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Getting compliments I've been good about not purging as much. But then today someone told me I look "so fit." After that I had dinner, and the thought of not getting a... 6
"Feeling Fat" - so fucking what? "Feeling fat" eh? Something we can all relate to. What the fuck is that about anyway? For my part, i always feel fat, despite being within what's... 18
food in stool hi everyone Iam concerned about something and I hope u can help me. Sometimes I can see the food I just ate in my stool.. Like it was not digested... 6
Rapid weight gain? I am wondering if anyone experienced weight gain in recovery up to 5 months recovery. and if so when did it start evening now middle...
GIRL STUFF Hey, so this is to all the girls on this website... Aunt Flow hasn't been around for 7-8 months. I was wondering if I could get advice from anyone... 19
gaining weight in stomach first? i'm confused about something, why is it that when we re-feed or learn to eat more structured ways, gaining weight, we gain first in the stomach, and... 13
Therapy and BDD I went to my first therapy session today. I was SO nervous but felt really comfortable once we started talking. I was surprised at how much I was... 2
Recovery weight gain Am i the only one who is gaining weight in recovery? I am eating small amounts of healthy things, exercising excessively..and still managed to gain...
Restriction...anorexia...screwed so heres my dilemma.....its gone from me binge purgin right back to the days where i just restrict... anorexia has reared its head again....and part... 4
Every morning When I wake up in the morning the first thought of the day is are my pants going to fit. Then I look in the mirror and look at all the negative... 1
Empty Stomach I wonder if this happens to anyone else, but my biggest trigger towards purging is having a full stomach. In all honestly, having virtually ANYTHING... 18
Any one else struggle with trying on new clothes? I have had bulimia for the base 17 years and have been in "recovery" for the past two years and am doing ok, but still struggling with many issues... 1
No sleep? So since I have anorexia and bulimia, I never get any sleep. I just got about two hours and have a full day ahead of me. I know it's from eating... 5
Weight gain Can anyone tell me they gained (unnecessary) weight when they stopped purging and then lost it? I stopped purging but i exercise for hours a day and... 1
Body image and acceptance Hey guys! I found a video on Youtube which I think will be very helpful to us in accepting our bodies. It's about something called Somato body typing...
Positive comments as a trigger? Hi guys, lately I have been noticing that when other people compliment how small I am or how good I look it really sets off a b/p cycle. Does any one... 3
Do you still weigh yourself? Just wondering if many of you still weigh yourselves regularly? Before I was diagnosed with an EDNOS I weighed myself obsessively, just like someone... 19
Pains and muscle spasms Okay so I keep getting these muscle spasm in the backs of my legs, which i've been told is from malnutrition, but i'm also getting them in my chest... 2
Scared of periods I feel like I am the only one who, although I want to get better, is so scared of my period coming back. I haven't had one since february. They were... 7
Ridiculous ads for guys I jsut came across an ad. The traditional, lose 10000lbs in 2 days and get 'ripped' one. The first picture was ok. He looked normal - perhaps a... 2
Still feeling hungry after eating normal amounts... I dont understand my own body anymore. I am now in recovery for 2 months and having more days of normal and structured eating then ever before(which... 2
does anyone get embarrased about seeing others with the weight gain? Hey So i was just thinking about how much im struggling with this weight gain.....according to BMI i am now overweight! i cant believe it. But i do.... 3
esophageal cancer ok ok ok. this is one of my fears. ive cut back on b/ping a ton but am relapsing more frequently lately. ive been bulimic for about 12 years.... 14
OUR METABOLISM! IS IT TOO LATE?! I had a great metabolism before i started any of this!! i was never big i was always thin, i ate what i wanted when i wanted, i was happy. i wanna go... 13
Weight Gain and Recovery It has been a month since my last b/p cycle. I am determined to be completely normal but this is the hardest process I'm sure I'll ever go through.... 10
forcing food into my body when i'm not hungry (x-posted to challenges forum) i'm ignoring my body, when it tells me, it's had enough food and doesn't want more... it's horrible - i'll do fine...
Article about happiness & body size Results may surprise you! And no, i do NOT read the Torygraph. I found... 4
Sex I have not been interested in sex for about a year.... even avoided it at times. I dont know if my lack of interest has come from bulimia,... 4
Does anyone else get panic attacks?? Sometimes after a binge or in a (very short) recovery process I'll have intense panic attacks where my blood runs cold and I feel like I'm going to... 8
still gaining 6 weeks and no b/p. I went to put my jeans on and ive gone up 2 sizes. The size was average to begin with not like a size 0. It makes me so sad. im... 5
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