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defining recovery aaaawwwwgrrrrr........ i just cant can't can't can't make it! i know what i'm writing right now is totally emotional and maybe will not bring... 8
effect of limiting physical activity on ED I was recently diagnosed with a labral hip tear and arthritis that will eventually limit the amount of physical activity I can do, and if I need... 1
Punishing Myself I wondered whether other people have had problems with destructive behaviours when they're recovering from Bulimia? A couple of years ago I decided I... 7
relapse set backs Hello all- Firstly I just want to say "you are amazing and I love you" just in case you haven't thought it or felt it today <3 Secondly I have a... 5
reintroducing exercise I have stopped exercising, and I found that it has really positive effect on my hunger predictability. Whenever i exercise, I never know how much I'm...
Water Weight! This my first forum post thus far and I have no idea why but I was really nervous and apprehensive to put this up! So far I have gone 11 days with... 5
Please HELP (Urgent) Hello my friends, It has been a while since I've written to the site... Okay I am so desperate right now. I have been binging very amounts of... 8
How do you cope when you have no control? Okay I'm kind of about to lose it because I just found out they want me to go to Barcs with the girls (9, 7, and 4) for EIGHT DAYS. Leaving Sunday.... 3
Binge urge is hammering on my door...help! Aghhhh! Help! I am type1 diabetic so when I have a hypo I have to eat and I was already over when I had a hypo! So I am now trying not to beat myself... 1
Snacking at night + not letting go Hi There! I would need some advice around two things please! 1. Night eating. I am struggling w my last snack which often turns into mini binges...... 5
How do you love yourself unconditionally? Hi! How do you do it? I get its about rewriting the brain so the destructive thoughts disappear etc. but how do you actually do that? Are there...
help - boyfriends fam talking about weight/food :( Hi everyone, i was just wondering for some tips on how to deal with people who talk about weight loss/triggering topics/stuff I don't want to discuss... 9
Coping with an injury I had a really difficult conversation last night with the mother of the family I am staying with here in Sopron. I told her that I have been... 1
what to do when recovery feels less important than numbing the pain I've been attempting recovery for a few months and just found this program last month. I've stopped starving after binges and a structured exercise... 1
Family dinners I am getting a bit better at eating on my own, but along comes a family event (Thanksgiving today), and there is all that food prepared by various... 1
I feel like a failure I can't believe myself :( I was SO close to making two months with no b/p with the help of my boyfriend and the site. I have been really stressed in... 5
Snack question!!!!! HELP!!!! Hi everyone! I'm having problems to choose my snacks.....Sometimes I take a granola bar with a little piece of chocolate (72% cacao) or sometimes I... 2
Abuse, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, recovery - it's a long read & help would be awesome I was talking with my boyfriend about how afraid I was that my friends were no longer my friends this morning. He said in a playful tone, "I'd like...
Anxiety - Please help Hi, I am really in need of support - encouragement - shared experiences... everything and anything. I am trying to focus on my healing, but the fears... 6
To those just starting-- I just wanted to throw this out there, hoping it helps somebody. I know I stressed a ton about all the weight I'd gained from binging and purging,...
back again Feeling so low. I have gotten myself right back to restricting, over exercising, and b/p at night. I dont know how to get back on track! 2
Feel like a complete failure MAN! I'm so lost I don't even know where to begin..... I'm just so tired of myself. Why in the world can't I get over this ED?! I've been through... 1
Bloating Hi All I'm on a secon attempt of recovery and stopping with this wretched condition, habit not sure what you want to refer it as really. I first... 3
Stop purging after a binge Hello beautiful people. Anyone have any tips on how to not purge after a binge? The anxiety of the extra calories kills me, but I know with every... 5
Social Situations Hi everybody! Im on day 7 b/p free and I am feeling pretty good. Yesterday I went out with friends had a few cocktails and attended a baseball game... 2
Sad!! I feel that I'm not all alone. My life was out of control for long time and now I feel that I can't be normal again. I'm sad when I think in the girl...
I'm scared Hi everybody, I started the recovering in may. I'm very motivate to do all I can to go out of my horrible cycle of binge /purge. The thing is that I... 3
Body changing in recovery I am doing really well not b/p right now. 59 days. But I've loosened up on my eating and exercising. My body is getting mushy. It's just getting... 7
Its been a LONG TIME>>> Alcoholism and Bulimia? Hello all!! Please forgive me, I have not been on this site FOR OVER A YEAR :/ Im ashamed to say... So very sorry. I lost my login, yada yada yada,... 6
20 day hill Hey guys I seem to be able to make around 20 days b/p free.. and then i just mess it up.. i feel so down because i get so far and feel like i am... 3
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