bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine. I am half Jordanian and half German. I have... 3
16 years and over it Hey, It's been 16 years of hell so I'm dong my best to get over this shocker of an addiction. Over the past few months I've gone from b/ping 4-5... 3
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The information provided in this website is for information purposes only. The information on this website is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional. Please refer to the full disclaimer and copyright. If you do think you might suffer from an eating disorder, it is important that you talk to your General Practitioner, as there are many physical complications that can arise from being at an unhealthily low weight or from losing weight very quickly, or from purging. We advise you to seek professional help with working on an eating disorder.


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