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skin and bone anyone? I have reached a problem which i cant look past. Its still infront of me, rooted, ingrained and everywhere. Everywhere i tell you!!!!! Iv always... 5
heart beats? How many times is your heart meant to beat per minuet? Whats healthy and unhealthy? I should really start checking. Thanks x 2
breast implants... good or bad idea? I've wanted breast implants for a lonnnnnng time but have held off on getting them because I've been trying to learn to love my body for the way it... 8
Weight Fluctuation I feel like I already know the answer to this question, but my weight went up 1.5 lbs from yesterday and of course, after stepping back off of the... 1
thyroid problems hello everyone, i went to a checkup today..and besides the fact that i have no intestinal flora, i found out that all my weight problems/depression... 6
fight the fat!!! there i was researching about bulimia and chemicals and on mnay off the pages.... i got these pop ups on how to lose a stone in 1 month. why sit up... 3
Dental Issues I had average teeth before bulimia. They were white...had a few white caps, but generally, they were in good condition. Other than clear teeth, I... 3
new hair well i went to the hairdressers today cos i have had such a bad week. thought it would cheer me up. and for most of today it did. i felt so pretty...
Bloated or Pms syndrome? or laxative abuse consequence? I have no idea what is happening lately, i know i have water retention and it's horrible, but im bloated most of the time and it's horrible...and it'... 10
time of the month already!! i haven't got my period now for prob about nearly2months atleast....ino it happens coza the bulimia but just wondering anyone else out there has... 2
weight gain Since I've been in treatment since june....i've gained quite a few pounds and sizes... I am no longer thin and definitely not skinny. This is... 9
weight gain Since I've been in treatment since june....i've gained quite a few pounds and sizes... I am no longer thin and definitely not skinny. This is...
Heartburns I noticed lately that besides a soae esophagus i have a terrible discomfort in breathing and also i have terrible chest pain, i looked up the...
Peanut butter! I'm craving peanut butter like mad! Am I the only one or what? I absolutely love it! 3
Exercise and ED Alright so I've been exercising( mainly a list of 17 stretches lasting about 1.5hrs) like almost every day and after having my daughter had to adjust... 2
Digestive System I have noticed a lot of people discussing their bloating... This is a little weird but has that bloating come with normal BMs??? I can't at all!! Is... 5
Vomiting Which are the worst consequences of vomiting?
Yay! my first crap without use of any supplements! hehe!! Im so hapy that i just went to the toilet unaided!, so nice to not feel bulked up and for things to be moving along did i do it? i have no... 7
god help me . . . i can feel myself gaining weight right now but can't stop eating . . . my stomach is in pain from all this food and my boyfriend must think i've gone... 2
HELP with HUNGER SIGNALS and confusion I'm so confused. some days I don't have appetite at all and then I of course set myself up for a binge late at night.. other days, like today, i don'... 1
Heart Palpitations??? Last night after a relatively small b/p episode my heart started beating really fast, my hands (maybe whole body) started shaking, I felt dizzy and... 3
help!! major water retention!! one month clean... I get that retaining water is something that happens with recovery. But I figured it would only happen at the beginning. I havent binged or purged... 5
scale/level system anywhere? hi! i'm new to this, just wondering what's normal-really bad bulimia... i've tried to find some sort of scale but can't seem to find anything to... 7
TEETH!!! Hello! I don't want to scare any of you, or to revive bad memories, but I've been looking at my teeth in the mirror earlier, and i got shocked. They... 5
Can't taste might be helping Here's some food for pun intended. I recently got really sick, I have been for about a week now and in the past three days I've literally...
GIRLS, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!!! Bony and thin is out, bring on the curves!! 8
face wrinkles does anyone else notice face wrinkles from purging? I am now starting to notice some laugh lines around my mouth and I think it is beacuse of by... 1
Weight Gain and Afraid! I've been in recovery about 2 plus months now. I don't binge and purge like I used to. I don't have the constant thoughts of food or fear of food... 6
Gross: spontaneous regurgitation? Even when I eat a normal portion, minutes later I often have partially digested food come back up. It's gross and acidy. It happens more when I eat... 2
How much is too much excercise? I've been trying to find out how much excercise is right but the information on the internet is so varied and confusing I'm totally confused. I don't... 7
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