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Binging early in the day So I binged this morning around 10:30am. I'm not sure exactly how many calories I ate, but if I had to estimate its probably close to what I should... 2
stomach I am a month into recovery. I have not had any slips with purging and I was hoping by now this huge stomach would go away. I am having such a hard... 5
Low Weight Bulimic I've been having a rough time. I was following structured eating for about 8 days, then I slipped. I know I'm under my natural set point weight,... 13
Question about 'time of the month' I have a weird question, but something I've noticed in myself when I restrict my food intake. If I'm going through a period of restriction/relapse (... 1
Depression I'm just wondering if anyone else has any experience with the depression and anxiety aspect of E.D. AS I've been reading in the book supplied by this... 5
Pressure Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to deal with pressure from others. This is my family and friends who know nothing of my ED. I am known as... 3
Ephedrine and controlling weight Not too sure where to post this really, so trying it here. Does anyone use ephedrine as a method of co trolling your weight? It's all connected to... 2
The dreaded scales I am 3 weeks bp free and feeling almost in disbelief that I am still saying this day after day, and I'm proud of myself and excited. I however, am... 6
relapsing!!! I'm relapsing big time ATM - aaahhhh!!! Dno what to do or how to fix it :s 3
I looked at the scale...bad idea. So after 2 weeks of recovery--which included 2 binges (no purging) and a couple days/nights with some minibinges (out-of-control eating that I... 3
How much exercise is too much? (purging through exercise) HELP! Okay, I really want to figure this out. What counts as "overexercise?" Recently I have been doing two workouts a day: usually one round of cardio (... 6
Reasons We Restrict Hello, I had a bit of a good run for about 8 days. No binging, purging, or restricting. However, I relapsed a couple days ago. I find myself... 3
Telling loved ones I told my husbands mum about the ED yesterday!! I was terrified but needed to for both him and me, he needs the support! It helped more than I... 1
Wedding buffet - help! Hello all, I've been on this for a week and my challenge for now is to add the two sometime foods to the structured eating without feeling guilty... 3
anyone else feeling emotional a lot?! I don't know why but since starting recovery I'm so emotional for no reason! It's like constantly being on my period! Sometimes I will just be In a... 7
Sugar Anxiety... So I've been trying to make myself eat 1-2 things a day that are triggers for me: cookies (the worst), frozen yogurt, a little chocolate, etc. I...
blerghhh just feeling unmotivated again! I was doing well with SE but I just feel that I'm eating so much! And its not all healthy. Sometimes when I eat my snack, I'm not hungry at all! I... 4
sport injury.....exercise advice! So I'm currently injured with a grade 1 tear to one of my quad muscles. Exercise is really important to me as it gives me the endorphins I so... 6
Structured eating when planning isn't possible Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here yet but I'm really in need of some help so here goes. I'm having a hard time with the structured eating during... 6
alcohol Hi, Does anyone else have a problem with drinking alcohol? and then the next day B/P? It really is my downfall as I like to have a drink with my... 5
How to Handle Structured Eating With Family Who Doesn't Understand? I'm really trying to adopt Structured Eating, eating healthy portioned meals every 3 hours. I find that it's helpful in lowering the Binge Urge later... 2
Bad Body Image + Weight Gain I've been in recovery for just over a month (haven't binged and have only purged once), and although I haven't gained a ton since my bulimia weight (... 2
laxatives Has any used laxatives as a means of purging? I've started using them recently wen I've had a mini binge but no purge.....I realise abusing laxatives... 1
Not binging because of an urge, but because I am frustrated with myself?!? I have been talking about mindfulness a lot with my therapist. The idea is that I need to accept my feelings, and not always act on them all the time... 1
Weight Gain - So much : ( Hi There, I have been in recovery for three weeks now (next Tuesday will be a month) I have been following the plan with only a few hiccups along... 6
Weight gain expectations I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience with weight gain and give me a realistic expectation of how long it can go on... 7
Definition of a binge I have been committed to recovery since November 2012, with mixed success. Or so it seems! When I really look back and think about where I was and... 2
so i am not going to drop out of college Last night and this morning i was so certain i was going to drop out of college, so certain i even sent my college an email this morning telling them... 2
Has anyone else had to drop out of college to focus on recovery or get forced out because poor attendance due to bulimia? I've had such a bad relapse and i don't feel like i can face college, i don't. I'm kicking myself about it inside because i feel like a idiot!... 5
Reasons for bloating? I know It's a fact that I will bloat soon (just started recovery) but why do we bloat? Whats the reason for it? Char x
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