Overcoming Challenges

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Set Point Does Anyone know how to determine their set point weight. It seems ive been stuck at the high end of my BMI for most of my adult life except for a... 3
Feeling lost! Okey so I've been here now for a month and a half I think. I have done my best and must say I have really made progress. My binge urges are much less... 8
How to not purge after a massive binge? Help! I've been bulimic for 15 years and trying structured eating on off for a long time now, maybe four years. I've never succeeded and now I'm so... 3
going on holiday anxiety hey everyone! Writing to you all lifts my spirits. I've been living in Japan for a while now and have always had to deal with everything on my own so... 1
Once I start I can't stop Seriously most of the time I find that once I start eating I literally can't stop!!! Help!!! Any tips advice at all much appreciated! 1
How to say no to an upcoming binging? Recovery takes time, okay!! it has been a year and 2 months since I started here. And I keep failing. I still do binge and purge every 4 days... 6
Residual binges ?!!?? Ok so I am doing pretty well It's been over 6months since I last purged (wow) can't even believe that myself , I've come so far.. But I am still... 5
Mind binge Hey everyone, I'm writing after a long time...with a very big question in my heart and mind... I've noticed that when I return to bulimia it's purely... 5
Feeling full faster than I used to three months ago Hey everyone! I've started to feel full before I eat my whole morning oatmeal. I've been eating every three hours for three months now. Am I now... 1
A question for athletes So my boyfriend and his family are signing up for Ragnar this year and invited me. I REALLY want to do it and I said I would, but as I've started... 6
Exercise - what is normal? Does anyone struggle with knowing what amount of exercise is normal? I normally binge and purge through throwing up (although I have been free for... 5
Anxiety Does anybody have any useful tips on how to deal with anxiety? I get such big waves of it that take my breath away. Sometimes I don't even know what... 1
SUICIDE *This is a blog post, my journal, from a few days ago. I journal daily and it is wonderful therapy. I want to share this journal with you all as I am... 13
Hay fever During allergy season I find it impossible to function normally,I feel really ill and have problems breathing.I dont manage to eat as I should do and...
Please advise on heartburn and what provokes it... Hello! i struggle with acidity or heartburn very often, specially at night. I take salts to make it better but im not sure they are healthy on the... 9
back again So I am back...again. I feel like a failure since I am "starting over" yet again. I am in this pattern where I am able to have a week or so of... 3
Struggling. Sorry Guys, I've created a post which was meant to go to my blog, not here. I wanted to delete it but can't find the option to to this so i will just...
Bursting out of my "fat" clothes. I keep rapidly gaining weight. I mean, it just won't stop. I'm now to the point that I can't even fit into my "recovery" clothes. I'm far too poor to... 9
Bloating and swelling feet/hands... :( Hi, I am 3 weeks into recovery and haven't purged but have binged 3 times during this period. This week I have had swelling of my feet and sometimes... 3
Exercise Bulimia I have been suffering from exercise bulimia for 10+ years. I will admit that I tried vomiting 3 or 4 times in the past many years but it was not... 24
weight I am struggling at the moment. I do believe I can get through this. I believe that recovery is possible. That said, I am struggling. In my mind the... 7
Update on Everything I've avoided this website for a long time. I haven't been on here since August 2013, actually. I kind of feel like sometimes reading stuff on here... 3
Fighting back ...? Being non-bulimic is extremely difficult. I have been trying to figure out how it can be so difficult to give up something that I hate, controls me,...
Stress....emotional binge urges! So i've only just realised how much of a trigger stress is for me! Work was crazy busy today and as a result I had 15 mins to chill out and have my... 1
Alcohol and Bulimia Has any body else been effected by alcohol during recovery. I started having a couple of glasses of wine at night, which I found relaxed me and made... 4
Relapse Hey does anyone else feel the urge to binge after a night out which includes a lot of drinking? 8
Scales Scales Scales Hello, I am new to this program and have been working it the last couple of days. I decided on Sunday night to have my hubby hide my scale. I feel... 16
Calorie consumption Hi everyone I just wanted some advice, I am struggling with how much calories I need to eat. I know it says 2000 a day but everyone comes in... 5
how do i not offend people at a dinner party I wonder if any one has advice. I have been in recovery for about 6 months and with a few blips along the way I am doing really well. This weekend my... 4
A tiny slice of success! I put this post into the category or 'overcoming challenges' because, even though I just had a bit of a binge, for the first time ever I have been... 2
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