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trying to be guilt free Hi, I've never posted anything before so feeling a little afraid. I got a surge of guilt about something totally non related to food last night and... 4
Recovery in pregnancy I just found out I am pregnant and my cravings have been incredibly intense. I had been doing great in recovery but I have found it hard to stop...
Two "any foods" per day Hi everybody! I want to know how do you deal with this step? It's been a while since I started the bulimia help method and I thought that I was... 3
Honeymoon I'm going on my honeymoon on Sunday! I got married in October. Of all places, we're going to Italy. For two weeks. Two whole weeks in the land of... 3
What to do when you feel fat? I gained weight back in my first few days of recovery. I'm assuming most of it is needed weight and bloat weight, but it still is really hard to not... 5
Searching for dietplan for systemic candida which does not interfere with recovery Hello, I am 4 month purge free now, am still overeating and sometimes on foods I am allergic too. Now I am diagnosed with severe candida condition,... 3
Acceptance I am now 2 month purge free. And the following challenge for me is to accept overeating,weight gain and depression. Since I stopped purging and... 12
the mornings full of hope.. I dread the mornigns...full of hope and fear of the day...I plunge into a sea of responsibilites and drawn my fear in distractions, until it explodes... 3
Cruelty Ive gained small amount of weight Husband wants me to owe XX pounds, which would make me sick. I actually just started my period for the first time... 4
Calorie Counting Hey Everybody! So Im not sure if theres been a post on this already (I sure there has), but I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to... 5
Mind on overdrive Does anyone else just feel like their mind never stops? I have this constant feeling that I think more than anyone around me, and that I am always... 4
Alcohol and Bulimia Yesterday I went to a party, and although I did not Binge or Purge on Food, I did binge on alcohol. In the past I would drink and think I was not... 4
Super Bowl Sunday Today is Super Bowl! A day for cheering on your team AND eating. Chips-Dip-Nachos-Chips-Guacamole-Chili-Garlic Bread-Chips-Barbecue Wings and did I...
habit change - grazing http://lifehacker.com/get-better-at-habits-every-week-with-the-habit-spr... What your habit will be specifically - eat only at mealtimes What your... 5
Overeating Hi everyone. I'm looking for other people's experiences with overeating once purging has stopped. I am no longer bingeing on huge quantities of food... 4
I slipped again since my heart broken breakup I tried hard to recovery, and I saw the hope before. I broke up with my boyfriend recently, and my heart really hurts. I know we are not compatible,...
Binges at night I'm still struggling with the night time binges. It's been two nights in a row where I've had binges , and not purged. I'm super worried about the... 3
I binged and purged again and I thought things were really changing in a positive way *sighs* I really thought I was making massive progress but it all feels like I have washed it away down the toilet today along with everything else.... 3
Keep falling backwards... So I've been on this site a week now, and I must say it really has given me a lot of great information and motivation to Recover. I just can't seem... 2
The problem is that I just can throw up so easily Hi, I really want to stop it, but the problem is that it is SO EASY for me to throw up. I can do it in one second, quietly. So nobody can find it and... 4
help just weighed myself and I have gained loads of weight but I look thinner?? !! Hi ive mistakenly just weighed myself and ive gained a good few stone in the few months in recovery and im already obese due to bulimia. However its... 2
desperate,please help i feel so hopeless,helpless and full of selfhate and disgust. every morning i try not to binge, but every day i do it again.how can i stop. i am... 5
can only seem to manage 3 days Hi all I feel quite despondent at the moment and frustrafrustrations with my self. I can only seem to manage 3 binge free days and then it all goes... 5
NOT HELPING Maybe this is not a good idea here...I feel like I´m getting lost in bulimic problems and thoughts. maybe I should focus more in my outside world? On... 1
I'm So Sick of This... Okay, so I'm a senior. As you already know, that means I'm graduating in less than a year and then I will go off to college. Obvious, right? but... 2
Increasing calories...HELP Okay so I know we aren't supposed to mention calories but I am just talking in the general sense. As in I am working through the book and I am not... 4
How to recover from betrayal???? I was in a relationship for over 4 years with Arch. We met at work and he also became my business partners.We were even engaged at one point. I... 1
Weight issues and questions It's been 11 months since I stopped the b-p cycle. I haven't lost any of the weight I gained. (gained about 4kg) ... I feel great for not being... 1
Kids Go Back to School Does anyone else find it really hectic getting everyone up and out so early in the morning and then feel flat after drop off? I am not a morning...
3 meals and 3 snacks fear So I am new to bulimia help. I have been in recovery for 5 years, and I am at the stage where I am no longer bingeing and purging and I eat 3 meals... 3
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