Overcoming Challenges

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Beginning to give up One month, and than i feel weak. On friday it will be one month and a week, bu something in me, my strong fighting spirit, is beginning to give up. I... 4
Help! Early Period Beginning this past Tuesday (5-6 days ago) I began a whole new eating routine, in which I began including lots more food into my diet than covered... 2
Moving from structured to guided eating... So I have been surprisingly very successful with getting through a whole week without b/p thanks to sructured eating. I am scared to move on to...
Can somebody please let me know any tips that would be helpful in defeating bulimia. Can somebody please let me know any tips that would be helpful in defeating bulimia. It seems that everytime I think I have this thing under control... 2
Exercise , hunger ,meal plan issues So I am curious all those of you who are fitness instructors or who are very active,in trying to work on my meal plans and structured eating,what do... 4
Help I went for a month without b/p, and everything was going so well for me. I was being strong following the structured eating, and than i just slipped... 1
Just Binged...What to do? Hi everyone! This is my 10th day of abstinence from purging and i really do not want to mess it up, but I just BINGED big time!I want to purge... 4
Recovery is hard Recovery is hard for me. Some days are good and others suck!!! I have gained weight, don't know how much since i threw my scale away, seeing old... 3
Losing track I began to make meal plans for myself and I was doing really well. I started feel normal again and began to slack a bit and eventually stopped all... 3
Alcohol If i drink and than throw up, is that considered a set back or being an idiot that can't control herself? I've come to hate throwing up, especially... 3
I feel like i'm losing my mind I feel like i'm going crazy, not bingeing and purging is hard at night. I find myself fighting with myself in my head, i feel like there's two of me... 2
Snack I've been eating normally for 2 days and haven't binged and purged, but seen to be snacking too much, is this normal or bad? i snack on vita snacks... 1
Holiday parties I have been sticking to structured eating for about 2 weeks now. I'm to the point now where I don't feel any relief (from sore throat, weakness, etc... 1
Hardships So, I am not perfect. I've messed up a couple of times already. I am have a very hard time because my roomate is also bulimic (sort of recovered in... 2
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