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Spending too much time reading health colums So recently I've noticed that after my holiday I really craved healthy more filling meals so I made this happen by looking into healthy eating colums... 3
stretch marks in recovery! ! Hi im just wondering if anyone else on here struggled with stretch marks in recovery? I did gain alot but now my weight is slowly starting to go... 1
Has anyone been in recovery for a while and experiencing set backs? Hey everyone! okay so recovery was going great for me, i was about 10 months in towards the start of this year, feeling great, eating intuitively,... 4
Sleep Question I am on day 14 of no b/p and sticking to structured eating after 18 years of bulimia. The biggest problem is I can't sleep. I fall asleep easily but... 2
advice from people successful at stopping purging I have been on this site for a year now.. Life has improved from what it was, I am a healthy weight and eat bread (which really was a challenge.) I... 5
When there's no whole grain or brown foods available Hi everyone I'm now stronger n healthier then ever! Almost 9 months in n am slowly intuitively eating! Just do freak out abit when I want something... 4
Old habits taking over again I went on vacation for a month in Switzerland, it was a much simpler living, a very stress-free environment that consisted mainly of hiking and being... 3
When will recovery weighy balance out? Hi everyone! Well, I've been b/p free for 10 months. I am extremely proud of myself, even though I'm still "afraid" of some foods and I am not ready... 3
How do you cope when you spend a lot of time with someone who doesn't eat? Hi everyone! I am currently spending almost 24/7 with someone who eats very little (skips meals, doesn't finish their plate) and exercises a lot. I... 4
Belly weight gain I had a great three week period of zero relapses and felt so proud. But at the same time, I was gaining weight - especially my belly. I ended up... 1
Fluid retention. HELP I need help! I have been b/p free for about 3 weeks now and have even gone cold turkey on laxative (which I have been abusing almost daily for about...
The urge to exercise dissappearing Recently ive noticed i am not as excited about running anymore. I used to run a lot a year ago and now i never do. i just wonder if this is normal. I... 2
6 months and still feel like i eat alot Hey guys, just looking for support! im now 6 months in and definitely happier but still dont know what i actually feel like eating. I still feel like... 1
Anyone in France? Hi! I have just moved to France Nd would love to work with a buddy here! Anyone based in France or Europe I could chat with? Cheers Poppet 1
Advice for travelling Hi everyone, This is my first post - I have been on here about a month and think the methodology is really helpful. As a bit of background, I'm in my... 3
Day 2 Today is Day 2. I cannot count the numbers of times I have been at Day 2. Each time, I am hopeful and optimistic. Under it though, I am also a little... 3
Eating recovery after exercise Something I've started to notice is how much food I want to eat the day after kickboxing. I started kickboxing which I love! Makes me feel good and I... 2
Overdoing exercise? I am now proud to say I'm five months through recovery and have never felt better. As I'm now stronger i decided to join some strength training... 4
Lack of sleep I often sleep badly.At those days everything feels like a disaster and I just CANT think clearly . I really struggle to get through the day,but at... 1
Str I am now proud to say I'm five months through recovery and have never felt better. As I'm now stronger and off restriction i decided to join some... 4
What ONE thing did you do today to take you closer to your goal of RECOVERY? Recovery results from taking ACTION. Its only too easy to have a rant the second a binge/purge urge hits or the second we get a fleeting negative... 13
I can't figure it out Maybe it's not enough sleep, maybe it'd accidentally depriving my body of nutrients, maybe its routine, or maybe I really have no idea what it is!... 13
anyone with any advice? Hi, I'm pretty new to this site. I really want to live a healthy and happy life. As most of you can probably understand, it's not really possible... 3
Gastroparesis diagnosis I was wondering if anyone with a diagnosis of gastroparesis could give me some insight into how they cope with the condition and how best to manage... 9
SHAME - guys, please let's talk about our shame. I think it could be relieving ... Tough period. I'm not brave enough in my professional life. I could meet more people, talk more about myself, have more opportunities. And I realized... 4
I broke I don't know how to react to my b/p sessions last night. I woke up feeling terrible, I know throughout the day I'm going to become incredibly bloated... 1
Strategies My psychologist has been onto me about starting to do some mindfulness activities. I downloaded an app for my iPad, it's actually not so bad.... 3
The "Day After" Tips Hi guys I really need some help. What do you do the day after the night before? After I binge, the next day is hell. I feel in both physical and... 3
Regular Relapses I don't know what it is! I have been doing so well! I have completed 6 months of CBT and I feel I have all the tools to help me on my journey to... 4
Advice please.... Hello everyone :) I started recovery about a year and a half ago. For the last 4 months I have barely had any purge episodes and for 3 weeks I have... 2
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