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Bloating/Weight Gain I've been binge free for 14 days!!!!!!! But overeating at nights after dinner, and not spiraling out of control. I checked my scales and I'm about 5... 1
Laxative abuse and serious constipation Hi everyone. I have used laxatives as a method of purgeing for 5 years. I gradually developed constipation and now, i have really serious... 2
Returning from travels So I'm just waiting for my flight to come back home after spending some time travelling with my sister. It has been great and we've had an awesome... 2
Purging and losing menstrual cycle Hi everyone I have been a bulimic for over 5 years. My bulimia has not been very severe so it has never affected my menstrual cycle. Last month is... 6
Need support Hi everyone! Things have been hard lately. My belly is hurting me so much. I can't bear it anymore. I'm not hungry anymore. i'm always full. I really... 1
Bumps in the road in recovery Well, I have gone 52 days! No bp:) I am very proud of this. However, everyday life bullcrap is cropping up of course. Mainly with my job. We do... 6
Slipping up after 7 months no b/p So I slipped up and purged for the first time in 7 months. I had been fighting the urges to b/p really bad all week to the point that I've been in...
Pregnant and a binge slip up Hi all, Its been a while since I've been on here, I hadn't binged/purged for well over 6 months. I was eating well, being kind to myself, I fell... 1
After eating bloating When i eat anything my stomach bloats up, my clothes start feeling really tight on me and its a really uncomfortable feeling . Thats why i eat only... 1
travelling and triggers So I am going travelling to Canada for 2 weeks and as the date gets closer I'm finding myself more nervous and worried about how I am going to cope....
Bright Shadow Hey all, Just thought I'd share a recovery song I just wrote. I hope you find some comfort in my words and remember, there's always a light at the... 2
the more I tell people, it seems the more I keep slipping up So I'm in week 4 of recovery, averaging 4 binges. Did really well in first couple of weeks, started to get reallt confident and even started to tell... 2
Nighttime Hey all Just wondering if anyone has good advice to stop nightly binge cycles. I have been on an awful sleeping pattern over the past 5 weeks and... 7
Comparing to others Hi! So I get really challenged by the following: I can't stop comparing myself to other girls! All the time. I envy other people's life's, their... 9
Premenstrual Awareness Hi everyone, just had to share this! I had a very challenging day yesterday, lots of not being hungry, being depressive moody etc. Then really hungry... 6
Starting All Over AGAIN... On Monday, I fly home from a two-month trip backpacking across Europe. When I left for my trip, I had been doing well in recovery for a month. Then I...
Relapse Well, I went a little over 3 weeks with no purges and only a few small binges. Last night I had my first full blown episode since I started recovery...
Support Systems and Weight Gain I feel fortunate that I've only been struggling with bulimia for about a year but it is suffocating me and I feel so trapped right now. I mainly... 2
Crisis Hotlines Has anybody called a crisis hotline before? If so what to they say to you? Will they just listen to you in the moments when you feel so horrible you'...
Struggle with the "good" stomach feeling Hi all! I haven't really active on here but i'm still fully here. I worked a lot lately so recovery has been a bit on and off. I b/p'd maybe twice in... 1
Night shift problems Hey everyone! So I am a nurse that works three 13 hour night shifts (7pm-730am) a week. Anyone have any tips on how I can continue with structured... 2
Completely alone Hi everyone. Basically, I feel like I have reached my lowest point. I cannot tell my husband. I feel completely alone and embarrassed. I am starting... 3
The worst part of recovery - finding someone who GETS IT. I desperately need a recovery buddy. I've lost every single friend I ever had because of various eating disorders. My family is sick of trying to... 4
I can't handle my schedule to structure eating!!!! Some ADVICES????? I understand the importance of SE and I 've been doing all I can to follow the program but my job doesn't help to that. I'm a waitress so I work in...
Afraid of losing control Hey everyone- up until the last few days I felt like recovery was going so well. I was feeling stronger and more confident and like I never needed to... 6
Ever wonder if maybe you'll never be okay? Hey all, So I'm feeling pretty desperate today. For a while I've felt like I've been going well. Eating well, not purging, not binging, having... 3
Weight gain and bloating... Any advice? Hey everyone! I'm writing this to see if anyone has any advice? I'm 2 months into recovery. I haven't been purging or had any really major binges....
Another day in recovery Yesterday I was on the right track..I ate a good breakfast, felt proud. And then for some stupid reason, I decided to purge. Why?... I don't get it.... 3
calories and confusion HOw do you avoid the calorie counting trap? It's so crazy and doesn't make sense, but i find myself starting to fall into this. I hate that. i mean... 4
Adrenal fatigue and recovery Hey all, This is my first post and it feels good to reach out. I have been in recovery for over a month now after 11 years of very destructive... 2
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