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running out of time hi everyone, i'm an almost 18 year old girl from new jersey hoping to beat this in a massive time crunch. i'm leaving for college in only a month and... 1
Hello from down under (29 yo male) Hello, my name is Toby (pseudonym, is actually cat's name LOL), 29 y.o. Male from Australia I have a long history of disordered eating. Mum was a... 8
Hey everyone Well it's been a great week until today, but even today was good because I managed not to purge although I did go over my eating plan at the end. I... 1
The new girl Hi, I'm RuRu and I live in Sydney, Australia. I have been suffering off and on with bulimia for around 19 years. I have joined the site having got... 3
Any Athletes Out There? hello! i am a runner/athlete and was wondering if anyone was having the same problems as me. last fall i weighed very little, restricted my diet, but... 56
Looking for new friends to encourage and be encouraged :) Hi! Quiet new to this site and have only just reviled to my partner that I have ED. although helping, I know I'll need strength and advice from other... 8
Nervous, but hopeful Hello everyone! I'm new here. I have been a binge eater for a while, and I started purging last fall. I really want to stop, because I'm ready to... 2
New and confused Hi my name is Sandy and I have been struggling with bulimia for 14 years. I completed an eating disorder course a few months ago it helped a bit but...
No where else to turn Hi - I am new to this site - although I did sign up to this over 6 months ago - this is the first time I am using this site as well as my first time... 1
New and looking for friends Hello everyone, It's taken me 25 years to get here ... I'm 39 and have been b-ping since my early teens. I am so tired of it all. I look at people... 2
New Member Hello, I have finally succumbed to the fact I am a extreme bulimic . Unfortunately, I am a Registered Dietitian and know all about the harms of... 9
Don't want to suffer alone. :( Clouds of gray over my eyes Dear friends, Just joined because I am ready to collapse psychologically/emotionally. I'm tired of destroying my body and feeling entirely out of... 4
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New here. Bulimic/Alcohic and have a question. This is my first day here. I've been a severe bulimic for 10 years now, i just turned 25. I've also struggled with alcoholism for 6 years. I would... 5
new to recovery Hi all, I am new to "recovery," and trying the best I can. Very unsure of all this, but this website, seems to be the best thing I have found. Any... 2
How do you just stop for good...when this has been your life? Hi everyone, i'm a girl from South Africa who's had buimia for 9 years...almost 10 now, and before that I was anorexic for a year. I can't remember... 4
am i the only overweight bulimic? i feel kinda dumb admitting this disorder when im overweight. like its not serious because im not thin, or even really average weight right now. 7
antidote hello BH. mad props to everyone for being on this site. it means that we have the will to address the issue at all, which is challenging itself,... 2
Intro Hi, my name is Juliette and I am 42 yo. I have had bulimia for 10 years now. I am an alcoholic/addict in 12 step recovery and once I put the drink... 1
Crashed but not burned Hello hello, Growing up as a fit kid, with no weight concerns, and a very healthy mentality, it was only when I started the pill at 18, stopped... 2
hello :) im just starting but this is a HUGE step forward for me. im 39 and have been fighting my ED for 20 years, but ever the optimist have never given up!... 1
I am hopeful hello. i am may june (that's my pseudonym). in my native language "may" means daughter/girl. and i was born in the month of june. thus "may june"... 2
New to this Hi, I've been on here for just under a week but I didn't introduce myself. I've been struggling with bulimia for 2 years but the more I read the more... 3
standing here in an empty street Hey. I guess Ive been on here before, but this is the first time Ive really participated and am going to fully rely on things on this site. Im 28... 1
New to this and completely alone I am 41 years old and have secretly suffered from bulimia for the past 6 or 7 years. I am well educated with a wonderful family and live in a very... 7
helloo hey, my names molly. i've suffered from anorexia for 1 1/2 years and have been struggling with bulimia for 1 1/2 years. my disordered eating started... 2
Hi Hi, I'm Becky. I have had bulimia for about six years , trying to recover for the last 3. I'm a bit concerned about structured eating as I'm gained... 4
In the grips of bulimia My name is Juliette and I guess, in a nutshell, I am addicted to food. I have always been overly aware of food, from an early age. Slowly, this... 13
Greetings from England Hello folks, I'm Alice, aged 25, I've had bulimia and other ED for 10 years now. I've done structured eating before but was completely baffled as to... 4
A newbie Today is my first day with Bulimia Help. I found it online last night as I was praying and pleading for some needed help! I am 52 years old and have... 1
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