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How soon after a meal do you eat if you're still hungry? How soon after having a meal should you eat if you still feel hungry? I just had a good portioned meal, but 15 minutes later I was still hungry. Is... 2
how important is appetite and following structured eating? I guess I am far from being able to do intuitive eating, because my appetite is really confusing to me. Some days it's so voracious, other days I... 1
Cardio Related Excercises. My battle with bulimia lasted about one year. I have since began structered eating and have cracked down on the binging/purging episodes. I eat so... 3
B/Ping is POINTLESS! Besides the research, and it's all over the web - not this site-that a huge amount of calories remain after b/ping, I can say for certain that it's... 23
Intuitive eating when you can't 'just be eating'. I'm a full time health care student and I have classes that go over the lunch hours practically everyday. As a result I'm forced to eat my lunch and... 2
Permission. I had to take an alternative approach to recover. And I can now say that I am more solidly standing in the realm of recovery than ever before. It... 5
Relapse Ok hi everyone again. My baby is 10 Months and for all of u that supported me through the birth. Thank you, I did have a son and he is lovely. Was he... 1
Transitioning from structured eating to intuitive eating This is one of the biggest things I have had a trouble with in my journey in recovery! I know that I need to make this transition, but I often find... 3
Middle of the night hunger Another question! Tonight I have woken up in the middle of the night with really noticable hunger pangs. So much so, I think thats what actually woke... 3
Good book After dealing with my bulimia for 11 years, I've decided to give it up. I just can't do it anymore! Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to eat. I... 1
Love handles- how do I learn to love them? Okay so I really want to recover but there is one major body issue standing in my way. Love handles. I'm a tall skinny girl with no boobs(literally... 10
Recipes Hey all, Someone put up a blog about veggie cooking and I thought it would be helpful for myself,and everyone if we had a place to put up some...
Question about Intuitive Eating: When to stop? When is the right time to stop eating? Is it just when you aren't hungry anymore? Because I know that I stop feeling pangs of hunger after like 5... 3
Question about Set Point weight Okay so this doesn't quite make logical sense to me. If you are higher than whatever your natural weight is and begin to eat normally, how is it... 2
Period... I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My period hasn't come for almost 4 months now. Here is the thing- i am not underweight. In... 20
stuck in my head Its crazy how eatin too much affects my mood, i am totally uncomfortable when im at that overboard point. ive seen myself go through i perfect eating... 2
What if there's only 2 bites left??? Today I woke up and ate oatmeal to the guided eating audio. Near the bottom of the bowl I got to thinking… How will I do when it is time to stop... 6
When could I start eating when I am hungry Hi, It was my first week of real recovery. Before I was trying for an year after an year struggle, but it wasn't really working coz I was not at the... 1
Question about intuitive eating I'm trying to think about it logically. Intuitive eating is simply eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. But it takes 20 minutes... 7
apperance I have noticed lately that near my (private area) its quite boney..... not to attractive and was wondering if this is normal or how to gain weight... 1
Cannot stop fixating on what I just ate I am new at recovery, and trying to focus on all my triggers and urges. So far, I have managed to catalogue (and avoid) my late-night binge triggers... 4
Stomach Ache Hey, I was wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing this..... or if its normal? I was doing extremely great with sturucted eating then i had a... 9
help...bloated! I was wondering if anyone has found in recovery swelling...bloating of the face? aswell as change of colour around cheek mouth area? 2
Just Not Hungry I just haven't been hungry at all. I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday and it's 6 PM now. How am I supposed to "eat when I'm hungry and stop when... 6
LANUGO Anybody heard of lanugo? Its the fine body hair that some people develop on their faces, backs, arms, etc. I've definitely developed this and... 2
hair loss Just wondering whether anyone else has been suffering from hair loss and whether you think this could be a bulimia side effect? I use to have... 7
Growling stomach all the time So in my recovery, I still cannot shake the growling stomach thing. Not sure if anyone else has this. I log all my food, so I know I'm eating enough...
weight gain during recovery? so who has experienced dramatic weight gain with recovery?! i'm beginning the process now and i'm a little nervous..yet i know its what i want to do. 7
How are your stomach pains after eating,, tips on coping? I notice I get stomach pains even when Im not eating.. like constant cramps and stitches. After eating my stomach feels bloated and in pain. So far... 5
asking for tips on my swollen cheeks n glands my jaw and ears are phsyically uncomfortable and very distracting. my ears are constantly popped. Aside from not purging what can help releave the...
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