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How to sleep better? One thing I've always struggled with is getting a good sleep routine. I've had insomnia for a number of years and can't remember the last time I... 8
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Changing plans I feel a bit weird as I had to change plans on a friend today as it was sending up red flags. I know it's the right thing to do to reduce cravings...
Poor Body Image Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I have been in recovery since November and have been doing well in terms of really having reduced my BPs and... 8
Learning to see myself. It has been a while since I've been on here. I think in a way when I was doing so good I thought I didn't need it anymore. Silliness. With the new...
Struggling with purging I am really struggling with purging.. the moment I feel uncomfortable physically, it is so sure that I will purge. I does not really depend on... 5
Dealing with eating out One of my biggest hurdles to recovery is eating socially with others. Specifically- parties and buffets. I find if it's a set menu, most the time I... 7
A little help please? Anyone related? Hello Everybody, I am so proud of everybody reading how successful they are in recovery. It makes me feel really bad (I FEEL BAD ABOUT ME, NOT ABOUT...
Once a month things are extra difficult. I don't mean to exclude any of the men who are facing challenges but this post is specifically for women. I'm feeling extremely annoyed with an... 3
Bloating AHH! So I just had breakfast which was fine - then I went to the markets with mum and we got some rockmelon (cantaloupe) and I got home and cut it up... 1
Torn I am so torn right now between wanting to stay right where I am and wanting to get actual treatment for this disorder that has been shadowing my...
What are your personal strategies?? I was realizing there are some things we must do or "invent" to help us go through more specific or personal situations than what the book says. But... 8
I want my first perfect Christmas! Tomorrow I am determined to have a perfect Christmas lunch and dinner. I want to spend a perfect time together with my colleagues and later with my... 13
What are / were your top 3 challenges in recovery? We all began by understanding that restriction is at the base of bulimia, but then in recovery there are sooooo many things to do, i mean besides... 14
Structured Eating and Holidays I've basically fallen off the structured eating path over the holidays. The hardest part is that my family doesn't know I'm a recovering bulimic (...
Mirrors I've been purge free for about 8 days now. But every time I see myself reflection or look in a full length mirror I pick myself apart and i... 2
Deflecting friends and family pressures to eat and comments surrounding weight Hello, I have been bulimic for 14 years and still on the road to recovery. I am a little conscious of my weight as I was in the past heavier. I...
Full Moon Insomnia and Eating Myself to Sleep I'm looking for ideas or shared experiences: I've had insomnia most of my life. I've done the sleep study at Stanford, I've been to CBT and I finally... 4
Home for Christmas... Help! I've been au-pairing away from home for 4 months now and although I went through a really bad few weeks of b/p ing most days I've been doing well and... 3
How to stop restriction? My ED has been more restrictive habits than BP as I am not diagnosed bulimic but I know many of you still have strong restrictive tendencies as well... 8
Cheating in SE Hi, I'm a bit afraid because I think and feel like I'm cheating in SE. I mean that in the snack's time I feel like I'm bingeing because I eat the "... 1
try hard to remember what I want when the cravings hit So here is a little background on me. First, I can't bring myself to b active on this site bc I find so much of what I want to write only spotted in... 5
Reasons we should recover? I know there are a million and one (at least!) reasons why we should recover from bulimia, but lately I've completely given up and don't seem to be... 7
How do you deal with anger or stress? I used to react to everything by BP. Now i don´t get angry very often but its still hard when i do. What are your best ways to cope when u are... 1
stumbling over the same damn situation Binged again last night. As I look at my binge diary I notice a pattern. Most of my binges happen when I'm driving home after working late. I... 4
sponser i have come a long way but still suffer night binges. looking for someone to help me keep accountable for this... ? 1
Christmas potluck Made it through a christmas potluck at work last night and fully enjoyed the experience. Im so proud. Its one more step in the right direction.... 2
High strung/low patience/anger management Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone out there is easily angry or annoyed with the world. I am the poster child for road rage and it spills over to... 3
Having Trouble Hey Everyone ! This is my first post, my name is Lauren. I have struggled with bulimia for a little over two years. It has been terrible, made me... 3
managing anxiety How do you guys manage anxiety? For last couple of years i'm trying to keep my stress levels to minimum, i have even changed job to less challenging... 2
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