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body calculations. I'm sorry, im not sure if im allowed or even if i should post this, but im just wondering, has anyone calculated, their body mass, or done the body... 3
Flabby flabby flabby! I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but during my really bad b/p periods I feel so flabby! I don't just mean that I feel like I look flabby...
please tell me there is sum kinda cure 4 swollen glands!! jus wanted 2 know if ANYONE had any ideas that make the glands go down sooner?? other than the obvious of dont bp!! hind sight is 20/20 jw if anyone... 1
How a bulimic see's him/herself? Hi everyone As you all probably know i like to post video blogs I have a couple here i thought i would share:) come take a walk with me (out and...
Bloating Does bloating affect any of you? It happens all the time, but when i bloat, i instinctively think it's me who's put on weight, so i start to purge... 3
A request Hey all you lovely people, I've been haunting this site for a while now, but have been reluctant to really start contributing because I'm on the...
Laxitives/Fiber How is your digestion? I find that mine is pretty slow. Not to get too graphic but I find that I sometimes don't "go" for a week or longer! I know... 3
How throwing up affects your weight I just was wondering, for those of you that are doin good with quitting, do you feel like youve gained or lost weight from throwing up? Like how has... 14
I see myself differently to others I really get upset when people tell me I'm thin or beautiful. The ED says they are all lying and the ED gets so angry at them. I just get upset... 11
physical contact why won't i let anyone touch me? i don't even like my mom to hug me or kiss me on the forehead. i had a boyfriend for almost a year in highschool and... 13
Muscle pain and fatigue in recovery? Um. Hi, everyone... this is my first post here. *waves* Be gentle, please? Anyway, I have a question. I'm a non-purging bulimic, I've always... 6
distorted body image For the first time in my life..I'm understanding what I thought only occurred in Lifetime movies. I feel fat, gross, hulking just large. I'm 5'6...
group fitness instruction AH! I'm a group fitness instructor at my school and I feel so STUPID. As I'm recovering I'm gaining weight. I know I'm still not fat, but I'm visibly... 5
Whats the difference? So what is the difference between the bloated belly / fullness after binging and a recovery belly? I could binge for a couple of days and have a... 1
slim vs. "bigger than you'd rather be" One thing I have always struggled with is my "need" to be skinny. I started off at the tender ages of about 7 or 8 wishing I could just have Britney'...
Binging but not purging So I have been trying my best to go back to being positive. I have been working out regularly now and according to my calorie needs, my body keeps... 9
I'm doing it again!!! :( Please help! The last few days have been ridiculous for me. I feel like I have myself in chains and I am trying to break free just to eat everything in sight. Of... 3
Help me understand I dont know what is going on. Just recently I felt like I was doing so good and was so proud of myself. I binged a little yesterday morning, realised... 5
Cant breath! Today I b/p two times and then I did ecerice (not too much) and then I slept. When I woke up I ate fruit and drank water. But when I woke up till... 5
what does hunger/fullness "feel" like? Well today was my 4 week without binge/purge...but then this morning i totally lost control, consuming more food than i can ever remember :(...As i... 6
feeling full? I have been binge/purge free for the past 4 weeks :)I have some questions to answer in your own opinion... I believe i connect fullness with weight... 2
Wouldn't you like to know? Today as I sat and felt my hanging belly and had to try hard and distract myself from the disgust I felt, I heard the 'just starve yourself' voice.... 5
flabby tummy... due to expanding then shrinking? my weight has gone up and down over this 9 year run with bulimia, however, my stomach as never really been a tight little six pack which it should...
broken vessels... my eyes look so tired all the time, does anyone know what to do? iv been takin vitamin c but i dont think its working... is anyone else goin thru the... 2
period- weight gain? Hi everybody I hope u all have it fine. When I have my period and weight myself can the scale show me that I have gained weight even if I didnt, but... 7
pronamel well id just like to preface by saying the best way to preserve enamel from effects of bulimia is by not b/ping. but we all know b/p abstinence... 2
Life drawing. I do alot of art work, everyday. I unfortunately had to leave half way through my last year at college due to depression. Damn that feeling. Anyway... 1
i found it weird So i was talking a friend of mine today and we were talking about self image and what not and she brought up sex and if i was comfortable enough to...
Heart feels like it misses a beat when I am in bed sometimes, what is this??? Ok so sometimes when I am in bed laying there I suddenly feel my heart doing something abnormal. I mean when your laying there you cant feel your... 6
''full'' ok all you intuitive eaters... i need opinions and advice: ive been doing well this past year but my major set back is ''the full feeling.'' i... 3
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