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Saying hello Hi, I'm new to the site. I joined in March 2011 but only found myself back here and actually really putting in the effort to read the ebook etc in... 6
21 years old, US College Student Hello everyone. My name is Katee and I am currently a 21 year old college student. I go to school in Pennsylvania in the United States. I have... 2
New here and excited about beginning Hi everyone. I have been struggling for about 14 years and somehow stumbled upon the book Brain over Binge back in August. What she said really made... 3
So, It has been about two years since I have been on this site...I NEED SUPPORT Hello, I need help deciding that I want to get over bulimia. Honestly, I don't know if I want to. I mean I wish I could be normal and not obsess... 11
The begining: Hopeful and excited. Hi my name is Lauren, i am 23 and have been struggling with bulimia for 4 years. Ive tried to stop many times but never lasted more than a day. Im... 2
Hi Hello, I'm new to the site and a little unsure of how everything works. I'm 32 years old and have struggled with anorexia/ bulimia for about 10 years... 3
Scared to let go Hello everyone I'm Francesca. I have recently joined this site but haven't been able to onto it for a while. I've had bulimia for many years I hate... 2
30s, single, away from home, travel a lot for work, b/p for 15 years. ddd 2
Ready to beat this Hi all, I'm 30, have had bulimia since I was 16. It's been better at some points than others; I've been in the middle of a pretty bad cycle for the... 5
Brand new to the website and just checking in I am a successful executive that has been professionally bulimic with no great desire from recovery until a health scare over the last month. Took a... 1
Hello all! I am new today!!! Just saying hi :) Hi all I have just started today :) I am eager to get going with it all. I am here if anyone needs a chat! Im not new to recovery; its along road so... 8
Singer...recovering form bulimia (nervosa)...0_o I desperately NEED to stop purging because it is ruining my voice and I use that voice to bring hope and joy into peoples lives...they have no idea... 5
Hello, I'm new here Hello, I am 35 years old. I have been b/p since I was 21 years old. I am a mother of 2 girls and just want to be free from this bondage. I want to... 4
I don't want to die just yet I realized I will die soon if I don't recover from bulimia! I'm so young (29) but my health is failing me, my life is going into ruins and after 9... 3
i want out of this awful disease Hi everyone I'm Kelly, 31 years old and I have two beautiful children and a wonderful fiance. I am currently planning my March 2012 wedding and I... 2
23 yrs of bulimia.. hello forum, i am a new member. I am from Italy and bulimic since I was 16 (now I am 39!) I used to b/p evey single day also 3 times a day until i... 8
Reaching out for help Hello - I have been on this site since March 2011 and since then I have really struggled although I do see this system as a way out. I binge but don'...
I have been bulimic for most of my life I am 54 and I have been bulimic since 13 years of age. So 41 years. I have had lots of help and my bulimia is a lot better than when I was young.... 3
Finally doing it!! Hi my name is Toni and I am 28 years old from New Zealand and a primary school teacher. I have been binge eating and purging for 5 years now, and... 2
Don't be me Hi all. I'm 49 years old--yes 49. I have battled with bulimia for about 17 years. After three weeks in an outpatient program, I made it a little... 9
Hey, new and frustrated Hi, I'm Lisa. I've relapsed again and it's been 3 weeks of consecutive b/p and it feels like years. I feel hopeless. I read the book and I'm having... 3
I didn't know... I have decided to take the step and join this online group. I have been researching different options and have decided this will be the best fit for... 2
Hi, I'm Jay :) Hello everyone! I'm Jay, have been bulimic for one and a half years, have been trying to recovery for about a year but after initial success I... 2
support Hi, I have been on this site for over a year. I have had a lot of success but I have relapsed. I have been extremely sky and resistant to seek... 2
Bad days can lead you to a good conclusion. Hello friends, Well not like "hey hows it going" while walking down the street friends, but you know fellow bulimia battler friends. My name is... 1
Hi I'm Jillian. I am 30 and have been struggling for 13 years... I do not have full fledge bulimia but what I do is chew and spit in the amount and types of food that a bulimic does--it's pretty much the same thing... 1
Hi Meg here! Hey, My name is Meagan, but you can call me Meg :) I am 16 years old and quite nervous but very excited about recovery. I hope to be able to offer... 2
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Hello brave people Hi gals and guys, I'm Em and as you may have guessed I just joined BHM because I'm living the fantastic healthy life of my dreams ; ) No, not so...
Hi everyone Hi everyone. I'm a new member. I'm from an Asian country and where I live people don't seem to know much about bulimia. I guess it's not very common... 3
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