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Who I Am I joined this site last week as I was seeking out tools to help me move along in my recovery, particularly on the food front. I have been "in... 6
Hi Hi everyone. I've been a member of this site for quite a while now, but it has taken me a long time to submit a post as I don't find it easy to open... 5
At Wit's end... I have just joined this group in hopes of feeling hope and recovering from nearly half a lifetime of struggling with food. FIrst as an anorexic and... 1
20 year old australian law student---- needs some support! Hi guys After purchasing the system a month ago and skimming through the book once and a horrible b/p last night, I've decided I want to do this... 7
Adderall and Bulimia.. help Hi, my name is Samantha and i have just joined the site. I am fortunate to feel like I have crossed over the hump in my recovery (read my bio for... 10
New to site I joined this site yesterday. I've struggled with disordered eating since I was 11/12 and I was 40 four months ago. That's a lot of wasted life!... 1
beauty from pain First of all, I'm of, well a few hours ago. Please read my info, add me as a friend, and tell me a little of your story. I've become a fast... 2
New to here Hello there, My name is Carla and I've been struggling with bulimia for almost four years now. And ive been trying to recover for about that amount... 2
Introduction of Sorts Hello everyone. I should be studying for an exam right now. Instead, I've spent the past several hours haphazardly attending to my studies while... 1
God !!!! Hey guys,,im rather nervous Have been thinking that i could cure myself for the past several years After i had my son ( who is now 13 ) i suffered...
signed up :) Hi everyone, I'm Mara, I'm 26, and I've been bulimic off and on for almost six years (!) now. There were some really bad times when I binged and... 3
New Hello! I've just joined this site after six years on and off. Really need the help now as it's the biggest struggle I think I've ever had to deal... 5
today i cried I've been this way for 30yrs....but today is the first time i cried so deeply and loudly that it helped release some of the guilt that was stopping... 6
New Hi there I've had bulimia since the age of 18 and am now 40, really fed up of it and need to stop, hoping this site can help 5
Hello Friends! Hello....Im new to this forum. Im 37 and have battled with bulimia for 25 years :(. I have had periods of time where Ive been "cured" but somehow... 1
Well, here I am Hi everyone, I,ve joined the community four days ago and I am still trying to see how everything works...I feel like taking small steps into... 5
New to mee Hey, I am new to recovery and I am actually extremely excited. message me if you want. I love to talk. Maddie
hi Hi I joined a long time ago, when i realised i had bulimia, but i didn't go trough with it. I've had bulimia for 4 years now and i haven't told... 1
hello Hi Everyone, I joined roughly a week ago but I haven't reached out to anyone yet. Like most of you this isnt the first time I seek help or try to... 4
If at first you don't succeed... Hi & hello, I'm deer-heart and I've struggled with various form of disordered eating -primarily bulimia - for the past 5 years of my life. My... 3
Hello Hi, I'm lessthanthree and I'm a new member. I've been struggling with bulimia, off and on, for the past four years. I have a very hectic schedule... 1
Post Deleted. Post deleted. 1
Would like some support buddies to help me through my biggest challenge ;) Well this is all a little overwhelming right now! I'm not really sure what to do????? So I guess if I give a little outline of myself and my... 2
Helllo :) Hey Everyone - I recently joined. I have been trying to get rid of this annoying stranger for a while (10 years+) and just havent been able to shake... 1
hey everyone :))))))) My name is amira. I m 19 years old . I live in ohio and go to college i ve been suffering from bulimia for 5 years and im ready to get self help to... 2
Anyone from ohio? looking for some face to face with people from ohio, there arent many groups here and would love to find someone to chat with 1
New here from BUffalo, ny Hey everyone!!! MY name is Janelle and I have been struggling with Bulimia and over exercising for the past 7 years!!! I have joined to find support... 3
Older onset bulimia. So very glad to have a group to chat with! Hi everyone! This is something I didn't expect to be dealing with. I'm in my early 40's and have been bulimic for about a year and a half. I don't... 8
happy to be here And its what Im feeling about 3 days since the moment i became a member. Over last 14 years i was finding for way to break off with bulimia but more... 3
Ciao to everybody - DAY 1 Hello everyone, greetings from Pisa / Italy. I found the website and went straight to the manual in July last year. I was in New Delhi for work at... 1
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